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take me part 629...edited, again.  

dadigan 60M  
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2/13/2022 5:48 pm
take me part 629...edited, again.

We walked out at Ilsa and Hammish's as they walked outside, smiling, and Aafje, Irina, and Malinka ran at them and pounced. They ended up on the ground, of course, as Hammish took the brunt of it, but the laughter was clear. The elves looked at me as the wolves walked out and looked at us. The elves stood behind me, sacred. I was going to have to learn eleven names. Crap. I knelt and Wolf and Luka walked up, followed by the rest. I scratched all of them and looked behind me. "These are our friends and they have suffered losses like we all have. They are friends, understand?" They nodded as they moved in front of me and petted, and scratched them. They went off with the pack as Wolf and Luka looked at me with sad eyes. "What, my friends?" They stared at me.

"We are considering leaving this valley because humans are becoming more violent...to everything. We have to focus on our pack, Danael." I nodded because losing wolves was brutal, on multiple levels. I was silent, but nodded. "We have sent scouts to search for good land."

"Where are you looking?" He said south and east. "I shook my head. Don't go south, and east won't be much better. This is the beginning of the time of man, and their weapons will only get worse, I'm sorry to say. You and Luka, and probably your grandchildren, will be mostly OK, even though there will always be danger. I shouldn't have involved you in our conflict my friends." They butted me but Luka nipped my leg, to show her displeasure, and walked away to the elves as they made friends with the wolves.

"Where can we go, Danael?" I stared at him.

"Right now, nowhere because the people in this valley, and even in town, value you. You are safest here for the foreseeable future. It just hurts, but it hurts all of us." He howled. "I am looking for new land, and will finish all of this soon, but I'll do it on my terms with the one who caused it." Wolf butted me but I told him I had to do it alone. "This Count is dead, and his men, and I'll finish the one who instigated it, but there is still this Duke. I was hoping Juuka could lead me to him." Wolf lowered his head.

"Losing a , let alone two...in front of you... is not easy to overcome, only the strongest can overcome such things, brother." I nodded.

"I think the Count was working on his own, and that this Duke had no knowledge of what was happening. There was no reason for such violence except greed. I have the map they based all of this on, a map that was suppose to show a place where gold was buried. Riches. Please consider staying, at least until the fall. Send your scouts north and then to the west, but east is probably better than South." Wolf looked at me, howled, and the wolves ran off scaring the elves.

"Did we do something wrong?" They all came up and huddled around me.

"No, they are wolves and they move as a pack. They just needed to leave. They like you, and you are part of their pack now, their family. It's an honor." They nodded as Aafje walked up with Irina and Malinka. Irina spoke as Hammish hitched the wagon in silence.

"We want to see the house Juuka and Eluta stayed in." I nodded. "We'll look at ours tomorrow before we go into town." I nodded. "Ilsa is gathering food. We'll help her, you help Hammish. You lot, go explore but stay within the sound of our voices, understand?" They nodded. "Go explore, but stay close to us." They smiled as they ran off and Aafje looked at me.

"Make sure they don't get into trouble." She smiled, kissed me, and ran after them.

"We are staying here tonight, and the elves can stay at Juuka's house. We'll figure things out tomorrow. You are best suited to sleeping in the barn,' She smiled as I hugged her and they walked back inside. I went to help Hammish. He didn't blame me, like Eluta, but his grief scarred his soul, like Ilsa, and they had to find their way back from that loss, and devastation. We loaded the things I shifted from Irina's. I took the pots and mattresses, because we could build new frames. I took clothes, and food, and the gifts they had saved, and cherished. Irina and Malinka didn't have a lot, so I was able to save most of it. Drakon and his mates were able to herd most of the animals here even though random goats, and sheep, were still wandering in. I had no idea where the chickens were. We loaded what was left of Irina and Malinka's home, their life, in silence and climbed onto the wagon. I turned and looked at the horses that Hammish and Alfher were going to deliver, but said nothing as the girls came out. I called the elves as they all came running as Irina walked up to us.

"I'm going to make sure things are arranged properly. Malinka is staying here, with Aisha." I nodded and got down to help her onto the wagon as she touched my face and smiled. The elves and I walked behind with Drakon and his mates following. We unloaded everything I could save from the house as Irina told the elves where to put things. There were enough clothes for them, and food, and things they needed until we went to town. Juuka's animals were still there, as was the hay and feed, and everything else like nothing had happened, except the absolute worst had happened, but the elves were oblivious to that and happy to be in a home. I was happy they were there, too. We went and got water. I was going to have to learn a lot of names, and it wasn't like elves looked all that different, like humans. Aafje smiled and walked up as she hugged me.

"I know you have many wives, and I understand why. You are a sound man, Danael. I will take care of them and then we can rebuild these places, and mend our hearts." I kissed her and nodded as Irina walked up to us.

"Are you OK being here, Aafje?" She nodded. "It'll get easier, sister. We'll go to town tomorrow and get what we can." She nodded as Aafje looked at me.

"We need a place we can stay at by the ocean, for us and Lisbet." I nodded as she went to help with dinner and the rest of us went back to Hammish's in silence. Hammish and I put the wagon in the barn and fed the animals.

"I don't think we are ever getting those chickens back. They are worse than herding cats." That broke the wall as we both nodded, and laughed.

"Chickens are cheap," and we were finding our way back. "I need to take the horses, all of them now, over the mountain to Ilsa's people." I was silent, but nodded. "I want to take some of the elves. Aisha said she would go with me. I would ask you but you are the only one I trust to watch over what we have left." His grief was still palpable, but he was moving through it. "She knows the elves, and can keep them in line, and they need training. She also knows the wolves." I nodded.

"Let them work the wagon and ride the horses on the way over the pass because they'll need that when you come back." He nodded. "If you run into trouble have Aisha push to me and I'll be there. I'll take care of things here." We finished with the animals, closed the barn, and went inside. It wasn't what it was, but we were starting to come out of it and I could still hear Iris DeMent as clear as day, singing "Our Town."

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