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An Interesting night full of cum and squirting  

justus4u2k 66M/56F  
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4/15/2022 5:26 am
An Interesting night full of cum and squirting

It was an exciting meeting with another couple this weekend. We chatted over Instagram, and things felt good for an encounter. We met with the wife while he parked the car. She was stunning, a little shorter than I am, with beautiful, long, wavey, red/auburn hair (chestnut), a bright smile, and Sparkly green eyes. Hubby (PETE) was instantly hard as a rock (thank god he wore loose pants, LOL...); she whispered to PETE and handed him what turned out to be remote to the bullet she had inside her (reminds me of me, LOL, more on that later...)

He walked in. handsome, @ 5'9, well-proportioned as they say. Very Shy. Broad shoulders, well put together, had my juices flowing while I wondered what was in his pants. Smooth-shaven, brown hair with a bit of grey at the temples, with that 'Howdy Mam' jawline and glasses (he wore the glasses well, LO. PLUS those Deep Blue bottomless eyes that set the juices flowing. Damn, I was glad I still had my thong on, or we'd have had to ask for a towel for our booth LOL. she got up and sat next to PETE and the other hubby next to me. PETE was driving her up a wall with a couple of little orgasms (He's very attentive). Then her husband and I could see she was building up another (her fingernails digging into PETE's Biceps), and just as she was about to hit that peak, she looked at PETE and Whispered 'asshole' followed by a gasp and what looked like one hell of an orgasm (she confirmed it later). PETE was moving the remote switch between low and medium, mostly medium, and he went down to No Vibro/pulse just before she went over, then went full-on just as the silent 'e' escaped her lips, LOL. The<b> music </font></b>was a bit loud, which was good; she quickly stuffed a napkin in her mouth.

I sat there teasing the hubby's cock through his pants with my fingernails and put his hand on my soaking thong. He readily found my Clitty (tough to miss and VERY swollen), so I orgasmed Several times lightly, you know, the kind that gets you wetter and wetter. We finished our drinks and went to the elevators.
Once the doors closed, she looked PETE in the eye and said, "You damn well better be as good with that bulge as you are with the remote..." Pete did not miss a beat; he spun her around, bent her over, took out his rock-hard cock, and plunged it to the hilt in her pussy. You could hear her wetness as he pumped her hard several times and then put it back in his pants. He spun her back up, kissed her hard, then looked her in the eye and said, “That is just a small appetizer; think it will do?”
All she said was a whispered “Damn yes!”

Pete had shoved his 7.5” long, thick cock to the hilt with the vibrator still inside her. And Pete turned the vibrator on the hard pulse, and her eyes went wide as she gasped. It made me shiver, thinking about how a vibrator feels circling my cervix. It was DEEP inside her after that thrusting.

I whispered to Pete: “Do you think it will fall out when we walk them to the room?”

He whispered back: “It’s in there deep, and she’s tight as hell; someone may have to go in and retrieve it in a while.”

I shivered. “I’ve never been bi below the waist, but I will do the retrieval!” I could feel my wetness drip down my left thigh as I rubbed her hubby’s cock through his pants. Damn, I need a cock….

*More Later

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