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Voyeur Hiding in my Closet
Posted:Nov 21, 2020 3:05 pm
Last Updated:Sep 27, 2022 3:31 am
I recently came home from work in the late afternoon to find my boyfriend and his friend Mike watching a movie. My boyfriend stood up, gave me a kiss, and told me how much he liked my new outfit I was wearing. Mike chimed in and said I looked "really, really good." Mike had asked me out a couple of times before my boyfriend and I got serious. I caught him taking pictures of me in my bikini the last time we were all out at the pool.

He apparently heard about how one of my boyfriend's other friends saw me naked and had been asking my boyfriend if he had any pictures he could show him.

I went into my bedroom to take a shower and unwind after work. I went in my bathroom, showered, got out, and put on my robe. I walked into the bedroom, sat on the bed, and put lotion on my legs. About five minutes later, I was done and stood up. I was facing the mirror next to my closet, and I opened my robe, threw my head back, and dropped my robe to the floor. I stood in front of my mirror for a minute and lotioned the rest of my body.

Then I heard something... coming from my walk-in closet... it was a light tapping sound. I walked over and opened the door. The sound stopped. I turned on the closet light and looked around. I didn't see anything. I walked back out, grabbed my brush, and started brushing my hair while standing stark naked in front of my mirror. Then I heard that same tapping sound again. I walked back over to the closest and saw a foot pulling itself back behind my dresses. I wasn't sure what I saw, so I walked back to my dresses, still naked and pulled them back. And standing there with his erect penis in his hands, is Mike. I jumped back and covered myself with my arms for a couple of seconds until I pulled a dress down in front of me.

Mike stepped out slowly and smirked at me. "What are you doing in here?" I asked him. He stood there for a minute, trying to figure out what to say, then he blurted, "Well, I heard Jason saw you, and he said you looked amazing. And your boyfriend won't show me any pics. So when he ran out to the store to get some beer, I stayed and couldn't help but sneak in here. And you looked so good, I had to jack off. You weren't supposed to find me. No one would've ever known but me."

I glared at him and ordered him out of my closet." Well, you've seen me now" I said, "are you happy?" He said," I would if I'd have finished. Think you could drop that dress and let me finish. You're so hot that it would only take a few seconds."

I stood there for a second not even believing I was considering it when a feeling of naughtiness came over me. I smiled and dropped the dress. Mike stood there in complete shock for a minute until he pulled his rock-hard cock back out and started to jerk it. I stood there, in my closet, naked, with my arms on my hips. After a minute, I walked towards him, turned around, and brushed my ass up against his dick. I turned back around, giggled, and pressed the front of my body up against his. My tits smashed up against his chest while his round belly pressed up against mine. I felt his warm, hard dick rubbing on me and I reached down, grabbed it and squeezed. Suddenly, you could feel his dick harden and start to spasm. I started to furiously stroke it until a warm load rocketed out and shot up to my tits. Mike flopped his head on my shoulder as he finished cumming all over me.

I stepped back and out of the closet to get some tissues and clean myself off. I looked at Mike and said, "You're lucky you caught me in a mood." Mike nodded and asked we not tell my boyfriend. I laughed and said I was absolutely going to tell him and that he'd probably think it was funny (and kinda hot). Mike didn't believe me, but when my boyfriend came in, I told him the whole story, and he just looked at Mike and laughed. Then he asked me if I wanted to go in and fuck. I nodded my head and as we turned to head to our room, my boyfriend turned me to face Mike, held my hands behind my back and opened my robe, pulling it back off my shoulders, and falling down to my waist. As I stood there naked in front of him again, my boyfriend asked him if he wanted to feel me one last time.

