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take me...beginning. first ten stories Long and unedited. tomorrow.  

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12/28/2021 8:37 pm
take me...beginning. first ten stories Long and unedited. tomorrow.

I met Alison, and her husband, on this site. They were looking for what most of us are, something different... some more intense....something to maybe bring life back to their relationship,
or give them a way to be in it. I liked Alison and Philip as we chatted so I agreed to meet them for dinner.

They wanted out of "vanilla sex" but were unsure  how to do it. Relationships are challenging, especially the longer they go on. If you don't actively work to keep them vibrant they will start to

As is often the case with couples, they want different things. He wanted to fuck his wife with another man, or woman.... both of which would be wonderful in my mind. Alison want something completely

She wanted to be controlled. Dominated, but in an intimate way. She didn't want to think about sex....about making love.... of having to do things. She wanted things done to her and having NO control over them. She wanted release so that she could come back and be dominate when she wanted.  She wanted a lover that would provide both. I was game.

I had no idea if I could provide that for her but I was intrigued because I have always thought that intercourse should be the last thing involved in love making.  Sex begins, happens, and ends between
our ears. If we simply focus on cocks and pussies and assholes.... all of which are amazing... then we are missing out.

We decided to meet for dinner and chat because these things require trust and connection, and a sense of safety. I wanted to know how committed Alison, and Philip were in what they were asking.

We met at a very nice restaurant outside of Denver. It was an old school type restaurant that had more class than flash. It had a lot of wood and ambiance, obviously around for a long time. It was more dimly lit than most places, and the reviews were excellent. I'm sure people had brought first dates here for decades, just maybe not for the reason we were there for.

We met outside to size each other up and agreed to share a meal and chat. We actually hit it off really well. Philip and I shared several things in common other than the fact that his wife was fucking
gorgeous, which she was, and Alison and I also shared interests other than what was drawing her closer to me on the curved booth.

The meal was superb. The waitress asked if we wanted dessert and I said please give us a while so we could continue our conversation. I knew we had some time and I wanted to see if she would do want I
wanted, and how Philip would respond in public.

Alison was sitting very close to me, and touching  me so she was intrigued as well.  I had been hard, and leaking, for a while but I reached under the table and unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out.

"Grab my cock," I said.

Alison looked at me, and then at Philip, unsure what to do.

"Don't look at him. You wanted this. Reach under the table and grab my cock."

She was kind of stunned, which I guess happens to all of us when a fantasy becomes a reality. I waited, curious as to what they..she … would do. I knew she wanted it.

She looked at Philip and then leaned against my shoulder like we were just sharing an intimate story as friends and found my cock. It was half way hard and moist with precum. It wasn't difficult to find. She
moaned as she exhaled.....

Alison leaned to my ear as she squeezed my cock. Philip leaned back against the booth and she bit my ear. I was surprised but he smiled. I was OK with it because I like a bit a of pain. As she was sucking on my earlobe the waitress walked up with the after dinner drinks we ordered. We obviously didn't need them because this gorgeous woman had her hand on my penis, making me harder by the second, and nibbling on my ear.

The waitress stopped briefly as she was putting the glasses on the table and noticed the shift in seating. She smiled as she turned and walked away. Philip and I picked up our brandy and toasted each other
just as Alison started stroking my cock. He smiled as I closed my eyes.

I let her continue for bit. I knew she was wet because she was squirming on the booth. The only thought I had, aside from her hand on me, was "damn, I wish I was that booth" because I wanted my mouth on her. She was moaning in my ear as I grabbed her arm and pulled it off of me.

Alison moved back, shocked and confused. She looked at me, and then at Philip, unsure what was happening. Her eyes glistened in the candle light, and it was obvious that she was horny as hell and now stifled. She looked at me questioningly as I took a sip of my brandy, making her wait.

I put the glass down as I moved to kiss her on the cheek.. I thought about biting her but I didn't mind she had done that. I actually liked it because it showed me she wanted more than being submissive. I said loud enough for Philip to hear,

"Drop your napkin."

She looked at me, confused, and then looked at her husband and then back me.

"What," she asked?

