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take me part577, edited and updated a bit.  

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1/14/2022 10:19 pm
take me part577, edited and updated a bit.

I needed to work with Anna, which meant.... fuck. I need eight of me, but I needed an experienced rider also, and that was Aisha for the time being. I had gotten myself into a pickle. I flew to Iceland because I wanted to sleep in my cave and it was a beautiful night, peaceful, and then I turned around. Fuck. I banked left, dove, picked up speed and skimmed the ocean until they became trees and I skimmed those until I arrived, back, on Gotland, and landed. I had mostly stopped flying into trees. Elisabeth came running at me, but I didn't shifted and she bounced off of me. She wasn't hurt, maybe her pride a bit, because she was a dragon but she needed to understand the power she had, and the control and responsibility that came along with it, which gave me an idea. I looked at Elisabeth as I shifted and looked at her, as her Da.

"Do you think that I love you as your Da'.?" She looked at me with tears in her eyes and nodded." She nodded again and hugged me. "I need you to trust me because you are my , OUR , but I have to do something that will make you very jealous because of the hormones, but you can't rage, love, because I'm doing it for you. It'll just take a bit for you to understand, which is why you need to trust. me Sweets, I have seen the boys look at you, and the girls, but you scare them because of your rage. You are their dragon. Someone would accept that if you loved each other, but you can't scare them as a girl, which you do." She hit me four times and walked to find Airi and I rethought my plan as Karin bopped up, watching us with her sisters.

"Karin, did Airi give you the stones you wanted for where I come from?" Karin jumped, dived, and jumped onto the shore.

"Yes, mister, and they are amazing. We have none of the stones you have given us, here. We have all spoken and we think it is because they are younger than the oceans, but we would have never seen them with out you Dragon."

"Will you all stay there, please?" They nodded as I pushed to Aisha and told her to meet me at Irina's since Ama was Sara were back there. I was losing my mind and needed my own keeper. I could feel Sara and Ama wondering what I was up to as Aisha she'd be there in a bit. I never argued with Aisha. I looked at Elisabeth, and Airi, and Karin and her friends. "I'll be back quickly but I don't want to over step my bounds. Elisabeth was confused but the Sirens all nodded. Don't panic Elisabeth......"

"She won't Danael. I'll know when you come back so we can go fishing. Elisabeth smiled, and nodded. I kissed both of them and called the mist as they swam off together. I was thinking Elisabeth was in the wrong place, but Karin was also enamored with me and I was NOT having a threesome with Karin, and an under aged, young, water dragon. I walked into the mist and fell through the front door as Ama opened it, and rolled I into the table as they all laughed. I was coming to realize that I would never grasp the mist entrance. I got up as everyone shook their heads. Ilsa hugged me.

"You try to hard, Danael. Perfection, and trying to attain it, is one of the hardest things we need to let go." I nodded as I sat down.

"Where are Hammish and...."

"They took the other horses over the mountain so that they could bond as Da and . Hammish and I are discussing giving him a new name so I am glad you are here because we both value your opinion and insight." I could feel Ama and Sara watching me...along with everyone else. I looked at everyone, and then Ilsa.

"Does he remember his parents, or where he came from?"

"Only that he came from the east of here but he's not sure if if was north, or south." They all looked closed to alike and I told her that. I looked at Ilsa as I thought. He looks similar to both you and Hammish. Where is your family from, Ilsa?" Everyone listened as Aisha walked in. She was quiet.

"I never knew my family. I was raised by Gypsy's until I met Hammish and had a home." Everyone was still.

"Then you answered your own question. Pick a name of the people who raised you, with Hammish, and pick it based upon the energy you feel from him.He's had a hard alife already so give him a good name with good meaning. Go to the witches, or ask Gaia....or Ama and Sara. I think they will say the same." Ilsa looked at Ama.

