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take me part 643...unedited  

dadigan 60M  
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2/21/2022 5:32 pm
take me part 643...unedited

I looked around and pushed to Hammish and Ilsa's and they were happy with a packed house full of elves....go figure. It made my heart happy after the loses we had gone through. I still had so many things to do and Aafjer and I needed to check the house by the ocean, and then Dreka. I made sure the cave was secure and shifted to Denver and landed on the roof. "FUCK!" I looked around so I could get off of it without anyone knowing, but nothing would hold me. "Crap." Bob was staring at me as Sara and Taiiko outside, laughing.

"Why are you on the roof, love?" The smirked.

"That's funny."

"You could just open the mist because you're better at that, mostly," They laughed until I turned into the dragon, and frosted both of them as I landed and stared at Bob, who went back into his den. "I can't believe you did that to your pregnant wives!" They laughed as I walked inside to take a shower. I rummaged through the dresser and found clean clothes as I poured some wine, walked into the bathroom, and locked the door. Blessed peace. I soaked under a warm shower, thinking about everything. I turned off the water, wiped my face and opened the door to all of them standing there.

"How did you get in here? Hand me a towel, please." They laughed as Annie held a paper clip. "Jesus Christ, you are worse than the elves. Go enjoy our family and I'll be there in a few minutes." They laughed and walked out. What the fuck was I thinking. Aisha smiled. "I blame you because you should watch my back." I got dress as she watched.

"What? It's been a long time. You actually landed on the roof?"

"Don't start." She laughed as we walked out. "I've barely figured out the mist, let alone shifting and Aerin wants to teach me how they move through time." She stared at me. "I know, right, what could possibly happen with that?"

"You know she's smitten with you, right?" I stared at her. "Shut , and don't start with me. Is there any pizza left?"

"I'm serious, Danael. She fancy's you, and she is a Princess...of the Elves. You are going to have to deal with that." I shook my head.

"I have enough to deal with now, and I'm , I don't need new problems." We walked into the kitchen and I opened empty boxes, except for crust. "Who doesn't eat the crust?" Chloe, Tina, and Stephanie walked in. I looked at Chloe. "Can you please call Italian Frank and order a Sicilian with sausage and jalapeno's, and extra sauce on the side, and whatever else because the locusts devoured these." They laughed. "Who doesn't like crust?" Chloe kissed me and went out front to find Jake and Emily. I hadn't seen everyone yet, but I could feel them and it was like it had always been. mostly.

"Thank you for you and Aisha did. We have decided to out the house, Daniel." I stared at them. "Hear us out, please." I nodded as I bowed my head. "Those men won't be back and if others come back then our friends will tell us, and we'll tell you and Aisha. Besides, I've been wanting to remdel the carriage house, but haven't since I was living there. If we lease the main house then I can redo it and we'll a place for all of us to visit. I miss my family, and I want to see all of our other homes." I couldn't fault her for that, and nodded. "If they come back, then we'll come back." I smiled.

"I'm going to talk with with Uncle Billy, and Ellen...."

"They already have, big , and Ellen and I have already talked about it and we are going back to help. We're both curious and I am very curious about forges. We are going to pack...thanks for the pizza, by the way." I nodded. Sara and Taiiko are taking us back later, which is earlier the next day..right?" I shrugged. "We'll be fine." I smiled because they had no fucking clue but I said thanks, and hugged them. They went to pack.

"They have no idea, do they?" I shook my head and walked out front as I was bombarded by munchkins, and Jake, Emily, and Anna.

"Who ate all of the pizza?" They stared at me, waiting, as I handed Jake my wallet and turned into the Tickle Monster. They all went screaming out the front, snow and all, as I chased them around our parking lot. They kept telling me to stop but I wouldn't until Janey and Alison stood in front of me and commanded me to stop, and to leave, as I fell into the snow. All of the girls walked and looked me as I opened my eyes.

"What happened? Why am I in the snow?"

"You were the tickle monster again."

"No I wasn't, that's insane. There is no such thing."

"Unh unuuhhh, ask Janey and Alison because they stopped you." I looked at them and they nodded, trying not to smile.

"I still don't believe it but help me ." They all helped me, hugged me and said they were glad I wasn't the tickle monster any more, and ran off. I smiled and shook my head as I went to say hi to Henry and Sabrina. I walked to them both smiling

"Welcome home, . We've missed you...all of you. We have a lot to show you, and things to discuss." I nodded and hugged Henry, and Sabrina, and told her I was looking forward to seeing the warehouse, and the center.

"Shouldn't you be in Norway?" She smiled and punched me. as Henry laughed.

"I do the drawings, not the actual work, but we were there." I smiled and nodded. "It's going to be impressive because of the buildings, and location. Very few will see the inside, like the warehouse, but they will see our shopping center." I smiled, and nodded.

"When is the big day?" She looked at Henry.

"I meant 'we' as all of us... SHIT." Henry and I laughed.

"I knew what you meant Bri, but when?"

"Summer, early fall, we want to finish everything. There's a lot going on." I nodded. "Keep this to yourself." I ticked the lock and nodded. I pointed to the back yard.

"Let's build a fire and freeze while we get warm and you can fill me in on things because I won't be able to stay very long, which I hate. They nodded as we grabbed Prosecco out of the fridge and went out back. "At least their priorities are right," as I opened the bottle and poured, "and they made new chairs." It took about minutes for and Maggie, and Bet and Javier, to come out with more bottles, and glasses. Uncle Billy had multiple albums ready to drop and we listened the music Jake and Emily hated but Green River came on and all of the girls came running out back and danced in the snow as we all watched, smiling.... including Bob.

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