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The Seed Was Planted  

fitexec4realfun 51M  
0 posts
12/15/2021 7:46 am
The Seed Was Planted

It was a warm Summer Friday night in New York City and I was home for a big birthday party from the beach where I was spending my last free summer before graduating college. The party was at a popular club and was a "creative black tie" so the bow tie and cumberbund were above the waist and flip flops and jams were below. The party was ROCKIN with loud music, free flowing booze and lines in every bathroom (the fun kind of lines) so the time the club was opened to the public, me and all my friends were in prime form and welcomed those we did not know. The dancing and partying continued late into the night and at some point I was at the bar to reload my vodka when she caught my eye. She was a vision! She was older (such a turn on for me), short blonde hair, fit and wearing a blue satin dress that left just enough to the imagination. She caught me staring and I immediately looked away in shame for being busted ogling. When I got my drink and looked back to find her, she was no longer there. I was bummed to not see her but went back to my fun time as it was nothing more than a glance....or so I thought.

As the night turned into the wee hours of the morning, I visited the men's room for another "boost" and emerged to find my vision in blue standing just feet away from me. Feeling bold due to coke and booze I went up to her and asked if she wanted a drink and felt a bit weak as she said "sure...would love one." I was on top of the World as we walked to the bar and truly cant remember what I ordered as I was entranced. We talked for a while, about everything and nothing, and after a few drinks and the club closing we grabbed a cab back uptown. Once in the cab I awkwardly leaned over and kissed her. It was amazing, this gorgeous older woman was letting me kiss her and I was lost in the moment. The cab pulled up to her apartment building and I fully expected her to get out and never to be see again until she the cab driver and said, "we will be getting out here." She took my hand and pulled me out....

We had to wait a few seconds for the overnight doorman to unlock the door to her building and she said, "is this ok? You want to come up....right?" I honestly do not think I could get a word out but I most certainly was not resisting. The door was opened and we walked to the elevator and got soon as the door closed we embraced and shared the most sensual kiss I had ever had. I never wanted it to end but the bell went off and the door opened. She got out first and I followed. As she unlocked the door and walked in, she told me to grab us some drinks and make myself comfortable as she vanished into the bathroom. "What is happening?" I kept asking myself but who was I to complain. I did as I was told, made a couple of vodkas and waited for her return. Her voice came from the other room asking "do you have anymore coke?" to which i poorly responded, "No, I didnt." (feeling like a ) to which she replied, "no problem, there's some in the bar drawer. Get some lines cut for us, will you?"

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is too good to be true, I thought to myself. Until it got better still....she came out of the bedroom in a silk or satin cream colored robe, her nipples erect underneath and a huge gorgeous smile...I was in HEAVEN! We sat on the couch, enjoyed some Bolivian marching powder and she took control. She grabbed my face and kissed me deeply, pushing me on my back with her on top. At this point my tie was in my coat on the chair so all I had on was a short and bathing suit. She took my shirt off and her robe opened and our chests were pressed against each other as my lips and hands could not explore her enough. I slid her robe off as she undid and removed my shorts. She slid me down on the couch and proceeded to position her sweet, wet pussy on top of my mouth as she took my cock into her mouth in a glorious 69. All I wanted to do was please her and focused all my attention on her pleasure as I did not want to cum too soon. After a while she propped herself up, her hands on my legs, her hips grinding hard on me and I was happy that she seemed to be ready to cum. She kept rocking and I heard her say....."are you having fun?" and before I could respond I hear a voice say "yes, very , very much!"


Unbeknownst to , and however brazen I was feeling about my ability to seduce this smoking hot older woman, I was the one who was being hunted.

As I heard his voice my mind went blank. The alcohol and drugs were well into my system but I could not believe what was happening...there was a GUY in the room watching us? I pushed her off of and stood up grabbing her robe to cover myself asking her, "what the fuck is going on?" She kept saying/imploring to calm down and I could only stare at her not wanting to acknowledge that he was in the room...if I didnt look I didnt have to admit there was an older guy watching us. I struggled to find my jams as I tried to make sense of what was happening. I remember saying "this is so fucked up, this is crazy, I gotta go, i gotta get out of here..." but she grabbed me and told me to sit down and have a drink. She then told him to leave the room, which he did.

