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Drive Time Antics  

gentlefingers13 59M  
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2/24/2022 7:22 pm
Drive Time Antics

Many years ago, I had a girlfriend that was into , a lot, and she loved tease and drive me crazy. I loved when she<b> touched </font></b>me. I could never get enough of her fingers, so skilled and delicate.

In the car, as we were driving somewhere, she would stroke my cock, teasing me to the edge and then stopping to drive me crazy. Her sense of timing was impeccable.

Each time she would tantalize me, telling me what she wanted to do with me and begging me to cum for her, but always keeping me from getting too close to the edge. When she felt my cock begin to swell slightly, she would stop and tell me that it was not time yet. was more cum in my balls that needed be coaxed out first.

Her plan from the beginning was string me along until the drive was finished.

When we finally neared our destination, she would hold my cock in her right hand and bend over from her seat put her lips on the head. Sucking and licking get nice and wet.

Using her index finger she would rub up and down over the top inch of my cock, between the opening and down to just below where the foreskin started. Up into her mouth and then back down to touch the most sensitive spots.

Because of her mouth, lips, and the incredible sensation of her finger, I would always cum.

Her long-term teasing would give me an extra heavy load of cream and she would suck every drop out of me. Each spasm of my cock pulsed cum into her mouth. Her tongue would swirl around the head, coaxing another shot from my balls.

Sometimes was more cum than she could handle in a single mouthful, so she would put her other hand under my cock catch what she couldn't take in her mouth.

Then she would swallow and lick off her hand and give my cock a thorough cleaning with her tongue. Squeezing my cock between her fingers and slowly milking the last drops to the head of my cock where she could lick them off, one at a time.

I loved to take drives in the country for this reason, and I always volunteered to drive if we were going to be in the car for more than 30 minutes but less than an hour. 's so much a guy can take

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