"Drop you napkin, slid under the table and suck my cock."  Philip smiled as he took another sip of brandy. She was half way under when I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back up. It startled her and she gasped. I leaned forward and kissed her deeply, which she returned in kind, then said...

"Don't make a mess."

"OK," she whispered.

It didn't take her long to wrap her mouth around me. She was amazing. I looked at Philip through half open eyes watching him smile at me because he understood. I wanted it to go on and on but I am sorry to say that it didn't. Alison definitely knew how to suck a cock. My mind had stopped. My eyes had closed. My breathing had quickened as she stopped deep throating me and bit the head of my dick. I moan as she then started sucking me like I had never been sucked before.

I moaned louder than I wanted as I came. I hadn't cum for a while, so I figured it was a decent amount. I was curious if Alison followed my instruction about not making a mess. Alison continued sucking me for a minute or so before putting my penis back in my underwear and zipping my pants.

She climbed out from under the table with her napkin as the waitress walked up with some sort of chocolate cake. Alison looked at her as she slid next to me kissing me deeply and sharing the last bit of my cum, then smiled. The waitress placed the cake on the table and said...

"This is compliments of the house."

As the waitress was walking away, and Alison was sliding back to Philip presumably to kiss him as well, she paused and looked at me briefly and smirked.

Alison devoured the chocolate cake as Philip and I finished our brandy, none of us saying a word. The waitress returned several minutes later saying they were getting ready to close and put the check in front me catching my eyes before walking away. I didn't mind because it was the best meal I had in a very long time. As I picked it up to review it I noticed a slip of paper. There was a name and a number and that was all. Her name was Sara.

I put my card down and was putting the paper in my pocket as Sara walked up and ran it through her tablet giving the receipt. She thanked us and said she hoped we came again..... the meaning wasn't
lost on us so we all smiled. Needless to say, Sara got a large tip for her discretion.

Philip and Alison tried to reimburse me but there was no way. Alison pulled us both next her and kissed us both as we walked out. In the parking lot she hugged me as she grabbed my balls and squeezed, hard. She kissed me and bit my lip, drawing blood which she sucked after saying how sorry she was.

"Come home with us," she said. "I want you to fuck me while Philip watches."

I kissed her lips, and then her neck and as she was pulling me into her I bit her where the neck meets the shoulder, not hard enough to draw blood but enough to make a mark. She stifled a cry but stood

"Not tonight," was all I said as I turned and walked away. I didn't look back. I was intrigued by both of them but I was in control and wanted them to know it.  As I headed toward my car I glanced at the
restaurant and Sara was standing at the door watching me. She wasn't smiling, just watching. She turned and went inside.

This was going to be interesting.

I could feel Alison's longing as I walked away. I knew she wanted me in her, wanted me to cum inside of her while Philip watched. I didn't mind that but I was doing this on my terms, not hers. I got in my car and closed the door as they drove past. I didn't look up. I was getting ready to leave when Sara walked out of the restaurant and toward her car. My hand reached for the door handle.

"Bad idea Daniel," I thought. "Really bad idea."  I opened the door and stepped out. As I was walking toward her a VERY large man yelled at me.

"Yo, asshole! What are you doing here?"

I stopped. Sara stopped and turned around. When she saw me she smiled and yelled that it was ok. I was a friend. He still watched me like a hawk watching prey. I could feel his eyes boring a hole in me. I
didn't care. I walked up to her

She didn't move as I approached. She was smaller than I thought, maybe 5'4". Her hair was the color of rich mahogany, as were her eyes. She was stunning in an interesting way, as if a mermaid had washed up on shore. She was obviously human but there was something about her that defied description. I was.....

"WHAT is your name? Are you deaf?"

I smiled and said Daniel as I apologized.

"Are you stalking me Daniel? I gave you my number. You could have just called or texted."

I told her I didn't like the phone much and saw her as i was getting ready to leave. She asked if I was looking for a blowjob for the road since my friends left. I was taken aback because I hadn't thought
about that at all even though my body had. I could feel myself leaking.