I stood still with my arms fastened behind me by robe sleeves as Mike walked up to me. He ran his hands from my tits down to my inner thighs, then back up until he felt my dripping wet pussy. I was so turned on and horny right at that moment. Mike leaned in to hug me and I felt that he was already hard again. My boyfriend told him that he could pull his dick out and rub it against me if he wanted to, but the only person fucking me that night would be him. Mike started kissing my neck and loosening his pants until I felt his bare cock touch my skin. He started to thrust up and down. I felt my boyfriend finish pulling off my robe and take his hand and gently caress my clit. I reached behind him and grabbed his ass, pulling him up against me as Mike continued to grind. Mike tried to kiss me, but I shook my head and told him "no kissing". Suddenly, Mike had his dick between my legs, thrusting back and forth over the entrance to my dripping wet pussy. I was starting to lose control from having so many orgasms. The whole situation was setting me off.

Finally, Mike let out an "Oh God!" and pressed his cock up against me as he came for the second time that evening. After Mike finished, my boyfriend threw me to the floor and jumped on top of me. He fucked me right there in front of Mike while he watched and played with himself. After I was shaking like a leaf from having those powerful orgasms, my boyfriend finally came. I couldn't move and just layed there on the floor. My boyfriend covered me with my robe and escorted Mike to the door. My boyfriend promised we'd keep it a secret from his fiance if he didn't tell anyone. Mike's face turned white at the mention of his fiance. It was then that we knew for sure that this encounter would stay secret... to everyone except BBWMatchMate members, of course
My Boyfriend's Brother
Posted:Nov 11, 2020 12:40 am
Last Updated:Nov 18, 2020 6:20 pm
My boyfriend's brother is constantly walking in on me when its known that I either could be or am getting naked. I had just gotten out of the shower yesterday morning when I hear the lock being popped on the bathroom door. I couldn't believe it when he barged into my bathroom and stared straight at me as I stood there wearing nothing but a towel. He tells me he didn't realize I was in there and that he needs to take a shower. I tell him to wait a minute and that I'm almost done in there.

Then he proceeds to start taking off his clothes. I tell him to hold up, but he's already down to his underwear. He also has an obvious hard-on. He removes his underwear and stares at me while he holds his erect cock in his hand. I turn away from him and head for the door, but just before I get there, I feel a light tug on my towel. It was just hard enough to get it to fall to the floor. I turn around to grab my towel and see his brother stroking himself hard as he watches me. I stand up and hold the towel so it covers me. Then, he starts to plead with me. He tells me how beautiful I am and how horny seeing me naked made him.

I stand there watching the guy jerking himself off and decided to grant his wish. I drop the towel to the floor so that I'm standing there facing him, totally naked. I walk up close to him and say that this will be the only time this happens. If his wife found out, she would literally kill him. I take another step closer to him, kiss him on the cheek, and give him a naked hug. He reaches around me and pulls me in tight up against him. He thrusts his cock back and forth, rubbing it up and down against me. I finally free myself and step back into the glass shower and stand there in his full view. I start running my hands over my body. Suddenly, I hear a grunt and a moan as he starts to cum. Then he reaches down to his shorts and pulls out his phone. He aims it at me and snaps a picture of me totally nude in the shower. I'll attach the pic he took below. I told him that I'd only let him save it if he cropped out my head.

