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take me part 633...edited, again :o)  

dadigan 60M  
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2/16/2022 1:02 pm
take me part 633...edited, again :o)

Ilsa called the elves and they came walking out of the woods covered in leaves, smiling, as we all shook our heads. Sara turned around and smiled at me which needed absolutely no explanation... prepare. I nodded. Ilsa stopped and her and Aisha got down. "Come here you ding-a-lings, we need to brush you off, again. You're worse then husbands, to which Sara, Irina, and Malinka nodded, and chuckled. I'd take that. "OK, you lot, do you know what 'being on your best behavior' means?" They looked at each and shook their heads no. " Do you know what being 'polite' means?" They all smiled and nodded. "It means the same thing. We all know that you are going to be excited, and curious about everything, but this town is these people's home, and they suffered just like us, so be nice, and be polite. Can you do that?" They were somber, because they understood, and nodded. "Good, now climb in the wagon and don't go wandering off on your own, you stay close to one of us. OK?" They smiled and nodded. I seriously needed my head examined. I walked closer to Irina and Malinka and handed them silver because they knew better than I did what was needed. They both nodded.

"Will you check with the women that make clothes and see if they have time to make the elves some sturdy clothes, at least two pairs, and we need boots for them, and gloves, hats, and jackets, and socks...." They both laughed.

"They need everything." I smiled and nodded. "We will take care of it and help Ilsa with the other things that we'll need for all three places. it won't be cheap, Danael." I told them rebuilding never was.

"Get what you and Ilsa need for your places, and for the elves, and whatever else you think we'll need. Hammish is giving silver to help the town and the people in the valley, and we'll help them rebuild because we have extra. I want you both to think about something because I doubt we can do all of the building I wanted to since so many people lost some, or all, of their homesteads." They nodded. "Do you want us to build the new house and barn we were planning, or rebuild our house and the barn we lost and expand them?" Neither hesitated, they both said rebuild what we lost and make it bigger. I nodded. They jumped off the wagon and hugged me.

"And plant gardens so they are finished when we come back. Try and finish the new cellar at the new house, and the root cellar for the new barn on the pasture and close them over because can always use them in the winter. If there are men, or women, that still need work then let them start on the smaller houses because they won't take as long." I smiled at both of them. "What?"

"I told you that you were smart." They lowered their eyes and told me to stop being stupid, but smiled.

"We'll all need wood, throughout the valley for next winter, and for building, and these people already have too much to do." I nodded because I had already been thinking about that, and other things like creating smoker's for fish and meat. "See if Hammish can get wagons from Ilsa's people, along with the mules, and if there is lumber, and people who want to work on this side of the mountains. We'll speak with Ilsa, you talk with Hammish. Wood is a good business for trade because it takes much time to prepare for next winter." I nodded and kissed them both. They hugged me and told Aafje to help them round up the elves. They all waved as they walked off. Sara, Ilsa, and Aisha did the same, but in the opposite direction. Hammish and I looked at each other and secured the wagon and mules.

"We need log saws, axes, wedges, stout rope, or chain....things we'll need for a wood business. You'd know better than me." He looked at me." People need work, we all need wood for next winter, along with the rest of the valley, and all of those people will have enough to do repairing, rebuilding, and planting. It's going to be a hard year Hammish, it was Irina's idea because I told them about the need for us having various businesses." He smiled.

"Our women are not dumb, Danael." I nodded and told him about what they said about rebuilding the house and barn, bigger, and focusing on the smaller houses so more people can have a place some to live come winter, since they would smaller and faster to build. "It's smart, especially the wagons and men. There are always young people willing to work and looking for some adventure." I nodded, but was quiet. "What is it my friend?"

"I think Ilsa should go with you, and Aisha, and some of the elves. It's her kin, and she shouldn't be alone in the house." He nodded. "I'm sure she would love to see people there, at least some."We both laughed because there were always people you didn't want to see. "She's probably a better negotiator than you as well." He nodded as he went to find them.

"Go check on our building and see if the stable has been spreading manure on the lot." I nodded as I walked to the river as Aafje walked up and held my hand. She didn't need to say anything because we would all miss Elfas for a long time.

"Where are we going, Danael?" I told her and she nodded. "All of us want to stay here and help our family, especially Irinka and Malinka. A few want to go with Hammish, and explore, but the rest of us want to stay and fix the house and barn, and plant gardens. Elves are good with nature, even though we are just learning to be elves" I kissed her head, hugged her, and said thank you because we could use the help. Winter was waning, but it certainly wasn't time to plant. I hoped the things I learned from my mom would come back to me, and that gave me a thought I wanted to discuss with Sara and Taiiko. The building was fine, and closed up and there was manure on the field as we walked to the livery. The owner recognized me, walked out and shook my hand. I had worked with my hands long enough to match his grip, barely. I introduced Aafje, who smiled as he bowed. She nodded and ran to see the horses.

"She's not from around here?"

"No, from the north, along the coast, distant family. I see you put manure on the lot, is there more to do, or are you finished?" He said there was another pass to do but with what had happened he was too busy. I nodded. "I'll try to get here later in the week, or next week with a couple of helpers and help you with it. He looked at me. "I won't expect any discount. The town needs to work together." He nodded as we walked to the stables. "Do you have an empty stall?" He nodded. "I'd like use it and get all of your old hay to put in it."

"For the land?" I nodded. "If you'll clean these stalls you can have the hay, manure, and I'll let you use the empty stalls." I shook his hand and took my jacket off as Aafje walked in smiling.

"What are we doing?"

"Cleaning stalls.... hay, or poop?" She smiled and said hay as I told her what to do and where to put . It was a little over an hour until we were finished, and Hammish walked up.

"You don't have enough to do?" He laughed as I filled him in. "Well, getting dirty never hurt anyone as he shook Jakob's hand. Jakob said that he was going to need tools soon if that could work. They went off to talk as Aafje and I put up the forks and washed off.

"Which do you like better being an elf, or siren?" She thought as she wiped her wet hands on her cape.

"I like them both, but I more familiar with being a Siren which is why I like it here, like the others." I nodded as Hammish walked up.

"It's going to be a busy year my friends and I'm glad you are helping us. I need some ale." He patted our shoulders as walked to town.

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