"No," I stammered. "Would you like to have some breakfast, or coffee? I don't sleep well and I figure it might take time for you to unwind. I thought maybe you'd like to talk. I know I would."

It was her turn to look at me like I was some odd creature. She was quiet a while and I thought maybe I should have waited and called her when she said,

"Are you an axe murderer?"

"No, are you?"

She smiled and said "no" as she walked past me toward my car.  "You drive. I know a place that makes great pancakes."

I was in trouble....SO in trouble. I was going to call Alison and Philip and meet them after they waited a bit but that just got thrown out the window, which was fine because they wanted to be dominated,
but I was still in trouble.

Henry's was a definite hole in the wall type of place. It was at the back end of a small strip mall. The area was what they call "transitioning" I suppose.... most of the hard work had been done and it was a still a good place to buy a home, if you had insurance. I actually liked these kind of areas and was very interested Henry's. Sara walked in like she owned the place and yelled, "Henry!"  An older black man walked out from the back smiling. It was obvious they knew each other as there was an ease between them that only comes from knowing someone for a long time.

"Hey munchkin. It's a little early isn't it?  You don't usually hound me for pancakes until almost noon. Who's your friend?" I stepped forward and extended my hand, "I'm daniel, sir. It's nice to meet you."
Sara smiled...."we were hoping to get some pancakes and chat. Any chance that can happen?"

Henry looked at me, obviously sizing me up and then at Sara. He turned and walked in back as Sara and I looked at each, perplexed. He walked back in a few seconds later holding a broom and handed it to me. I smiled because it wasn't the first time I had held one, by a long shot. He looked at Sara and said the tables had been wiped down but she needed to put the chairs on the tables. You have to earn your breakfast.

"I assume you'll want bacon munchkin." Sara smiled as he walked back to the kitchen. She looked at me shrugged. "Munchkin," I smirked? Don't you start with me mister, and you better do a good a job.

I have swept plenty of floors in my day, and have a great work ethic, so I wasn't worried about meeting Henry's standards. We had finished and were getting ready to sit down when Henry came out with a tray. He walked around looking at the floor as Sara rolled eyes and mouthed, "SORRY!"  I just smiled.

He walked to the table and put our food down before walking off. Now I'm not a huge pancake fan but these smelled amazing, and bacon is bacon....'nuff said. We both reached for a piece at the same time and chuckled.

"Sorry about that," Sara said. "Henry is kind of protective especially because I have never brought anyone here before. This is my sanctuary. I was surprised that he asked you to sweep though but he is old school."  I said I didn't mind and was raised old school as well so I took no offense. I just hope I past muster with him. She was quiet for a few seconds and said...

"If you hadn't you wouldn't be eating," as she stuff bacon into her mouth.  Henry came out with two cups and a pot of coffee and put them on the table.

"Something wrong with the pancakes?"  No sir, they smell wonderful. He snorted as he said,  Well, they ain't meant to be smelled ," and walked away.  Sara laughed shaking her head. I was thinking that I liked Henry, and Sara, and that was when my phone buzzed.  It was Alison.

"SHIT," I thought as I lowered my eyes. Timing never was my strong suit. I turned my phone off and put it on the booth. Sara started eating her pancakes so I did to. She waited until I put too big a fork
full in my mouth, because they were fantastic, before asking,

"Do you need to leave Daniel?" I looked up and shook my head no as I said,

"Nammph."  She looked at me and burst out laughing spitting the last bits of her pancake all over the table.  I chewed and swallowed as fast as I could and said, "No, I have nowhere to go." She reached out
and took my hand in hers and said she was glad, and apologized for spitting all over the bacon. I said I didn't mind as I picked up another piece.

"Daniel, if you want to leave I'm fine with that. Y'all met for that reason and we're just having pancakes and bacon. It's ok.

