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take part 548... edited?  

dadigan 60M  
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1/2/2022 1:46 pm
take part 548... edited?

I walked inside get warm and into utter silence as everyone looked at me, except Sara. Shit. She was the one I cared most about and I was hoping I had just pissed her off and hadn't hurt her heart, that would be to tough to deal with. I'd rather take physical pain any day. I walked up to her to deal with what I had to, but I knew I had done the right thing. She glared at me as I stopped in front her and she stood. She was pissed, thankfully.

"You pushed me into a fucking a hay loft, Daniel," and then she hit me in the chest four times, hard...that was a first... before stomping off. I stood in front of the fire trying to warm myself. I felt the growl before I heard it. She jumped on my back and bit me so hard that I winced. She jumped off, spun me around and then slapped my face, for good measure I suppose. "Don't you ever do that to me again, understand?" I nodded because I wasn't about to say anything. "Come on Aisha, we're going to Irina's he can sleep in the hay loft. Ilsa, Hammish, thank you. It's wonderful meeting you. We'll see you tomorrow," and they all hugged each as I stood facing the fire. Sara opened the door as I looked around. She shifted her wrist and then they both walked into the mist to Irina's, Aisha looked back before closed and Hammish shut the door. Ilsa grabbed my hand, took to the table, and sat me down.

"Take your coat and shirt off." I did. "That had to hurt." I nodded as she went to get salve and clean rags.

"Does she get that mad on a regular basis? " I smiled.

"I don't think she has been that angry in her entire life, Hammish." He poured us another glass of brandy. "Thank you, my friend, but don't waste on me, that is very expensive where I come from. Ilsa cleaned the wound, put salve on , wrapped and tied , and helped me with one of Hammish's shirts. "Thanks Ilsa, and thank you Hammish, I saw the beds. I wish I was here help you."

" will be plenty of things you can help with in the future but you bring us gifts from your time, and silver for me melt, and we mules coming and a wagon figure out how rebuild." Ilsa jumped in,

"And, we found a nice, house and barn not far away. needs some work but now we plenty of people do , and we went town and got clothes made for everyone, and treats for Malinka and Sofi. I was able to get some new clothes for my lug and I without having to use the credit we in town because of the venison. Don't you ever apologize because you couldn't help on a particular thing. We are fortunate to you friend, you family, Danael." I hugged her and grunted because Sara bit me hard.

"Speaking of that Ilsa, last time I was here Hammish asked if I could bring back something special for you. I friend works with stones and makes jewelry and I asked her to find me something." I reached into pocket and handed it to Hammish and winked. Ilsa smiled but was focused on our hands because she was so excited. He turned and Ilsa hugged him. He had no clue what it was.

"You did this you big lug?" He nodded as he reached out his hand and opened it. Ilsa gasped and looked at him, and then me, and jumped on him and kissed him. I was definitely sleeping in the barn. Stephanie found some very old opals with exquisite color and markings. She could turned them into what would been very expensive jewelry but I just wanted the stones because I had already brought them a piece of jewelry from Karin. A stone was safer because was just a "pretty" rock, and they were pagans. Stephanie had out done herself though because they were gorgeous. Ilsa was showing Hammish the opal and then looked at me.

"He said you like color." She nodded as she hugged me, nodded, and asked if I was hungry. "No, I'm tired. Do a wool blanket you can spare?" She nodded and went open the chest. She came back and handed me.

"I never seen anything this beautiful. Where is from?" I explained about Australia, and where was. They were totally engrossed. "Did you bring these for Irina and the girls?" I nodded. "Good, because they power that can help us focus." Hammish came up with candles as I put my coat on and Ilsa kissed me. "Sara will fine by tomorrow. She knows you did the right thing but her pride was hurt because you locked her here." I nodded and said goodnight as Hammish and I walked to the barn.

"I don't remember asking you for anything, Danael," we both laughed, "but thank you because she loves it, and certainly deserves it for putting up with me, and now us." I nodded. "We can talk tomorrow. I'm glad you're back. We've missed you."

"I know Hammish. I've missed all of you too. We can figure things out tomorrow but for now, enjoy your evening." He smiled and slapped back as I grimaced, blew out the candle, and handed it back to him. I didn't need it because my senses were expanding even when I wasn't shifted. I climbed into the loft and lied down. Tomorrow was going to be and interesting day.

OlderPete58 63M  
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1/2/2022 3:23 pm

Time to mend bridges with the family I think Sara will be waspy for a bit though Just imagine all those women upset at you all at once my word what a problem.

Happy New Year Daniel a great read thank you this story just keeps on giving.

Claw51478 75M
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1/2/2022 3:26 pm

Hammish and Lisa will be making WHOOPEE tonight.

Sara will be OK, but, I'm at a loss as to what will be coming next. First time in a long time with this Epic Saga. . Must be the Season.

Or Daniel, the author, is becoming very elusive . in his writings.

cjg045 69M  
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1/2/2022 7:17 pm

Outstanding writing Daniel, The girls will settle down in time, You are their protector & they won't forget that. I'm here rereading some chapters so I don't miss anything. Until the next installment my friend.

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