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take me part 640...edited(?) This site hates certain words. It's weird.  

dadigan 60M  
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2/20/2022 3:41 pm
take me part 640...edited(?) This site hates certain words. It's weird.

This was my home, and business, but I was a stranger to it now. I wanted to leap the fence as the bear and run but I didn't, instead I went and hugged my family as smiled and handed me a beer. Sara, Irina, and Malinka played with Bob, who was in heaven, but I think Sara was pretty close to it as well because she had missed him, immensely. Everyone around the fire pit stared at me when Uncle Billy finally asked, "you mind telling us how y'all did that with the mist?" I smiled and told him it would take a lot more beer." We chatted as we regained our rhythm and Sara brought Irina and Malinka over for proper introductions. They could understand everyone but none of the people in Denver could understand them so Sara, Chloe and the interpreted until whatever Gaia had given me spread to everyone. The big focus was on clothes and Ellen said that she things that would fit until they went shopping. Jake, Emily, and Annika were playing with Bob, who almost overcome by joy as women brought and Maggie's, and Bet and Javier's from school. They saw us and screamed as they ran at all of us, taking turns, before heading to Bob and the , and we were back in the groove. Chloe went inside and stole a computer to get us rooms because all of the houses were being used. It was funny because this our home but we had no where to sleep. The guys and I went to the shop, which was now 's shop. We sat, smiling at each other, as we looked out the overhead door at snow falling as we drank beer in silence, just reveling in the moment.

Chloe came out and sat on my lap and grabbed my beer, like she always had, and finished the rest then burped. "Whose Suburban is that? Miguel, of the new workers we didn't know yet, raised his hand and introduced himself. "I'm Chloe, this is Daniel...welcome to the family. I need your keys." He stared at her, and then everyone else because he was unsure what to. "Now, Miguel, I need to get my dad and I'm taking a crowd as they all walked out." and Javier laughed as they both told him in Spanish to give her the keys. He tossed them to her as she said thanks and got off my lap. "You have a family, Miguel?" He nodded. "Call them and have them come over, or take another vehicle and get them. We going to have a party. I'll be back soon." He nodded and stared at all of us she shuttled Sara, Irina, Malinka, Klaara, and the to the truck and headed to Henry's to surprise them.

"Be thankful you aren't married to her, Miguel." , Javier, and Unc laughed and started showing me around as threw him the keys to the truck. Uncle Billy asked,

"You staying long?" I looked at them and shook my head. "Chloe told us what happened and we're all heart broken for all of you, and us even though we didn't know them. It's hard to wrap our heads around but we are family and that's our past, in way or another." I nodded.

"There's a lot to talk about, and we will, but I've missed you lunkheads so let's just enjoy being somewhat like it was and show me around what use to my shop." Javier grabbed more beer as Miguel left to get his family. I was amazed at how much they were doing out of this space. It wasn't just the caskets and benches, but they were making dovetail boxes for ashes, which they had just started.

"Maggie and Bet are taking over the world," said. We have a backlog of benches for people, but also for cemeteries because they are starting to make them more appealing to family's like they use to be when we were ."

"We'll take you to the warehouse tomorrow, Jefe, so you can see the full extent. We went to town with your notebook and most of our guys are legit now, like Miguel. There are a LOT of happy women. Bet came in and hugged me and said that was a fact as she stared at me, and kissed me.

"We're sorry." I teared and nodded as everyone lowered their eyes. "What is it though with you and getting women pregnant?" I smiled as everyone laughed and Ellen walked and hugged me tight as well.

"It's good to have you have back, at least for a while. Bill and I will pack and go to a hotel...."

"No, Chloe has that covered for us, and there's a lot of things to discuss so you're fine, but thanks," and that was when the van from the airport pulled in as everyone looked at me. I smiled. " , you know the combo to the safe, yeah?" He nodded. "Good, my cousin is going to need to put some things in it. I'll be back." I hugged him opened the mist and walked into Japan. They might as well get use to it.

I walked out just off the road, and immediately felt people aware of me, and watching, as the trees started humming. I was halfway down the drive when Yoshi and Taiiko walked toward me, smiling. "So much for sneaking on you, between your people, and the trees." The laughed and nodded as we hugged each other. Taiiko held my face and kissed me deeply.