"I swept the floor for these," I said. "I'm happy where I am Sara. Henry seems really nice. How do you know him?"  She was quiet for a bit before saying,

"Henry and my dad where partners. I've know Henry for as long as I can remember. He's family. You wouldn't know it by looking at it now but when I was a this area very popular. Henry and my dad, our family's really, built this building. Well, transformed it actually. It was all a restaurant back then.... can you imagine?  It was a totally different time but still, it was a big place. Henry and his
wife are great cooks....were, Miss Ella died last year. They ran the restaurant, my mom did the books and all us did whatever needed to be done, still do. They cut the size of the restaurant down and put in a couple of shops and then a laundromat at the front and added on to the back."

"Like sweeping," I said.


"You said you did everything."

"Yeah, like sweeping," Sara smile as she squeezed my hand.

"I understand now about this being your sanctuary but why is the restaurant in the back? I can see the reasoning for a laundromat on the street but usually a restaurant would be there, and what did your dad do?"

"That's involved, and Henry could tell it better than me. My dad went into the army after high school, which is where he met Henry, and they became friends. They were stationed in Alaska so it wasn't like they were in all that much danger, except from maybe polar bears and freezing to death. Henry lived in Georgia and wanted to leave, for obvious reasons, and he and my dad would talk about all that. There wasn't much to do on their down time as they both worked KP so they had a lot of time to talk and hatch major schemes, most of which I don't even know about, but my mom and Miss Ella would roll their eyes every time we got together and they started drinking beer."

"How did Henry get out here from GA?"

"You want to share a short stack?"

"Uuhhhh, sure."

"I'll tell you when I get back."

She definitely liked her pancakes, which was pretty cute. I could feel Alison wanting me to call and knew if I turned my phone back on I'd have multiple messages but it sort of defeats the purpose of being dominated when you try and orchestrate how things work.  Meeting Sara had certainly put a wrinkle in things and I wasn't sure how I was going to deal with this. I looked up as she was walking back with a plate of pancakes and bacon, and a Chesire cat grin that would light up the moon..

"Where was I," she asked as she pushed a piece of bacon into her mouth while looking at me.  I was SO in trouble.

"What," she said innocently. "I like pancakes and bacon. Sue me."

"You were telling me about what your dad did and how Henry got out here from GA."

"I remember, but I need to ask you something."

"Of course, Sara. Ask whatever you want."
"You had a lovely woman suck your cock and whose husband didn't seem to mind. He seemed to enjoy it from my perspective, which means he probably wanted you to fuck her, with him. I get the whole letting them wait thing....makes sense given the scenario."

"Why did you put my number in your pocket when you had both of them wanting you?  I'm curious."

"Are you going to share the syrup, or what?" She laughed out loud as Henry came out with another pot of coffee and put it on the table..

"You still smelling those pancakes ?"

"No sir, because they taste way better then they smell."  Henry turned back toward the kitchen, smiling.

"I like him munchkin." He touched the side of Sara's head, said lock up, and said good night as he walked into the kitchen. We were both quiet for a while as we ate our pancakes. The bacon was long since gone. Sara looked up and her eyes bore into me. I didn't mind.

"I took your number because.... well, because your beautiful, and odd, and, and you gave me your number. I've never had a woman give me theirnumber."

Sara looked stunned.  "Seriously? Never?"

"No. I wasn't going to leave it. I didn't know if I would call you but this has been kind of a strange night. I was getting ready to leave when you walked out. I almost drove away but my hand had other ideas and opened the door, and here we are."

Sara finished her pancakes and licked a bit of syrup from her lips. "Here we are."

"I have a question for you."

"Of course Daniel"

"Why did you stay as Alison came out from under the table and then kissed me before moving back to Philip, and why did you smirk before you left?"  She looked directly at me but didn't say a word for the
ongest time. I waited in silence.

"I stayed because I was intrigued. You ordered brandy and your were getting a blowjob and that doesn't happen that often, at least not in my life. I was curious."

"That's all?"

"No, Daniel, it's not all. I wondered about the scenario.... about thethree of you and what the dynamic was because you didn't hide from me.I have worked in that restaurant for a while and I've seen some things but when I said that I hoped that you came again, all of you laughed. I liked that."

"Why did you give me your number?"

Sara was quiet again. I liked that about her....really liked that. I was watching her intently when she looked up and said, "I gave you my number because I wanted to know what your cum tasted like. I have no problem getting on my knees to do that, but I'd never do it because you told me to."

