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take me part 626...edited, again  

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2/12/2022 12:48 am
take me part 626...edited, again

They were looking around, and saying hi to the animals as I got . "Thanks for the help." They both turned, smiled, and ran as they hugged me.

"Were are we, Danael?" I looked at them shaking my head, but was smiling inside because I didn't play by the rules either.

"You are some place you shouldn't be. What were you thinking?" They looked at me at the same time they looked around, and breathed, and felt.

"This place is different, Danael, older...much older than where we were." They looked outside as I grabbed them by their collars and threw them into a pile of hay. Ama walked into the barn as they lifted their heads.

"Seriously? You said I was almost as old as the elves and you just appear." She smiled.

"I remember more than you at the moment. I'm here to take these miscreants back to Iceland." She stared at them as they hid in the hay. I was having a hard time not laughing. "You don't just get to decide where you go in the mist, is that understood?" Nothing. "IS THAT UNDERSTOOD?" They stuck their heads out and nodded as they looked at me. "Good, now I'm taking you back with me." They hid back inside the hay.

"Ama, can they stay?" The elves stuck their heads out and watched me. "I could use the help but they would have to be well behaved." We both glared at them, as they hid in the hay again. "I have a lot to do, and they have a lot to learn. I could use the help." Ama looked at me as if I had lost my mind, and smiled, shaking her head as she walked to the mound of hay the elves were hiding in. She knelt down.

"Look at me." They both stuck their heads out and looked at her, then me. "Look at me." They did. Ama scared me, and I was a dragon. "You were both bad elves for doing what you did." They nodded and bowed their heads. "With that said, you did take initiative and did something unexpected, which is fitting with him." They laughed. "I suspect you deserve each other, BUT, you do what Danael says, period. Understood?" They nodded and went back into the hay. Ama and I smiled at each other, even though I knew my life was going to be a cluster fuck. "Come out." They both crawled out of the hay, stood, sheepishly, and looked at us. Ama looked at me. "Are you sure?" I nodded as she glared at them. "Don't make me come back," and she was gone. I heard them gulp as they looked at me.

"Didn't think it through, did you?" They looked at each other and shook their heads. "It's OK, I rarely do either, but you can't just push your way into things because you want to, understand?" They nodded, but were still scared. "What are names?" They looked at me.

"I am Aafje, and this is Elfas. You aren't going to us back?" I stared at them as I walked out of the barn.

"I suppose it depends on how well behaved you are." We walked to the house so I could check the fires before going to Hammish's when ALL the wolves encircled us. Aafje and Elfas grabbed me, shaking, as Wolf, and his mate walked up to us and stared at them. I knelt and scratched them as I looked up at the elves. "These are friends, if you want to stay here with me then you need to know each other. They like being scratched on the neck, shoulders, butt, and belly.... Excuse me?" They were looking at the wolves standing away from what we were doing and they bolted toward the wolves. They tackled them and then they went running to God knows where. They looked at me as parents do.

"Wolf said good luck as his mate bumped me, and mouthed me. I knew what she meant regarding them and keeping them in line. I was learning a lot from this pack. None of them had names, and I didn't want to give them names. I called Wolf, that, for me. "You are either very smart, or very stupid." He howled as they walked off. I checked the fires, and put a couple of logs on each fire, put the screens back, checked the house, and walked to Hammish and Ilsa's wondering what I got myself into.

I wasn't concerned because they were elves, and the wolves liked them, which was good enough for me. The problem for me was realizing what my girls were going to be like, and I shuddered. Wolf walked up and nudged me as I walked to Hammish's. You can fly, or run, but you choose to walk. Why?" I petted him as we walked.

"I am missing most of what I love, but I can walk wherever I am, brother. It connects me." He nodded.

"My mates name is Luka. Wolf is fine with me, as it would be for you." I nodded. "I have never shared that with anyone but she told me I needed to. I'm not sure why." I smiled and scratched him.

"Us trying to understand what women know, let alone think, is like early man watching a comet and trying to understand it, at least with me women. Please tell Luka thank you." He butted me.

"Elves?" I laughed as we walked to Hammish's. "They are playing with our . They are innocent and not like elves we knew."

"They spent their lives, until a few weeks ago as Sirens." He stared at me. "I released them so they could be elves once again. They are ." Wolf stared at me, again."

"Why?" I looked at him.

"These elves were bound millennia ago and were forced to become sirens, and live as that. Most were forgetting who they were, and where they came from. It wasn't right, and I could change it."

"And now we have elves running around with our wolves." Luka walked and put her head against me as I smiled at Wolf, and scratched Luka. "Nice, right? Are the elves a threat?" Wolf laughed.

"They are like , but make excellent babysitters. Be careful in dealing with Elves, Danael. They were banished for a reason, even though it was long ago, but your elves are having a lot of fun. We'll look after them and them home." I smiled and said thanks as I walked.

I walked down Ilsa and Hammish's lane. They all saw me and gasped as I turned to see the elves running at me, followed by wolves, and a sky darkening at midday. The elves hit me, and we rolled until the wolves hit all of us, which was odd, but Aafje shifted and rolled then climbed to top of the barn. Elfas and I stood and looked at her, as did the wolves. She was smiling.

"Aafje, come down...NOW."

"No, not until they say I won the game." I looked at them as Luka walked . We both asked what? "They told us we were playing 'tag' and she won." Luka looked at me and shook her head as she pushed to Aafje that she won, as the wolves howled. She knew my life would be hell. Aafje climbed down as Elfas walked .

"We had SO much fun in this land, Danael. It's amazing, and the wolves are...." "You're angry with us."

"I'm not angry with you, but do you know where you are?" They looked around because they knew I was there and they followed me. They shook their heads.

"You climbed into the barn to win Aafje, and you Elfas followed with the wolves." They had lost themselves in joy, in a free place. It was to be expected but I needed to temper the tendencies they had. Aafje, and Elfas bowed their heads, because they didn't know where they were. "You need attention to where you are and not just have fun. The wolves can help you and show you the land. There are other people, too, and they don't know about elves. It's not just about fun." They were , and having fun, and that was when Ilsa walked .

"Who won the game of tag?" Aafje raised her hand, smiling.

"Elfas blocked for me because I am faster, but we played as teams." Ilsa smiled and gathered them into her arms and hugged both as she took them inside. The wolves howled because they lost in a fair match, and I shook my head because I had enough to deal with. I went to talk with Hammish about our projects, and him leaving. I looked as Sofi, and my , were looking at me, smiling and waving. They walked away, and I dropped to the ground.

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