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take me part 642...edited, and updated, again  

dadigan 60M  
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2/20/2022 10:06 pm
take me part 642...edited, and updated, again

It was snowing, heavily, as it can in Colorado during the early spring. It's when we get our worst snows. I looked up and to the east as I bowed my head as Aisha, Sara, and Chloe walked toward me. I looked at them.

"Everyone is here, except Janey and Alison and they are coming. We can take care of ourselves, but we will all go to Japan when you end this. We'll let them know. It's not going to end until you end it, Danael." Bob stared at us from his den as I looked at them and nodded.

"Dreka can wait a little longer because I want to spend time with my family and I haven't seen Henry or Deats yet...or the Franks, and I have a couple of days before Hammish and Ilsa leave, and the elves show up, and I still need talk with Billy and Ellen, and Javier's people." They all stared at me.

"Elves?" I filled them in and they nodded.

"Aisha and I have things to do now but we'll be back soon. Thank you for not fighting about going to Japan. It's the safest place for all of you to be, and the best." They nodded. "I need a hundred dollars in pennies." They looked me as if I had lost my mind, but they had been doing that a lot lately. I told them why and they smiled, and said they'd go to the bank tomorrow. We hugged and Aisha and I said bye to Bob. Aisha said Dragon and I shifted as she put the harness on as they watched. She put her weapons in it, and the bottles for Pytor, and hugged them all as I chafed because we needed to leave. There was a lot to do.

They walked up and kissed me as she climbed on and said fly, and I did, as they all looked at each other, fretfully, before going back out front. "Where are you going? Dragon...Danael!!! WHAT are you doing?" I landed at the cave as Aisha took the harness off. "Do you have ANY idea what a pain in the ass this is...of course not." She unbuckled the last strap and I shifted and opened the door as Pytor walked up from the dock, smiling. I waved.

"The bottles of Armagnac are for him, give me your sword." She stared at me as if I had lost my mind. "Jesus Christ." I grabbed the bottles and walked to him. I will be bringing things here, a lot of things. I will deal with them, and make sure it's secure, but you can't be here." He looked at me, and then east. I nodded. "I'll bring you more venison soon." He nodded and thanked me for the bottles. "Enjoy them, but not all at once." We both laughed. Fuck! The people on the outer rings always got left out. I pushed to Sara as I looked at Aisha staring at me. Sara nodded.

"Give me your sword." She glared, but gave it to me. "Follow me, but don't take anything. I'm serious." We walked into the caves and she looked at things that were...

"Daniel, these things belong in a museum. How are they here?" I told her I wasn't quite sure.

"You can touch, but don't take. If you take then not even I will be able to get you out of here." She swallowed, hard, and nodded. "You can look, just don't take anything even though itt's tempting. Did I mention not take ANYTHING."She nodded as I kept walking and Aisha looked around. I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking for but I knew it was some place at the back of the caves, and I needed to find it.

"Danael." DANAEL!"


"Do you know what these are?" I looked at them.

"Sketches. I need to find something."

"These are from DaVinci. Danael. Holy shit, Danael!"


"Is that?"

"Yes, we have kept things safe for a long time. You are welcome to look, just don't take anything. I'll be back." She stared at me and looked around. She was like all of us, more interested in preserving than owning, but she still touched everything because few people had ever seen these, let alone touched them. She looked around, and sort of followed me. I knew what I wanted, but I didn't know exactly where it was. I went to the end of the caves and looked around because it was empty. I could hear Aisha calling for me. I yelled as I looked around wondering how they made a domed room out of rock.

"That was the most unbelievable thing I have ever seen.... DANAEL!!!! We need to leave this place. NOW!" She was trying to drag me out as I looked around and nodded, but said no.

"What I need is here." Aisha looked at me, terrified.

"Danael, this is a burial chamber. There are Runes all over these walls, and ceiling, and all of them will gain you access to something we don't want to know about.. We need to give thanks, and leave." I nodded as I looked around, shifted, and froze the stone so the runes were visible. Aisha looked around and said, "Wow." I shifted back walked around looking at the runes, thinking. There were too many for what I was looking for and I started to get glimpses of the ancient past as I fell. Aisha helped me stand.

I looked at her and smiled. "This isn't a tomb. It's a vault and the runes are the combinations to take you certain to things that were too valuable for the cave." I closed my eyes and pushed and opened them a long time in the past, alone, as I placed a sword, and shield here. I was hurt, but not badly enough to lock them inside. I looked down and knelt as I touched the ground where I died saving other things I needed to protect. I looked at Aisha who was crying because things were coming back to me. I looked at the runes and it took no effort for me to choose what I wanted. The weight on me was all of the other things hidden here that I couldn't recall. I touched the Runes, and waited, as Gaia opened that vault. I exhaled as I walked in and traded Aisha's sword for the sword and shield in the vault and waited, nothing until I walked out and then it closed. Aisha was crying on her knees. She looked at me and stood as she grabbed her sword, and took her shield and looked at me then walked out. I wished I knew what she did, in that moment. I shifted and heated the room to hide the Runes and followed her.