I was quiet for longer than I wanted to be. I wanted to be suave, but I'm not that guy so I said, "Oh."  Sara smiled and kissed my hand. "Let's clean up so Henry isn't pissed tomorrow."

Sara smiled as she stood and picked up her plate and said there was a tub in the back and that she needed sleep. I took her back to her car. She held my hand the entire drive but didn't say a word. I pulled next to her car and she looked at me in an odd way before leaning forward and kissing me deeply and then biting my lip, hard. I didn't resist. She  sucked my blood as she stroked my hair. She pulled away and said,

"I'm not submissive Daniel, and I am curious about your new friends. Pancakes tomorrow night?" She got out and into her car, started it and drove away without looking at me.

I waited in the parking lot as I had the night before. I texted Alison and Philip and said I didn't think they really wanted to be dominated in the ways they mentioned, which was fine because it took time and that I would be in touch.

I was still thinking about Philip, and trying to figure him out when my phone rang. It was Sara.

"Hey you, are you still stalking me?" she asked while laughing.

"Actually, I might be. Is that a problem?"

"I suppose that depends on your intent, sir."

"I'll tell you over pancakes and bacon. I'm assuming I'll have to sweep."

She laughed, which kinda melted me each time she did so.... "I'd count on it.  I'll be done in 30. Bye sweets."

These had been a couple of strange days. I had been chatting and texting with Philip and Alison for a couple for weeks and I had only met Sara a day ago. It was a very odd set of circumstances. I turned
the car on to warm it up because was getting colder out, and to listen to music....Dylan.... when the phone rang. It was Alison. I was going to let it go to voicemail but decided to answer.

"Hello Alison"

"You fucking bastard! Why didn't you call me back last night?"

I was very calm which would likely make even more angry. It wasn't my intention but she was still missing the point about why she emailed me in the first place.

"Is Philip there?"

She was confused.... "Yes."

"Put the call on speaker."  It wasn't a request.

"The reason I didn't call you, or follow you home last night, is because you don't dictate to me what I do. You wanted to be dominated. You wanted to not think about sex. You wanted a break and release from the stress in your life. You had a brief moment of that last night when you sucked my cock and I came in your mouth as your husband watched. By the way, you didn't make a mess, which I appreciate."

Alison started to speak.... "I am not finished. I will tell you when, and if, I want to fuck you, and if I want your husband to fuck you with me. I don't want your permission because I don't care either way.
Do you understand me?"


At that moment, Sara opened the door looking at me quizzically. I could tell she had heard my conversation because I wasn't being quiet but I held my finger to my lips motioning for her to be quiet as she sat down.

"Alison, you Philip need to decide what you want. I get that it's hard to let go, especially when you have been in charge for so long, that's fine. However, don't ever tell me what to do again, either of you.
Both of you need to think about this and let me know what you want to do but do not call me again. You can text me. Are we clear?"

There was silence for longer than I thought there'd be and then Alison whispered "yes."

"Good, I said. I'll be in touch," and I hung up.

Sara leaned over, grabbed my crotch and kissed me deeply. She looked at me in a way that perplexed me and leaned into me and started kissing my neck. she pulled my shirt down and suddenly bit me and
wouldn't let go. I winced and exhaled but I can take pain so I breathed and didn't flinch.

She kept biting me harder, and sucking even though I already knew she had drawn blood. I didn't mind. I was beginning to think she wanted a chunk of me when she stopped and pulled back to look at me. She paused and kissed me as deeply as I have ever been kissed. I could taste the iron in my blood that she placed on my tongue. The metallic taste of blood is quite unique. She kissed and licked the blood off my neck and put a handkerchief over it.

She sat back in her seat and looked at me before saying....

"I marked you daniel. I'd like you to mark too. I'll take care of that at Henry's"

I exhaled as I started the car and then pulled out of the parking lot. I needed pancakes.

Sara gently held my hand the entire way to Henry's. I stopped and turned off the car and was about to get out because her bite wasn'tthat big of a deal to me. I actually liked it.

"Wait here," she said. "I'll be right back.