With him not in the room, things felt a little more comfortable and I pounded my drink and tried to calm down as she had asked. She went on to explain that her husband, the older guy watching, did not satisfy her and so she found lovers like me to fulfill her needs. She then went on to explain that, over time, they had both come to realize that he found young men exciting as well (remember this was well before cuckold was even a thing). This brought my "freak out level" to again and I said I was only into women and had never had any desires or intentions about guys. At this point I began to get dressed and excuse myself but she kept asking me if I still wanted her...which of course i did...but I had to go. As I was buttoning my shirt she said something that has changed my life....."what would it take for you to stay the weekend? ? Coke?" I remember joking that she didnt have enough coke for that, to which she offered my $3,000 and the rest of their drugs (just typing this, years later, has my heart beating faster and my skin tingling). She saw how her offer had stopped my exit, even if for a minute, and she stood up and wrapped her arms around me. "Come on baby, we will have fun and no one will ever know. with us and you can leave with all our coke and a wad of ." At which point she kissed me deeply and when I responded to her kiss with a deep response and she could feel my cock hardening, we both knew it was going to be an interesting 36 hours...

She took my shirt off, still in their living room, she in her robe, me in my shorts. "Let's have another drink" she said. We poured more vodka and did a few more lines and she told me that her husband was very passive and would likely only watch...which put me at a bit more ease. She then went into their room and reappeared a few minutes later when she motioned for me to come to her. I stood and walked to the door to their room and she let her robe fall off as she undid my shorts. We were both naked the time we entered the room and I could see he was in a chair in the corner of the room at the bottom of the bed, in a robe. She took my hand and led me to bed. She lay on her back as I slid on top of her and our kisses were deep and passionate, I started to devour her lips, neck, ears and she applied a bit of pressure on my shoulders clearly wanting for my mouth to go lower on her. I spent a long time kissing, biting, sucking, massaging her tits which her moans gave away her pleasure. My body was between her legs, bent with knees in the air, as my kisses continued to go lower. the time my mouth began to explore her pussy I could care less who in the world was watching. I was in heaven pleasing this stunning woman and I could not help but smile to myself that I was going to walk out with more and blow than Id had in my pocket in my life. I looked up from between her legs as she began to show signs of climax and I could see she was staring directly into the corner of the room where he sat. Within minutes she came passionately with the aftershocks seeming to go on for minutes. As she came down, I slid/kissed my way up her body until my hands were on either side of her shoulders and her arms wrapped around my waist. Her head raised to suck, bite my nipples which made me ever harder and she begged me to fuck her in front of her husband. The statement sounded weird as fuck but it sent a jolt though me the likes of which I had never experienced before. Not wanting to disappoint her, or myself, I did as she asked. My rock hard cock slipped easily into her cum soaked pussy and I placed my arms so that her knees were being held up and my young cock began to pound her, my ass bouncing up and down as I stared down at her. She alternated looking at me and then at him and she seemed lost in desire and passion, as was I. Although my body was full of booze and drugs, and my mind was a bit fucked up the situation, I cam as hard as I had ever cum in my life for what seemed like minutes. That's all I remember from Friday night.....

As I began to emerge from my pass out, I felt the wonderful feeling of lips wrapped around my cock. A dream come true and they way any 21 year old wants to be awoken. as my eyes began to open, I also felt lips on my nipples and as the fog lifted I realized that she was tending to my chest and he was sucking my cock. As she noticed me waking she quickly came to my mouth and kissed me deeply and whispered in my ears......" this is what we for, so just enjoy and make the most of it." With that, she joined her husband at my cock and they both traded turns sucking my, licking me, fingering my ass and I came harder than the night before.....

There were more acts performed over the rest of the weekend but that will wait for another time, but, in closing, as I showered, dressed and walked out of their park avenue apartment with an 8-ball and three grand in my pocket, I could not help but smile. It was my was exciting as anything....she was in control and hot AF, I repressed it for years but now have come to the conclusion/realization that....

I love to be bought for others the next question is....who will be next? Know anyone? If so....please let me know

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