I walk out of the shower, put on my robe and let him take his shower. I did tell my boyfriend about it, and he just laughed before asking if we could reenact that whole scenario with him in the starring role this time. His brother held up his end of the bargain and hasn't asked for a repeat of that day. And all I get is an awkward feeling of embarrassment when I'm around him and his family as it always seems that he's undressing me with his eyes.
My Peeping Neighbor
Posted:Oct 7, 2020 5:55 pm
Last Updated:Nov 11, 2020 12:40 am
I got out of the shower this morning, put on my robe, and walked into my bedroom. I sat on my bed and started to put lotion on my legs when I glanced out of our uncovered window to see my neighbor staring over and very obviously jerking off. I jumped up and walked out of his view for a moment. Then I had an idea that made me mildly dizzy just thinking about it. I walked in front of the window, raised the blinds, slowly opened my robe, and dropped it to the floor. As I stood there completely naked and in his full view, he quickly tried to hide himself. After about 20 seconds, he peeked out from the side, and I looked at him and tried to use my hands to hide myself like I was emarrassed. He noticed me looking at him and stepped out to reveal his exposed hard coc I smiled, shrugged my shoulders and dropped my hands so he could "finish". After he was done, we awkwardly waved each other and closed the blinds. I made my boyfriend fuck silly after all that. I probably shouldn't have done it, but it really turned on. Lol
Tied down and helpless
Posted:Aug 26, 2020 4:09 pm
Last Updated:Oct 8, 2020 9:34 am
One night, my boyfriend came into our bedroom right after I'd gotten out of the shower. He asked if he could tie me down to our bed so we could play around. I was already very horny, so of course I agreed. I LOVE to be tied down and helpless. He tied my hands then my feet, and then he even strapped on my favorite ball gag. I was naked under a sheet and spread wide open ready for some fun.

Just then, he told me that he wouldn't be the one playing with me. Our friend, Mike, was over earlier and I knew where this was headed. Mike works with me and had asked me out multiple times before I met my boyfriend. Somehow, that came up in the conversation my boyfriend and he had while I was in the shower. I was not remotely attracted to Mike. He carried some extra pounds, was very hairy, and just didn't turn me on. I also was against people from work seeing me naked, much less play with me naked.

My boyfriend confirmed what I thought as he told me how I was about to make Mike's dream come true. I started to pull at the ties and try to protest, when just then, Mike walks in. I tried to pull myself myself free in some way... in ANY way, but I was stuck with only a sheet between Mike and my naked body. My boyfriend told him the rules, and Mike walked over to the bed. I looked at him and shook my head to try and dissuade him from pulling off the sheet and revealing all of me to him. He looked at my boyfriend who just asked what he was waiting for. He told him how much I got turned on by situations like this, and he was right. I was secretly turned on but tried to resist a little anyway. Mike slowly pulled the sheet down to reveal my breasts, then my stomach, then all of me. The slowness in which he pulled the sheet off of me made me a little wet. Mike's eyes were big as he told me how perfect I looked. He placed his hands on my breasts and ran them down my body. He was fondling me all over. The excitement from the embarrassment made me wet, and he could tell when he ran his hand over my clit.

My boyfriend gave him my vibrating wand, and I started to shake my head no. That thing makes me orgasm almost constantly, and I didn't want Mike to get the wrong idea when he saw that side of me. He took off his shirt and jeans to reveal a paunch belly, hairy back, and equally hairy chest. He was also very hard. He climbed up on the bed and knelt between my legs. With one hand, he touched the wand to my pussy, and with the other hand, he stroked his cock as he stared at my naked body. I threw my head back and let out a soft moan as I could feel myself about to cum for the first time. My boyfriend was on the chair across the room stroking himself as he watched Mike make me cum over and over.

Then Mike pulled the wand away and laid himself down on top of me. Our naked bodies were pressed together. I could feel his cock throbbing against the front of my pussy. His hairy chest was coarse against my tits as he uncontrollably started to thrust his dick back and forth gliding over my slippery wet clit. He raised himself up so he could look at my body. Then he grabbed the lotion that was next to my bed, and he smeared it all over me. I looked up at him and began to pull on the ties again as he rubbed the lotion on me. My resisting was only making him enjoy everything more. I was completely lubed up and slippery all over. Mike started to rub his dick up and down over my clit again. I was about to have a massive orgasm. I looked at my boyfriend, who was intently watching and started to shake and moan. I may not have been attracted to Mike or thrilled that he was having his way with me, but the whole situation was so damn hot.