My phone buzzed. Alison. I turned it off just as Sara was opening the door. "Turn the headlights on and get out." Why i asked. "Just do it sweets, ok. Humor me." I got out and moved to the front of the of the

"Sit down and take your shirt."

"You first," I said.

She looked at me surprised and then punched me in my arm. I took my shirt off. She poured hydrogen peroxide over her bite mark, after she kissed it. I told her the kiss would probably suffice. She patted it dry and said I should probably get it looked at in the morning.

"I don't have insurance but I'm sure it'll be fine."

"I can look at it for you."

"Ok, that would be nice"

"Good. Put your shirt back on and let's eat some pancakes."

I got up and turned the car off. I took Sara's hand and she leanedinto me, exhaling, as we into Henry's. I opened the door and we walked in and Henry was standing there with the broom out stretched.

"You're late. The table's need to be wiped down before you put the chair's on them munchkin," and walked into the kitchen.

I looked at Sara confused. She said that it'd almost been a year since Miss Ella, Henry's wife had passed. I nodded and started sweeping in silence. We were seated when Henry came out with a heaping plate of pancakes and bacon. He bent over and kissed Sara on the forehead as she gently touched his hand. I thought that is what loved looked like.

"Henry," Sara said. "Daniel and I will finish cleaning up in the kitchen. You know I can do it to your standards."

"I can't ask you to do that munchkin because you both worked all day and it's not..."

Sara interrupted him. "Henry, you aren't asking us; we're telling you. We've got it covered. Go home. Take a walk or a drive....whatever. We'll be fine and the kitchen will be cleaner than you manage."

"Well, I'd like to see that." Henry and Sara looked over at me as I was munching a piece of bacon and putting 2 pancakes on my plate. Sara rolled her eyes.

"You told me pancakes weren't for smelling. We'll be fine sir. My mom and grandma taught me how to clean well. I'll show her the ropes," I said with a smirk.

"Ok," he said chuckling as he walked toward the kitchen. "My name's Henry." I looked at Sara and she was shaking her head.

"What," I said while stuffing pancake into my mouth. "Holy crap," I said in between bites. "I'm going to have to exercise more to burn these pancakes off or I'll gain 25 pounds in no time," as I stuck
another fork full in my mouth. They really were great pancakes.

Sara swallowed and said, "I think I can help with that, we could help each other actually," she said smiling coyly. I swallowed too and said...

"Rowing machines?"

"You're an asshole daniel. Maybe you're not my type after all, she said acting miffed.

I got up and leaned over her. "What," she pouted as I kissed her, my hand accidently slipping onto one of her breasts. She stuck her tongue deep into my mouth and moved it around coating it with the last
remnants of the syrup from her pancakes. Her hand grabbed me and started squeezing. We stopped kissing and I sat back down, mostly hard, and she said...

"Maybe you are my type after all and if you liked the maple syrup then I have something else you'll love to lick, and it won't make you fat."

Guys are screwed because women are way smarter.... way more attractive, and then there's the whole breasts and pussy thing which needs no explanation. I had no retort and Sara knew it, smiling at me
the whole time. She finally got up, grabbed her plate and cup and headed to the kitchen saying,

"Come on slacker.... we've got some rowing to do."

We went into the kitchen and started cleaning up. We both wanted to hurry but we didn't, focusing instead on doing a good a job for Henry. I started scrubbing pots while Sara cleaned the grill. She finished sooner than me because there were a lot of pots. She up walked behind me and wrapped her arms around my chest and pulled her pussy against my ass. God how I wished we were naked and she was wearing a strap-on. She stood on her toes to look over my shoulder.

"Watcha' doing," she teased as she started to nibble my ear. Her left hand moved down to my crotch cupping my dick and balls as her right hand slid down my ass and between my legs and started rubbing my asshole through my pants.

"Playing ping pong," I said. "How 'bout you?"

"I'm getting ready to play some pool," she whispered. "I've got my cue and balls right here," as she squeezed her left hand around my growing cock. "And I've got my hole right here," as she stuck her thumb, and my pants, as far up my asshole as she possibly could which was a surprising distance. "Now I just have to figure out how to get these balls," Squeeze!  "into this hole,"  Push!  Any ideas sweets?

