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take me part 634...edited, again  

dadigan 60M  
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2/16/2022 4:47 pm
take me part 634...edited, again

We were talking about all of the work we had, and laughing at the elves playing hide-n-seek with the wolves, and then themselves, as Sara walked up with most of the elves and asked, "Why are you and Aafje so dirty?"

"Where are the rest of the elves. You can't leave them alone." Hammish and Aafje both nodded for emphasis. She said you first. "We were mucking stalls for the big lot we bought so that they would fertilize it and till it. Jakob's giving it to us if we'd do the work because he's super busy. I'm bringing some of the elves later in the week" She nodded. "Your turn."

"They went to help Ilsa and the girls, and to see things. I think they are the ones going with Hammish," All the other elves nodded. "Where are you going?."

"No where in particular. Why?" She shook her head and looked a Aafje.

"I'm counting on you to keep them in line." She nodded, seriously. "You two idiots don't drink too much and don't let the elves get drunk. You still have shopping for the trip, and packing." She shook her head and mumbled to herself as she walked away. Hammish said,

"Come on my friends, we'll have snacks and ale before we finish shopping and packing. They clapped and followed Hammish. I looked at Aafje.

"Did you get clothes? The work is going to be hard but I'd rather give them the money for their families. She held out a lovely scarf and smiled, sheepishly.

"Irina said it was fine and all of the girls picked one out. They boys didn't understand the purpose because we have good capes. It's's OK, Danael?" It's fine, Aafje....whatever any of them say is fine. You don't need my permission but it's very pretty," as she wrapped it around her neck and smiled. We walked inside as Hammish laughed, and waved. I hadn't come to know most anyone in town, except by site, but they all waved because they knew me. I was kind of hard to not know, all things considered. Villages weren't that different from small towns, except more primitive, and not having access to enough things, but that was beginning to change, and would change more if Hammish and I got our way. It was a double edge sword because I knew the havoc capitalism could reek if it wasn't regulated, and that was already beginning in Italy as Aafje and I walked to the table, smiled, and sat down as the elves looked at me.

"Did you get fitted for new clothes and things?" They all laughed, and clapped as some sort of potato snack came out with bacon and some cheese, or curds. The only thing I could compare it to would be twice baked potato's but runnier. I looked at Hammish and the Elves looked at me...waiting. I handed out spoons and took a bite as Hammish smiled and drank. I looked at the elves, smiled and took another bite as they all reached for the spoons and started to devour it, laughing at how good it was. I raised my hand and asked for two more, and whatever else was popular. The owner smiled and nodded. The plate was cleaned, and three of the elves were taking turns licking it when I whacked them on the head with my spoon. They stared at me. It wasn't that hard, just enough to make a point. "Polite!" They nodded, and looked down. I didn't remember elves from before, but I was sure I knew them, and couldn't imagine what they had done to be banished to the oceans as Sirens because these elves where so innocent, and curious, and gentle, and helpful as you could imagine. The waitress brought two more plates and set them on the table as Hammish chuckled. I pushed the plates to both sides of the table so it was mostly even. It'd been three hours since we had breakfast. Teenagers had nothing on young elves. They all looked me. "Be polite," as they grabbed their spoons and ate everything in site. I went and sat next to Hammish as he poured me ale.

"How many do you want, brother?" We both laughed as Aafje sat between us so she didn't miss anything. "Do you always eat this much?" She smiled.

"The boys more than the girls, but yes, especially now as they put two more plates down and the other elves, and the girls walked.

"I said spoons down as Hammish got up and asked for more of everything and more spoons. I took one of the large plates of what looked sausage and cabbage rolls to the table next to us and set it down as they stared at me like I had abused them. I chuckled. "Down worry, they didn't eat everything, but you lot did want to explore." They nodded as Hammish handed them spoons and they looked at me. I took a bite and smiled as they grabbed spoons and started eating as all five of the girls yelled......"be polite!" The waitress brought the potato's to the elves that didn't get it, and then later brought some strudel and tea. Thankfully they were all to busy eating and talking to care about ale. Hammish and I weren't trying to get drunk but we left the food to the elves. It was a fun way to spend silver coins.

Ilsa and Sara sat on either side of us. "Did you finish getting what you need?" We looked at each other and started to get up. "Too busy planning to conquer the world?" We smiled and nodded as we walked outside. Ilsa said, "go with them Aafje, and keep them in line. It'll be good training for your future." She smiled and nodded as she followed us outside. We checked the wagon and the mules but none of us thought anyone would steal anything from us. Some of the people Ilsa knew, including the owners, starting coming over and talking with everyone. They knew how we had helped them, even though we were strange, but in these isolated places any stranger was welcome as long as they weren't violent, and helpful, and the elves were the furthest thing from violent. The girls did what they did best, which was engage with the community and bring all of them together. It was packed because it was lunch and people were all working so they all got up to leave so others could use the tables. Ilsa went and spoke to the owners.