Mike started to slide his cock up my slippery body toward my chest when he started to repeat "Oh my God" over and over. His dick got rock hard as he started to cum all over me. It shot onto my face and tits. Mike's body fell onto mine as he was still cumming all over me. He finally got up, looked at me and then my boyfriend and said "Thank you. That was amazing." My boyfriend came over and took off my ball gag. I looked in his eyes and told him to fuck me, and that I didn't care if Mike watched. My boyfriend put his dick in me and began thrusting as Mike watched. At this point, Mike had seen and experienced enough that I wouldn't have cared who was watching. I was THAT horny.

After we both came, my boyfriend untied me. I got up and walked over to Mike, still fully naked. I made him swear never to tell anyone, or I would never let him see me naked or touch me again. I didn't really plan on letting him see me or touch me again, but he didn't know that, and I didn't exactly plan on letting him have his way with me this time either. I did enjoy it though. And that would be another one of the many crazy sexual adventures I've had...
Watched in the Shower
Posted:Jul 19, 2020 9:08 pm
Last Updated:Aug 27, 2020 6:03 pm
We were sitting in the living room the other night after a small gathering of friends and playing a trivia game with one of my boyfriend's friends, Jay, and Jay's girlfriend Marie. Wrong answers questions meant a shot of tequila was be taken by the person giving the incorrect answer. Usually, I'm good at trivia, but myself, Jay, and Marie were not doing too well this night. I was very drunk. And very horny. I kept running my hand up and down my boyfriend's leg, grazing his penis and making it progressively harder. It was pretty obvious to everyone.

Eventually, the game fell apart, and I announced my evening was over, and I was going to take a shower and go to bed. I got up, said goodnight, and went into the bathroom to undress. Marie had passed out on the couch, and Jay and my boyfriend got to drunkenly talking. Jay was asking how I looked when I was naked and said he'd me and my boyfriend $00 just see me fully nude one time. My boyfriend said that if Jay really wanted see me that much, he'd ask me if I'd mind if he showed Jay a photo. My boyfriend asked me what I thought, and in my infinite drunkenness, I thought that having Jay see me in a photo was too permanent. I guess I thought my boyfriend was going to give him a photo instead of just let him see one. So I mumble, "I think it'd be better if you just let him peek in the bathroom now." Again... I don't know what I'm thinking...

Our shower has a glass door and wall. I was presently very drunk and very horny which did no favors to my judgement. I figured what's the harm in being seen as God made me? Just then, my boyfriend walks in, undresses, and joins me in the shower. He is rock-hard and walks around behind me. I can't even resist as he kisses down my neck. Then he grabs my hips, arches my back, and presses my naked body up against the glass wall of the shower. A minute later, Jay walks in. I'm suddenly in total shock. I feebly tried to cover my naked body as I couldn't believe this was actually happening. Then I feel my boyfriend's cock enter my warm, wet, inviting pussy, and he begins to gently thrust.

I saw Jay take a photo of us with my boyfriend's phone as I glance at him through the steamy glass. Then he began to undo his pants. He dropped them to the floor to reveal an erection that he began stroking furiously. I had my breasts smashed up against the glass and they squeaked as they moved up and down as my boyfriend fucked me from behind. I'm totally starting to orgasm as the rush from being watched and the thrusts of my boyfriend's cock were overtaking me. I couldn't believe that Jay is really standing there watching me; soapy, naked, and getting fucked from behind all while he's jerking off with his girlfriend passed out in the next room.

I started to let out little moans as I was nearing climax. Just then, as I let out an uncontrollable moan, Jay cums and yells, "Oh God!". This just makes me cum that much harder and begin to shake uncontrollably. My legs go weak as I press my naked body even harder into the glass. Jay is still watching as my boyfriend pulls out, I drop to my knees, and he cums all over my tits.