I had obviously stopped washing pots by this time. I swallowed and said in a raspy voice, "well, you could let me finish and we could go to either your place, or mine, and figure it out but I'm pretty sure my balls won't fit in my ass, even one at a time. If they could I probably would have tried already, but you can stick something else in it if you really want to". Sara swung me around so quickly that I didn't have time to shake the water off my hands which soaked her. She didn't care because she was like a at Christmas.
"Really," she said. "Really!"  I have dildo's, and a strap-on. I've never used them on anyone else before. Hurry up Daniel. What are you waiting for?'

I smiled and caught myself before I said that she could do anything she wanted to me because I would probably rue the day. Although, I would probably let her. I turned around and started washing pots
again. Sara stepped next to, stood up and kissed my cheek and smiled. Jesus this woman melted me.

"I'll help, and leave you alone until I get you home but then you're mine," she said.

I was slightly scared but also getting hard again, and leaking which was a total waste. We finished in less then a half hour and Sara did a walk through. She SO wanted to show how much cleaner we made the kitchen. I, on the other hand, would be fine to leave a few things so Henry didn't keep asking us to close since we made such a good team. I wasn't sure how he did it because I'm sure he opened and I was already tired. I was pretty sure Sara and I would only be only getting naps throughout the night. I made a mental note to check out protein powders.

"Come on Daniel. I want you in my bed."

I shook my head, smiling, as I followed her which I didn't mind because she had a very nice butt. Sara was a little hippy and had a little squish all around, kinda like most of us. Her breasts, at least through her shirt and from what I felt, were perfect for me. I prefer medium to smaller breasts as a preference but let's face it, breasts are like pussies.... they're all good.

"Daniel,' she yelled!  "What are you doing?'

"Nothing," which was as lame then as it sounds in writing now.

"You were looking at my ass weren't you?  Weren't you?!"

"No.... well, yeah. I mean who wouldn't. It's gorgeous."  She exhaled, walked up and kissed me.

"If you stop dallying and we get home then you can do more than just look at it, now come on mister."

Sara closed and locked the door and we got in the car. She said not to worry about hers, that it'd be fine, and told me where to go. Her place wasn't far. I pulled into the driveway. The house was maybe 5
miles away from Henry's. It was a Craftsman style house and had a pretty big lot from what I could tell with several large trees. I'm a house geek because I like working with wood. We got out and headed to
the door. Sara grabbed my hand as she past me.

"Nice house"

"Thanks. Come on."

We walked inside and as I was looking around at the wood work Sara dropped her keys, and backpack, and launched herself onto me. She wrapped her legs around my hips and squeezed and dug her nails into my upper back.... more marks. She pressed her open mouth against mine and stuck her tongue half way down my throat. I didn't realize people could kiss so long without breathing. Her legs were still wrapped around me when I realized I was leaking so much that I wondered if there would be anything left when I came. I was beginning to see that it wasn't going to a single time and then go to sleep kind of night. Sara unlocked her nails from my back reached up and grabbed my hair as she looked into my eyes and gently kissed me this time. I smiled as she said,

"Daniel, I am going to do to you all of the things I have dreamed of doing." She smiled as she grabbed my hair pulled and twisted my head back to my left, and bite the muscle behind my right ear going up neck into my head. I had my hands on her ass all this time and all I could do was squeeze, close eyes, and breathe.

I wasn't sure how long it had been since she stopped biting me when I opened my eyes and I saw Sara looking at me, head sightly cocked to her right with blood on her lips. She didn't move, just gazed at me. I leaned forward and ran my tongue around her lips licking my blood from them. When I was done she smiled and hopped off me, grabbed my hand and said....

"Come on sweets, we need to take a shower and clean our bums."

I was thinking, God I hope she isn't a psychopath.

Sara led me toward the bedroom and while we walked I was looking at the wood. They were called craftsman houses for a reason.... I know, I'm and idiot and a geek rolled into one. I stopped her half way down the hall to her bedroom and bathroom.