"We have seen your Sofi here, with your ...an older version. They take solace in your trees Danael. We aren't sure why, but we are glad." I nodded. I looked at the forest and Yoshi told me to go and we'd have Sake when I got back." I nodded, kissed Taiiko, shifted to the bear and snuffled my way into the woods and the sprites, and trees, greeted me as I walked the land I loved, but I loved all the land. I wanted to stay but I couldn't, even though I had slowed time. I walked out of the woods, as I shifted, to see Taiiko standing on the porch wrapped in a wool shawl, smiling.

"You smell, mister, let's make you presentable." She hugged me as we walked to our room and she ran a hot bath. "We want to show you the old house, which is no longer old. I've called Annie and they are getting ready, and we are all slowing time. There will be enough time so don't fret, Love." I nodded. "Who picked these out because it obviously wasn't you." I stared her. "It's not that you can't, silly, it's that you don't." I smiled and nodded as I finished bathing. I was getting dressed as Taiiko finished packing. "You have places you need to be, which we all know you hate, but it is necessary, and I have new sisters to meet." I smiled and nodded as I grabbed the bags. Taiiko took her packages, and we walked to see Yoshi. We set things down by the front door and went into the studio as Yoshi smiled and stood.

"It's good to see Danael-san." I bowed. "Sit." Taiiko poured us sake as Yoshi sat at his desk. I could feel the weight of things I didn't understand but I pushed to Sara and she nodded. Taiiko held my hand as we sipped our sake. "We have asked the people here if any of them wanted to go back to help rebuild and we had to limit the number because everyone did, including us." I started to tear and bowed my head as Yoshi was quiet. I nodded. We have chosen a mix of people, mostly younger who are learning skills, along with intermediate, and then a few who are skilled. It's a good mix of skill level, and abilities, and will help you rebuild." I nodded, bowed, and said thank you. "They will be ready, as will their tools, when you come back for them. Let's go look at the old house."

We drove to one of the original houses that Taiiko wanted us to expand, and remodel. It was amazing and almost finished. Taiiko hugged me as we walked through it. Between this, and the main house, and the other smaller houses we have been working on, there is enough room for everyone to be here as long as they need. You are thinking the same in the past." I nodded. The craftsmanship was astounding. I had no words but I knew I wanted the girls here, even though I wasn't sure why. "The path to the main house is almost finished because it's quicker to walk than to drive." I smiled and said I remembered and I wished I had been here to help with this. "Yoshi drove to the barn to check on things as Taiiko and I walked home.

"I miss you." She said she knew but the Japanese had much in common with the Vikings, and the Highlanders. I nodded. "I still miss you." She smiled and hugged me as we walked in silence. We walked around the side of the house and Sara stood as Taiiko screamed, and ran. Sara smiled and waited. They hugged each other as I walked , smiling. I saw the chest and nodded at Sara. They went into the kitchen for tea and sweets and brought them out as Yoshi drove and got out with a big smile. Sara trotted down the stairs and ran to him as he hugged her as he would his other .

"You, lady, are a sight for old eyes." She smiled and kissed him as he hugged her tightly and they walked toward the porch as Taiiko and I smiled. I poured us tea as Taiiko went to Sara and Yoshi.

"This was a to Daniel from the elves/sirens. We want you to have it for what you have done, and are doing, for our family." She opened the chest and it had gold bars with a Spanish mark in it. They looked at her, and me. "You could probably get more with the mark, but..."

They smiled and Taiiko said, "then we'd have to explain where we got them. That is a significant amount of gold Sara." She nodded, and smiled as she kissed her and walked to me for some tea, and it was done. We sat together laughing and talking, drinking tea, until Sara stood.

"I'm sorry, but we need to go. We all miss you even though some us have met you thus far. Yoshi smiled and hugged her, and Taiiko, as I grabbed her bags. Taiiko picked her gifts and her and Sara walked down the stairs as I said goodbye to Yoshi.

I bowed and said that I would see him soon. He said "Hai." and walked into the house as I walked down the stairs because neither of us wanted the other to see the tears. Sara and Taiiko smiled as they opened the mist and they went to Norway. They waved and were gone as I bowed my head and walked the drive to the road. I missed this place. The trees tried to soothe me as I walked. I opened the mist and walked into my past.

acmech176461 70M
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2/25/2022 6:16 am

I have enjoyed reading your stories. Sorry for not letting you know sooner.

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