I inch back into the corner of the shower, look at my boyfriend, and say, "I can't believe we did that." He said he couldn't believe it either. We just got swept up in the moment. Jay cleaned himself off, got dressed, and left the bathroom, making sure to give my naked body one last, long look. He knew this moment was a one-in-a-million experience that would've never happened without the perfect storm of alcohol, hormones, and circumstance. It should be interesting to see how Jay looks at me from now on. He'd only wanted to see me naked for years. Lol
Lost Bet
Posted:Jul 17, 2020 8:24 am
Last Updated:Jul 23, 2020 5:59 am
I lost a bet, fair and square to my best friend. And I thought my boyfriend would object to her suggested way of me paying up... but it wound up turning him on instead.

See... she told me I needed to put on a white cotton sport's bra and white cotton panties and go down to the community pool area at 2 am, use one of the outdoor showers until I was completely soaked, then walk all the way around the pool to join her and my boyfriend in the public hottub. The problem was that the pool was usually filled with young men and couples at that time of night.

So I put on my "clothes", grabbed a towel, and very nervously walked down to the pool area. At first, my "swimwear" looked rather modest. But that was about to change more than I ever imagined. There was a group of four younger guys sitting on the pool's steps by the shower. I could feel my nipples getting hard from the growing embarrassment. I stepped to the shower and turned the water on. It was cold and immediately soaked through my top and bottom. It started to look like I wasn't wearing anything at all. I looked around and no one seemed to be looking at me yet. I turned off the shower and stepped out into the lights. OMG... it was totally obvious now. I was wearing totally see-through clothing. It seemed like everyone turned and looked (probably because they did). I walked as fast as I could around the giant pool and jumped into the hottub.

I scooted as close as I could to my boyfriend. He was hard as a rock. My friend Annie smiled and said even her boyfriend had gotten a hard-on from my show. Some of the guys from the pool started to slowly move their group toward the hottub. I was so embarrassed. Everyone just saw me virtually totally naked. Then I realized something that made my blood run cold... I left my towel all the way back by the showers.

My boyfriend, Annie, and her boyfriend decided it was time to exit the hottub and head back upstairs. I didn't know what to do. So many eyes were waiting for me to exit the water and show-off my see-through swimwear again. My boyfriend stretched out his hand to help me out of the tub. I took it... I didn't know what else to do... I covered myself with my hands as much as I could and briskly walked to get my towel. The guys from the pool were talking to my boyfriend now too. Everyone saw my nude form even better this time.

I wrapped myself in the towel and followed everyone back upstairs. I was still stinging from embarrassment but was also strangely turned on. I decided to point out to Annie the enormous erection my boyfriend was trying to hide. She had definitely noticed his and her boyfriend's.

Our two male neighbors from across the hall were just returning from a night out as we were getting to our door. They were always flirting with me and telling me how beautiful I was. Annie invited them in for a drink and proceeded to tell them what they missed down at the pool. Their eyes were so wide as I walked away into the bathroom to get away from their stares and to change.

All of the sudden, the bathroom door flew open and my boyfriend came in. He stripped off my wet clothing and I stripped him of his. He kissed me so deep and passionately that it immediately made me wet. Then he spun me around so I was facing the door... that had crept open... so that I was now full frontal exposed to everyone in the living room. And I couldn't even begin to cover myself or shut the door because I was starting to orgasm. All I could do was try to barely cover myself with one arm while the other arm reached out for the door with no success. Seconds felt like an eternity as I stood there fully nude and cumming in front of a mesmerized audience who had no intention of turning away. Finally, my boyfriend noticed that the door had swung open. But before he kicked it shut, he gently moved my arms from their places in front of me hiding my tits and pussy down to my sides to give everyone one last good look at my fully naked body. I didn't even bother to resist. I found out later that my neighbors had left as soon as the door closed to go jerk-off back in their apartment.

My neighbors never looked at me the same way after that. They would always see me as naked every time they saw me. And I would periodically run into people that saw me down by the pool that night. Either at the mailboxes or in the fitness center, and I'd feel a little pang of embarrassment... but I'd get a little turned on too.

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