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My Peeping Neighbor  

karababe26 42M/35F
26 posts
10/7/2020 5:55 pm
My Peeping Neighbor

I got out of the shower this morning, put on my robe, and walked into my bedroom. I sat on my bed and started to put lotion on my legs when I glanced out of our uncovered window to see my neighbor staring over and very obviously jerking off. I jumped up and walked out of his view for a moment. Then I had an idea that made me mildly dizzy just thinking about it. I walked in front of the window, raised the blinds, slowly opened my robe, and dropped it to the floor. As I stood there completely naked and in his full view, he quickly tried to hide himself. After about 20 seconds, he peeked out from the side, and I looked at him and tried to use my hands to hide myself like I was emarrassed. He noticed me looking at him and stepped out to reveal his exposed hard coc I smiled, shrugged my shoulders and dropped my hands so he could "finish". After he was done, we awkwardly waved each other and closed the blinds. I made my boyfriend fuck silly after all that. I probably shouldn't have done it, but it really turned on. Lol

tuckermaxville 56M  
21 posts
2/23/2022 9:37 am

So hot, Ive been a peeping tom on and off most of my life.

flasher4u3 65M  
106 posts
11/20/2020 2:04 pm

Wow Kara! I wish I was your neighbor!!

profcoquin27bis 58M
4323 posts
11/5/2020 6:13 am

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seekingformilf99 23M
11 posts
10/11/2020 6:53 pm

That’s hot Kara! Will you show off to him again? Do you think you might fuck him?

karababe26 replies on 11/11/2020 12:44 am:
I probably wouldn't fuck him, but I already caught him watching me again and stripped down while he watched.

allgood11222 50M  
31 posts
10/10/2020 6:05 am

Kara, nice to see you exploring your voyeuristic side... it can lots of fun

Thanks for sharing. I'm jealous your not my neighbor!!

CleavageFan4U 65M  
69374 posts
10/8/2020 12:35 pm

karababe26 replies on 10/8/2020 11:24 am:
That's such an awesome story. How did she look? Lol


NIIICE, she was pretty damn hot then, 19 years ago, and she is still damn hot now. She's a pharmaceutical sales rep - aren't the 21st century replacement object of lust for flight attendants?

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CleavageFan4U 65M  
69374 posts
10/8/2020 6:10 am

How neighborly of you!!

The house I'm living in now was special built, but the people that contracted for the work got in to a dispute with the builder and never moved in. It sat empty for a period of time. I'm sure the lady in the adjoining property missed overlooking an empty lot, but too at some point got used to the EMPTY house being there. One morning, not too long after moving in, the weather was agreeable and I was out on deck having coffee. She came out on to their facing deck in just her bra and panties and started watering the plants. I stayed very still and quiet, but all TOO soon she noticed me and dashed inside. I still kid her about my “welcome to the neighborhood” moment.

Think Pink, on HNW
Slipping Her the Wiener
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karababe26 replies on 10/8/2020 9:24 am:
That's such an awesome story. How did she look? Lol

hpgeek5 55M  
418 posts
10/8/2020 4:42 am

What a lucky neighbor! Sounds like you were turned on as much as he was!

I wish I could be that neighbor...

karababe26 replies on 10/8/2020 9:28 am:
I feel for you my friend. That neighbor got a good show just because of pure luck. Our houses are pretty close together here in Florida, so he got a real good looksy.

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