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take me part 636...edited  

dadigan 60M  
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2/18/2022 7:28 pm
take me part 636...edited

"What are doing Daniel?" Sara was not pleased, but not so displeased that she was in Nova Scotia trying stop to me, because it was all on me. She was shaking her head a lot though.

"We are heading to Denver because I wanted to see everyone, but mainly because I wanted to see if Uncle Billy and Ellen would like to come out and help us in the past. We could really use the help." She was silent. "Sara, there is too much work that needs to be done in a short period of time. We can't get it done by winter because there aren't enough people in the valley which means next winter will be worse." She was quiet. "I'm going to ask Bet and Javier to ask their families and see if any of them want an adventure and get paid in silver, or whatever. People in Colorado have outdoor gear and I'm betting a fair amount of their family are pretty good with stone and building. We have to think outside the box, sweets, because those people won't make it threw another winter, not after what has happened. I can rebuild the house, and barn, for Irina and Malinka, and even the smaller houses and we can start on the wagons and the boats because I have the silver, and can get more with the elves, but I don't have enough people to do the work." Silence. "I didn't want this with all of you being pregnant, and not being able to see everyone, but I have to fix things here, and then end Dreka, or we will always be in peril. Silence.

"Agreed, but try not kill anyone," and she was gone.

"Daniel. DANIEL!! What are you do doing?" I could see both Sara, and Sofi, looking at me before they faded away. Shit. "Daniel? Where are you? Look at me. What are doing? I smiled and said I had always love it here, like Iceland, as I pushed to Taiiko so she knew I was coming, and why. I owed them that. I couldn't push to anyone in Denver. "Daniel." Stephanie pinched me.

"I need pants, and a shirt, and then I want to meet these people bothering all of you. Aisha nodded. "Are you packed?" They nodded. "All the important things?" They nodded. "It's in the SUV?" They nodded. "Good, then let's buy some clothes, and have a nice meal." Aisha and I smiled as Tina and Steph looked worried.

"Is there a plane coming, Tina?" She looked at me and nodded.

"It'll be here within two hours and will be ready to leave when we want."

"Good, if anyone asks you were just going to see family." They looked at me, intently.

"Why does everyone think I want to kill people just because I'm a dragon. I don't, but I'll protect my family, and community, and I failed at that. I won't let that happen again, if I can help it." Everyone was quiet as we drove to a ranch/outdoor store and walked in. I was at home here, and it was pretty similar to Boulder, or any mostly rural, or isolated place. I walked backed to the sporting goods section and looked at braided cord as Aisha took Stephanie to help look at clothes for me.

"What are you doing?"

"Preparing, love,"

"Are you going to kill them?

"NO, unless they want me to." I went to look at tarps. "Daniel, you aren't easing my mind, especially since you are looking at tarps." I walked away and went to look for duct tape, and mothballs, or something similar.

"DANIEL!!!!" I looked at her as I held my things, as was everyone close to us because the store was busy. Tina glared at me, but smiled to everyone else, which I couldn't understand. She pinched me under my arm, and squeezed HARD, as she walked away with me saying ow! She took me behind the tents and tried to knee me in the balls.

"What is wrong with you?" She whispered...

"Your're going to kill these people aren't you, Daniel?" I told her to shusssh, and no I wasn't. I was going make them wish they were dead if they dealt with you, this town, or province, again. "And all you need is a tarp, duct tape, and rope.

"And mothballs.

"Why mothballs?"

"Because tracking dogs get weirded out by them." I laughed as I walked to the men's department and started looking at pants. Tina flung me around as I grabbed her. 'I have no intention of killing these men, but I will if I have to because you are family. All I want to do is hurt them, because they need that, and Aisha will probably do it anyway, and then to let know that if they come back to this island, they will be dead."

"What are you going to Daniel?" I kissed her and said she didn't need know because her and Stephanie would be on the way to Denver, with Aisha"...even though that wouldn't be a fun conversation.

"I'm going to play tag with them, and Lisbet, and Karin." She stared at me. "Help me find some nice pants as I went to the Carhartt section. "I need a shirt too, as she stared at me and shook her head. "I'm practical and I like a nice, heavy, white shirt." Tina put it back on the rack as Aisha, and Steph walked up. I knew I had already lost this so I waited as they looked at shirts. I found a chair and pushed to Sara, who was laughing. I shook my head as they walked up holding... I stared at them as they smiled.


"I buy white because it goes with everything, and I can bleach the stains out."

"This goes with your pants. You won't be alone here and we will make sure you stand out a bit." They handed me a light green/grey shirt that matched the pants that were brownish/green-grey, I had no choice but it was comfortable, and heavy, which I liked. I smiled and nodded when they handed me a Turquoise Bolo tie. I stared at them as they smiled and I officially gave up. Stephanie said,

"I'm thinking about branching out because I can sell a lot of these, and buckles, for both men and women, besides, we're going to a nice place because it's the first time Aisha has been here." I shook my head and walked off as they all laughed. "Pull the tags, mister." I nodded and went to get my regular clothes as we checked out. They stared at me as they rang up the rope, the tarp, the duct tape, and mothballs, and then tried to put my old clothes in the bag with the mothballs. I snatched my clothes and then the bag.

The girls smiled as we walked to the dressing and Aisha walked out, looking amazing. She looked liked a native. I turned and walked away and said I'd wait by the truck. "You don't think about this but you know the flow of color, even if you don't think you do. Put your gloves on, which were handmade elk from Norway, and your cape, now look at yourself next to Aisha." I huffed as I did what she asked, and I stood in front of the mirror and was astounded. I turned around, and then looked back as Stephanie smiled like the Cheshire cat and said she told me so.

"Can we just go to dinner?" I got patted on the back way too much as we walked outside, while the girls laughed. I told Sara to shut up but I did look pretty nice in the cape.

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