"Danael speaks wisdom about the name, but don't ask the coven." Ilsa looked at Sara who wrapped herself in wool and nodded. "Aside from that, this bear has a few good ideas." Everyone laughed. "This year is going to be hard but spring is almost here, and you have a lot of work to attend to, don't go to coven meetings, that is important. They aren't mandatory because none of you are elders." I stared at them and growled as Ilsa hugged me. "WORK the land, and make the people do the same. They will reap the benefit. Do not go to the coven this year that means you Malinka and Sofi. Danael has arranged for you to learn with the wolves. You need to do that for this family. Sara will teach you the witching ways far better, as well as the Dragon."

"It was an intense speech, even it was brief. I knew why she gave it, but they were young like Elisabeth was young. Christ, I needed to be in too many places, but I already knew this was one of them. I was starting to think the warning was for me to deal with. I kissed everyone and Ama, Sara, Aisha and I walked outside as Drakon and his mates followed us. I stopped and knelt as he brought them up. Sara, Ama, and Aisha knelt too. I felt their belly's and looked at all of them as I pushed. They all yipped and nuzzled me. I looked at the girls, smiled, and told them that we were having wolf pups. Sara and Aisha pounced on them as Ama stepped back.

"Is that a good idea, Danael?" I looked at her because I knew what she meant but I knew what was coming. I was hoping to build this place up and leave signs people could follow on how to things going forward. I wasn't sure that would happen but I had already talked with Wolf, and Drakon about building a pack that was tame for us, but could also fight like wolves along side us as a pack. I wasn't sure it would work because it was odd for humans and wolves to blend, but I was odd. We were all kinda odd.

"Yes, Ama, it is, but I need to talk you, all of you, about about something else." Ama smiled as we watched Sara and Aisha play with Drakon and his new mates. Drakon walked up to me and butted my leg like Wolf as I scratched their ears and rubbed their shoulders. Drakon howled and they ran back to the pack. Drakon needed to prove himself before the Alpha female, and Wolf, before they could leave. Crap.

They were all looking me like I had any answers. It was a late winter day, not warm, but not brutally cold like we had survived. "Let's walk, please. I need to talk with you. I told them about Annika and my thoughts, and Elisabeth and my thoughts with her regarding Karin. They nodded and then I said...

"I promised Karin that I would let her walk." They stared at me as if I had lost my mind, which I might have, but I didn't think so and wasn't sure Siren's had the power on land as they did in the oceans. Ama walked away without speaking, which couldn't be good. Aisha walked up and punched me four times in the chest.... hard!

"Have you lost your fucking mind!!! They are Sirens, Dragon, and a Dragon can't defend against them, for long. You're insane." Which I was because the next bit was really going to fry their noodle. Aisha punched me again and walked off as I stared at Sara wrapped in her wool.

"They are still looking?" She nodded.

"They'll never find us. Chloe and I have seen to that, with Ama and Gaia. You and Chloe are getting stronger than you should, but I think that is our love. You'll understand soon enough what is coming, Daniel. There is plenty of time, but as you also know there is limited time. You are going to be busy Dragon because of all the things you need to do, and other places you need to be. My advice is don't have sex with a Siren, even on land because they are wily, and have lived longer than us, that said, I think what you want to do makes sense...Gaia help me. Sara walked back inside to get ready.

I looked at the sky as Ama, and Aisha walked up. "I spoke with Gaia and she told me to leave you be, so there is nothing I can do but say I hope you know what you doing."

"Ama, they have been in the oceans for how long? Hiding what? I want to find that out and I need Karin, and probably her friends, because they are better at trading than I am." They both smiled. "Sara already told me about not having sex with a Siren. I just want Elisabeth to have a purpose and in order to do that I need to let Karin walk on land. I'm OK with that, because Karin likes 'lisbeth and she can bring up things undersea that they will trade for our precious, and semi-precious, stones. We'd like to protect what was lost, and they want what they can't have, but we do." Ama stared me.

"You are starting to become arrogant, dragon."

I stared at Ama and Sara. "I am going to my cave so I can sleep, and will talk with you about Annika later. I have thoughts about her, and Klara, that you probably won't like either. I've kept this family safe, and died trying. You either trust me, or you don't. I don't care because I am bringing them here before I take them to Tibet. I gave my word. I don't want to fight you." I turned and walked away as I opened the mist and fell on Gotland.

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