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take me part 623....short but edited  

dadigan 60M  
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2/10/2022 6:49 pm
take me part 623....short but edited

The Elves gasped as Ama smiled, and shook her head because fools go where Angels fear to tread. I suppose that made me a fool, but it was my cave. They added their runes to the walls and ceiling and all of the runes began to glow, and I was gone. I opened my eyes and looked around as bows were pointed at me. Great, like I didn't have enough crap to deal with. "Can you understand me?" They nodded. "I am Danael and I have twelve naughty Elves who.... adapted my cave on Iceland. May I stand?" They nodded and lowered their bows as Aerin walked up.

"How did you get here unannounced, Danael?" She helped me up and hugged me as she spoke with the leader of the archers.

"Ask your Elves, Aerin, they added runes to my cave. They were very proud of themselves until I went inside and lied down. They're like ." She laughed and nodded.

"That cave predates even you Dragon, believe me. The Elves made those cave to travel in the beginning." I told her I used it to sleep, and heal. She smiled and took my hand as we walked toward a wonderful city along the side of a mountain. "As far as them being like , they are because all they have ever known was being a Siren. Karin shifted that with her courage in engaging with you and making good trades for her friends. The rest saw that and then you released them."

"So you're saying I've adopted a dozen elves that are just learning to be elves?" She laughed, kissed my cheek and nodded saying more, or less. I shook my head as we walked. "Why am I here?"

"I don't know but our runes recognized you as one of us. I'm taking you to meet my father Aelfraed, perhaps he knows." I told her I had a lot of places to be. "We can send you back shortly after you left your cave, don't worry. How are Karin and Elisabeth?" I told her they were happy as she smiled.

"Why is everyone staring at me?" Aerin squeezed my hand

"Silly, you freed our people, their brothers and sisters. You are a hero to my people." I stared at her and shook my head.

"No, no I'm not. I just had the ability to change something that wasn't right. I have no interest in being a hero. I have enough to deal with, Aerin. Please tell them that."

"Such things don't work like that, Dragon, certainly not here." We walked to a sheer a cliff as I stared at her. Aerin smiled as we rose to the first landing. I looked out over their land and wondered I could fly here as the dragon. "You can fly anywhere as the Dragon, Danael, and lumber here as the bear because this land has welcomed you. Come, my father knows you're here." We walked inside as more elves stared at me, god I hated that, and we walked into a huge hall filled with crystals, light, and waterfalls. I let go of Aerin's hand and walked to one of the falls and stuck my hand in. It was water, which splashed me in the face. I smiled and turned. "We have energy falls like Gaia, Danael, but they are deeper in the mountain." I nodded and took her hand again. A simple man, yet regal, walked up after putting his hammer on an anvil and extended his hand. "This is my father, Aelfraed. Father this is Danael, the man I told you about. The Runes like him." We shook hands.

"I wish we had more time Danael, but you have unhappy women waiting for you. It is curious that our runes sent you here, such a thing hasn't occurred in almost ten thousand years, but it is a pleasure to meet you. I, we all, look forward to meeting your family, properly, so we can become better acquainted." I nodded. "Sadly, this is an inopportune time," as he looked over my shoulder, "and I apologize for being rude." I was turning as I glimpsed what I thought were... and I woke up in my cave as the Elves finished gasping. Why was I the only one who didn't know how to do these things. I got up, walked outside as the elves backed away in awe, Jesus Christ, and then I got slapped twice, and punched once, as Annie, Chloe, and Sara stormed back to the house. I shook my head and looked at Ama.

"They're pregnant." She gathered the elves and took them home as they stared at me.

"That's it?" I was alone as I turned and looked at my cave, which was no longer my cave. Holy crap. I walked to the house to deal with three pregnant women and a dozen elves, and two ... and a Haagerstadt. I was never getting back to the past.

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