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take me pat 553....edited, again. It's amazing how bad this site is.  

dadigan 60M  
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1/4/2022 2:09 pm
take me pat 553....edited, again. It's amazing how bad this site is.

Forging an alliance with the wolves, both here and in the future, was the smartest thing I had done because I knew they'd watch over everyone when I was gone, and it seemedd that I would be gone a lot, sadly, but it's the last thing I wanted. I was tired of dealing with these types of people, across time and space. I suppose it was Gaia's way of showing me that humanity wasn't evolving all that much, at least a good chunk of them in my sphere of influence. I was pretty sick of it but it was what it was, and we'd deal with it. I was amazed I wasn't when I walked in the house earlier. Elias didn't know much of anything about the men him watch the house, and us, but didn't take a rocket scientist figure out why. The trees, and the fact that was a house, barn, and now fencing. I figured someone was working here said something someone because were women here. They figured would be easy come in and take . If that was the case then they were mistaken, and my patience was wearing thin. We walked inside and I introduced Elias everyone and offered him breakfast as they all stared at me. I should been used but I still didn't like . Sara, Annie, Chloe, and Taiiko walked up and all spoke at once.

"What is going on, mister, and where you been?" At least they didn't me. Aya walked up as I told them what I knew, and what I suspected, and what I was going to do. Silence until Sara said,

"You might be cursed, love," and they laughed. This was the very last thing I wanted to talk about with them about. I wanted to be snuggling with them and rubbing their bellies, and holding their breasts as they grew, and just being with them. I looked at Aya.

"Can you let me deal with this, and could we bring Gerel here?" She didn't like it but she nodded as all the girls hugged her. None of us liked any of this, especially me, but I was trying to time because were still threats in our time that I was unaware of, and were threats here . would be easier if we weren't so spread out but I suspected that wouldn't change and Sara and I could work the mist, at least so far. I needed speak with Ama and Joseph, but of course they had gone. Shit, I needed spek with everyone. I looked at Sara.

"I need deal with this..."



"You said 'I' need deal with this when you meant say that 'we' need deal with this, mister." They nodded and stared at me as I smiled and nodded.

"We need deal with this but I want on Gotland and Norway because 'we' do. Can you on Elisabeth and Airi? She won't attack you." They all laughed. "I'll in with Norway and make sure everyone is OK, along with the deer and wolves." Sara nodded. "I'll go the tavern with Elias and a chat with the people trespassing on our land and talk with Hammish about it.

"I'll go with you Daniel..... me because you aren't going by yourself. Anyone dumb enough walk on this land, even with the three of us gone, will be in for a rude awakening." I nodded at Annie and Taiiko. I didn't like it but I also knew they could defend themselves and wasn't any other choice because they were going. You fall in love with strong women then you better OK dealing with strong women. We went the table and I ate as we talked with Elias.

Claw51478 75M
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1/4/2022 2:54 pm

Well, Daniel is not getting out of this one by himself. Two of the Gal's are going with him to see the " Gentlemen" at the Tavern. Interesting to see how this plays out.

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