"Are you a vampire," I asked?  I was kidding, but I was also curious because she did kind of remind of Alice, and I really liked Alice.

"No silly. I just mark people that I like and blood some times happen. I will admit that I can get a little carried but blood doesn't bother me. I like it. Does it bother you? You still haven't marked me as
yours, daniel, by the way. I don't mean a mark that will fade. I mean a mark."

"How many have you marked?"

"None, but I'm trying."

I grabbed her arm and pulled her behind into her room and pushed her onto the side of the bed. Sara grabbed my hair and pulled. I didn't care. I reached into the elastic of her yoga pants and ripped them off with more force than I intended. She gasped as I grabbed her knees and spread them open.

Sara pulled my head up to her and said.... "We should shower first, sweets."

I jerked my head back, out of her grasp, and moved back to her pussy. She shuddered, grabbed the back of my head and pushed me toward her. I knew she was having her period but I didn't care because I didn't mind blood either. The fact she did kept me from doing what I wanted at that moment which was sticking my tongue into her pussy along with fingers so I focused on the outside and her clit. I'd be quite content with that, I thought, as Sara pushed my face against her trying to suffocate me.

I extended my tongue and moved it upward, in and out of the folds of her lips moving closer to her clit, which was quite extended and waving hi to me. She loosened her death grip the closer I got but waiting on guard. I flicked the hood under her and moved back down the other side of pussy. She moaned in pleasure, and pulled my hair in displeasure. I didn't care. Yeah, it was a little bloody and she had worked all day but I didn't care because human's are more animal than not. We have just forgotten
and I like a woman's scent, and taste. Sara moaned and collapsed as I continued. She no longer grabbed trying to keep me from her, nor did she push me trying to lead me. She succumbed, exhaled and stroked my hair as I licked her pussy.

I nipped her inner thighs....licked and nibbled my to the bottom of her pussy. I wanted to go to her ass but I knew that would be to much and I wanted her to cum. I sucked her lips into my mouth and gummed them. I reached my hands under her butt and dug my non-existent nails into her and pushed her hips upward toward my mouth. I did everything except what she wanted me to do, which was focus on her clit, other than the occasional flick of my tongue in passing just to torment her. I knew I would pay for it later, but I didn't care.

Sara, was almost writhing if I even got close to her clit. I stayed focused on her lips and would only flick her clit randomly. I knew it was driving her insane because I could see the stain it was making on the sheets. I figured I'd be sleeping on it but I didn't care.. She grabbed my hair and pulled me up to her and kissed me... her eyes drunk with longing and passion.


"No," I whispered. She moaned like a trapped animal. I knew I would pay for this but I would take my penance. I went back to nibbling around Sara's clit as she squirmed trying to find my mouth with it.
She finally exhaled and I wrapped my mouth around her and flicked the tip as I sucked around it.  She tensed as she dug her nails into my upper back and shoulders, again. It seemed like every muscle in her
body was taut, and she wasn't breathing. I didn't stop what I was doing. Her legs started to tremble. She began to exhale in fits. She grabbed my head and pushed it onto her clit and that's when I bite the flesh around as I sucked her clit.

Sara's arms went limp as she screamed and started shaking. I didn't stop. She twisted and bucked against me, trying to push into me either into me, or away from me. She didn't know. She went limp and stopped. I licked and kissed her clit, which was waiting for more but I moved up her body kissing and adoring her as i went. I put my head on her left breast and placed my hand on her belly as I  listened to her heartbeat. I said that I almost marked you. She stroked my hair, smiled, and whispered....

"There are towels in the closest in the hall. Water, please."

I got up and saw that we had both made a mess. I didn't care. I got towels, and water. I gently rolled Sara back and forth while I put the towels down and then lifted her up so she could drink some water. She looked at me with half closed eyes...she was so tired. "Just wait mister." I nodded as she closed her eyes.

I took a drink, turned off the light, and got into bed next to her. Sara rolled into me, her face against my heart and fell asleep. I wasn't far behind.

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Thank you for reminding us of the beginning of this epic tale.

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