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Break Time?  

luvwetwild2 57M  
77 posts
8/11/2021 5:13 pm
Break Time?

I am taking a break from this place! It has changed so much during my time here and I understand the change is even more dramatic for those who have been here longer than I. Yea, I have a few frustrations with the site. Now, I'm not really disappointed with this place as my expectations were dramatically lowered just weeks after my first log on. Now honestly, the site did deliver on some of the advertised benefits, mainly, making some long distance, electronic friendships.

Then the blogs..... I follow many bloggers and read far more than I comment. I am a "sit in the corner and nod" blog reader and I don't feel the need to chime in unless I feel I have something valuable to say. There have been many times of recent that I wanted to offer my opinion on some of the comments flying around here in blog land, but I refrained. Enough has been said by others. The fact is, I respect anyone who puts words together to entertain others even if I don't agree with what is being said. Guys, this is entertainment between friends, no more, no less in my opinion. Hey, friends need to disagree every once in while, it makes us who we are!

My one regret to this point is my travels have yet to take me close to any of the bloggers I follow! I just want to buy a few a cup of coffee and some I want to give a big hug!

Speaking of travel..... It's getting better, we just need to be smart, tell the politicians to go pound sand and listen to the local experts. Yea, I had the virus before it had a name, was tested to find I developed the anti-bodies, gave plasma and was vaccinated early on as an essential worker.

Lastly, the amount of fakes, flakes and nuts here on the site has grown exponentially due to this damn virus! I am convinced of this.

Thanks for reading my rant. Be patient, have fun and above all else, please be safe!

luvwetwild2 57M  
679 posts
8/11/2021 5:53 pm

Are we still doing the cursory initial comment?

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