"These people are family from the coast up north, and this is strange land to them, but they love it here and are going to stay and help us rebuild."

"They are very sweet, a little odd, but who isn't." They both laughed.

"They are unfamiliar with the customs here, and everything is new, so if they get away from us while we are here, please watch after them. They are like in their innocent curiosity." They smiled and nodded because it was almost impossible to dislike the elves. "They wanted you to have this, since Hammish and Danael bought lunch for them. They want you to use it for people's meals, and to buy them pint. It's been hard times, and we still have slough ahead us." They both nodded.

"Tell them thank you because every kindness shown now is magnified." They all nodded as Sara and Ilsa went outside to ten elves almost passed out on top of the wagon. Irina, Malinka, and Aisha turned, smiling. "They ate too much." They went to sit on the walk waiting for us.

"That was smart, what you did with the silver, Ilsa." Sara filled them as the elves moaned and belched. "It's always wise to solidify friendships. Getting silver is easier than good friends. They started to move back to being like they were before the losses as we walked up carrying and dragging...a lot.

"What is wrong with them?" Four of them burped at the same time. "Never mind. Aisha, please help Hammish tie the large things to the mules, but leave the smaller stuff, and show Aafje. Leave the elves alone and let them sleep. I'll be back." I walked back to the main store and looked around quickly. I bought more gloves, and socks. I bought blankets, because they had a lot. I bought extra rope and some branches that I thought would work. It would save me from looking for them, which gave me another idea. I also asked for a pound of peppermint candy, ginger candy, and horehound. She wrote the total down and I reached inside my cloak as I looked at her because I didn't have anything and Irina walked up, kissed me. She grabbed the paper as she looked over the things. and handed the owner the silver, smiling, as we grabbed the bundles and branches.

"You need to stop giving us all of the silver, Danael." I nodded. "You didn't buy anything for you." I smiled.

"I bought the branches, for me." She looked me like I had lost my mind. "You'll see." We got back to the wagon as Ahisa, Aafje, and Hammish where finishing tying the large things to the mules and looking at the rest still on the ground as Irina and I put the bundles down. I handed the bags of candy to Aafje because I wanted her be a part of the family, but also in charge of the elves. "Please take these too Ilsa and Sara, and then wake your brothers and sisters up and give them each a couple of these to suck on and tell them to go back to sleep. You can take whatever you want then come back here and watch what we're doing. It might be helpful some time." She smiled and nodded as Hammish looked at me and Aisha said, "smart dragon."

"You know we are a surrounded by forests, right, and you don't need branches." I nodded but asked him if he wanted to traipse through the forest looking for the right ones. He said no as Aafje came up and hugged me.

"What are those, Danael?" Candy, and the ones I asked you to give the elves will help their bellies beside just tasting nice. They ate too much." She laughed as I told her and Hammish to sit and watch as Aisha and I split the rest of the things and bound them in the blankets. We tied them closed and started to lash the branches together in an 'X" as Hammish smiled and nodded. It wasn't a lot but this would be easier. Aafje looked at Hamish and asked what we were doing."

"They're making packs to carry the rest of our things so we don't wake the elves. It's easier than trying find places on the mules, and quicker, and we can use all of these things. You were right, Aisha....smart dragon." I smiled, and hoped it worked, which it did. The ropes weren't the most comfortable things but we weren't going all that far and we'd been out long enough with no one at the houses except the wolves. We needed to stop relying on them so much. We had a lot things to do, and a lot of changes to make. The packs were pretty good for the first attempt, and it accomplished the aim, and with some sheep skin they might be reasonably comfortable. We walked past Irina and Malinka's without stopping but we all looked down the drive.

"Rebuild that first, Danael." I nodded as they watched it fade around the bend. We unloaded the elves as Sara, Irina, Malinka, and Aafje got the elves down and gave them another peppermint candy. Irina gave Aafje eleven more for later tonight. "Have them drink water, but only from the spring, NOT the stream. She nodded. They helped them down the road and put them to bed as they got broth going, fed the animals, got<b> water </font></b>and wood. "We'll bring your things tomorrow but Danael got extra blankets, and we'll go back to get your clothes later in the week." Aafje nodded. "If there is a problem push your thoughts to us, or Daniel, but use emotion with it." Aafje hugged them, nodded, and said they'd be fine.

We had everything unloaded in the barn as the girls walked up. "That Aafje is something else, thank god because those elves are a handful. Are you sure you'll be OK with them?"

"What could possibly go wrong?" They all stared me, even Hammish which was a shock, and they all walked inside. "No problem, I've got the rest of this...and the animals. I finished unhitching the wagon, brushing down and feeding the mules and the other animals, and mucked out their stalls. I washed off and was walking to the house when Hammish walked toward me. "Don't you fucking start," as I walked past him and he laughed.

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