Aisha was waiting outside, rocking with her sword and shield as I closed the caves. Pytor was gone and dusk was approaching. "Why are you rocking?"

"We are going to war and only one of us will come back, which means you'll die again. You are remembering a great many things that you don't fully understand yet I have flown with two dragons. One died, and the other is remembering." She cried and walked off as I remembered the battle that killed her dragon, me, during the great war. We had lost everything and any semblance of reason in the world was gone, but we still fought even in though it was in vain. I fought Dreka, and he tried to kill Aisha, which we never did. I sent her to Tibet as we attacked each other, and I was gone but Aisha was a live.... a dragon protects his rider, period. I looked at Aisha and she lowered her head as I walked to her.

"You." She nodded.

"You died saving me, and our people. I spent my lives bringing them back and he's hated you ever since." I stared at her and saw Sofi in her image, and Geral.... and.


I screamed as she cried while looking at me. "She left, with your , to go to the protection of the monastery of our clan. They wouldn't even let Sara and and Chloe in." There is so much more that must come to you, Danael, that I can't simply tell you. I nodded as I exhaled. My head spun as she bound me in the harness, again, and climbed on as we flew, and I thought. I flew east, fast. "What are doing?" I dove into what was Dreka's cave. There was<b> water </font></b>that came up from Gaia so I called Karin and Elisabeth and waited as Aisha stared at me and we walked around. I could feel Dreka raging, but he was bound, by me, which made him even madder.

"What are doing?" I smiled...."PsyOps," as Karin popped her head out of the<b> water </font></b>and Elisabeth climbed out, naked, to look around. "Jesus. I need your help and I'm trusting you both. You can't tell the elves, or anyone. Promise?" They nodded. "See those eggs?" They nodded. "I needed you to hide all nin e of those in different places.... places that are safe and that only you know about." They stared at me.

"This is very important?" Lisbet looked at Karin, and me.

"Very important, loves." The flurry as they snatched their eggs, and dove, was amazing. Aisha looked at me and said we still had eighteen more as Joseph and Ama walked in, followed by Aerin. I was curious how his would go, and if I would have to intervene. There was bad blood here, and it could be felt as I walked into the mix and they glared at each other, and I slapped all of them.

"ENOUGH!" They stared at me because they were more powerful than I was, but I had things to do, and then Sara walked in and stood next Aisha and I. They all nodded, begrudgingly, but did what I asked. "You each get three... They all started to protest as I roared. "ENOUGH!!!!" I'll keep the rest safe." They stared at me. "There is nothing else to be said." They stared at us because the three of us were powerful, even If I was just remembering it. "Hide the eggs until it's time, and let the past go for goodness sake. I freed the Elves for a reason." They looked me and then each other, and nodded and they were gone. with their eggs

Sara and Aisha smiled as they took the eggs to our caves in the Himalaya's...no one but us would know where they were. Karin and Lisbet hid their eggs better than their most special things. Ama and Joseph hid theirs, deep in the cave, and Aerin took her three back to her land. I was alone, again, but I could feel Dreka raging because it reverberated off the walls. "It's going to get worse, brother, but you are going to have wait. I will come for you." I was remembering almost more than I could process. I focused on everything else in these caves and sent them to the cave on the island, and then shifted there, which was far easier than I imagined. I opened the door and start carrying everything down. I was almost finished when Sara and Aisha walked out of the mist.

"Done?" They nodded, and smiled. "You forgot those, love." Aisha smiled.

"You brought all of this here by yourself, Daniel?" I smiled at Sara and nodded. "I knew I fancied you for reason. Come home when your finished and enjoy your family. I have left both Pyotr, and Hammish, gifts." I kissed her, and said thanks, as Sara opened the mist. Aisha picked up her sword and shield, smiled, and they walked back to Denver as I finished taking the rest of the things Dreka coveted to a place he'd never be able to access. I looked around, smiled, and shifted to Denver to be with my family.

Claw51478 75M
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2/21/2022 12:48 pm

Now, I liked this Part. , It was interesting. A little Drama, a little thrilling. Seems Daniel has asserted his power over Joseph, Ama and Aerin . Even though he had Sara and Aisha with him.

OlderPete58 64M  
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2/21/2022 1:45 pm

Very dramatic and it sets the scene for Daniel to learn more and know his history before finally meeting Dreka .

The Elves are there as are Ama and Joseph this is going to be good.

There is more to come much more and Finland! Dreka has something to do with that.

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