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mightyfunslut 55F
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11/28/2021 7:28 am

I got fucked SO WELL yesterday!! I am still thrilled at how great a day it was! For some reason I have been going through a dry spell. Some of it was scheduling, which is always a problem, and several guys had things come up (understandable, life happens) but I have also been ghosted by a few guys. Aaarrgghh!! So frustrating, as many of you know, I am sure! And I don't do well without regular fucking. So ...

Yesterday I met with a friend who has a schedule almost completely opposite to me. He was going to take some vacation, though, and we hoped to be able to meet. However, he had said that he wasn't available Saturday, which was fine, because I had a date with a guy I had been writing back and forth with for a while. I was really excited because it sounded like this new guy would be really fun and he promised to fuck the stew out of both my cunt and my ass (and you all know how much I LOVE that!). So I contacted him first thing in the morning to make sure everything was still a go. No response. As the day went on, I got more and more disheartened - still no response. The time to meet came and went - nothing.

Then, out of the blue, my friend contacted me. It was raining, which was messing with his plans. Was I possibly able to meet after all? Yippee - I was going to get fucked after all, and by a guy that I knew would do me very, very well. And did he ever!!

I got there, did a quick clean up in his bathroom, then came out in just a towel. He pulled the towel away and started sucking my tits - first one and then the other. Mmmm! I LOVE having my tits sucked, and he was sucking hard and drawing deep! His hand went down and he played with my wet pussy while he was sucking my tits. After a few minutes, I slid to my knees and took his hard, throbbing cock into my mouth and down my throat. Geez, I love the feel of a cock down my throat! And he tasted so good, too. Boy I love sucking cock!!

I got so aroused that I couldn't stand it anymore, so he laid me back on the bed and proceeded to eat me VERY thoroughly! He was ferocious about it - hard and deep and fast. Like he was starving and hadn't eaten in weeks!! Finally, I couldn't take it anymore - I begged him to fuck me! He slowly pulled away, sheathed his considerable cock and plunged into me. OMG - he fucked me SO well!! After a good long while fucking me missionary, he turned me sideways, not missing a thrust. A few minutes of that and I was almost screaming! He pulled out, turned me onto my hands and knees, and plunged into my ass. Hard and fast like that, straight into my asshole! It felt SO good that I did start screaming and I came - HARD!! It went on and on and on and on - the longest and hardest orgasm that I have had in MONTHS! I was completely blown away. He asked where I wanted his cum and I just mumbled ... huh? what? I don't care ... He turned me over and unloaded all over my tits. I finally came to enough to realize what he was doing. Oh yeah - I love cum on my tits! So I had fun rubbing it around all over my tits. Cum-covered tits - my favorite kind!

He then went off to do some things and I fell asleep. After an orgasm like that, I always fall asleep! When I awoke I went to find him and he was wearing flannel shorts. Well shoot, a warm cock covered in snuggly flannel? I just couldn't keep my hands to myself - he just felt so good! Of course, one thing led to another and he got a nice cocksucking as a big thank you for my LOVELY orgasm earlier.

As I was driving home, I got a message from a regular fuck buddy who I hadn't been able to see for a while. He needed drained, and I happened to be in his part of town. OK! But I had to be home REALLY soon! So we met in a dark parking lot along the way. I sucked him for a few minutes, then dropped my pants to my ankles and bent over. He plunged in and proceeded to give me the second hard fuck of the evening! He felt so good that it was all I could do to keep myself quiet - well, mostly quiet. I just can't seem to be able to stay totally quiet! He finished, pulled out and I tried to stand and pull up my pants - I could barely do it, my legs were shaking so much! Eventually, I crawled into my car and headed home.

Wow! WHAT an ending to a dry spell!!! Think I just might head to the xxx bookstore to tide myself over until my dates tomorrow and Tuesday nights. For some reason, I don't think I will be ghosted again for a while!

thalbone3845 62M  
8 posts
11/28/2021 10:02 am

Damn, that was SO hot! i am rock hard after reading it. thank you!

mightyfunslut replies on 11/28/2021 1:01 pm:
You are more than welcome. I am glad that I could share my adventure and someone else got to enjoy it, too!

reallyready46 62M
1383 posts
11/28/2021 11:17 am

Dam going through a dry spell, and not even an offer from you.

mightyfunslut replies on 11/28/2021 12:59 pm:
You are welcome to come fuck me anytime, you know!

Sexaddkt70 71M
1423 posts
11/28/2021 11:46 am

Love to lick those clean for you

mightyfunslut replies on 11/28/2021 1:02 pm:
Have to say - I would love that!!

Makeitbig13 70M  
41 posts
11/28/2021 12:18 pm

Hot, so glad for you.

69ereatwetpussy 59M  
6784 posts
11/28/2021 7:12 pm

well done by all glad you where week at the knees.
im overdo thinking of one woman i need to be with very soon.

spunkycumfun 61M/67F  
41171 posts
11/29/2021 4:32 am

There's nothing like a good fucking to keep the blues away!

reallyready46 62M
1383 posts
11/29/2021 9:53 am

Well how about this week. contact me via my blog on here.

ByMyDesign 53M
49 posts
11/29/2021 1:43 pm

Wow... You are a mighty fun slut

NJGUY08090 55M  
4307 posts
12/23/2021 7:22 pm

It's always hot when a dry spell cums to an end. So glad to hear you had a good time.

WolfRunsWild 52M
110 posts
12/26/2021 12:50 pm

OMG such a hot story it got my cock rock hard and horny.....We chatted on and off on IM but never met.....Now I want to meet more than anything....Reminds me of a fun neighbor lady friend of mine back in Los Angeles..... rare to find a sensual lady like you.....

reallyready46 62M
1383 posts
12/29/2021 9:50 am

Well nothing back from you. Was really hoping to have some fun with you this year, but I guess not.

justme51 70M

1/21/2022 11:13 am

What a beautiful splatter left on you.

WolfRunsWild 52M
110 posts
2/4/2022 1:24 pm

I love reading your erotic stories! You are a great writer! you might hink about writing adult film scripts and even getting into film! I couls see you as a great producer. Your story got my cock so rock hard that I had to beat my meat ...so ferouciously that I blew a huge load of hot creamy cum all over your picture of yoru sexy tits covered in cum. I wanna meet and fuck you so badly I can taste it. I love to fact that you enjoy getting fuckedin the ass. It is so difficult to find a woman that likes a good ass pounding , balls deep like a jackhammer exploding with a gush of hot cum in your sexy ass. I hope to meet with you sometime soon.
have a great fuck!

WolfRunsWild 52M
110 posts
3/5/2022 3:22 pm

....ok ...this is from november 2021? ....Did youget married or move to Argentina?

WolfRunsWild 52M
110 posts
3/20/2022 1:52 pm

Mmmm Loveyour sexy smile and erotic pictures......I want to meet you in the parking lot and fuck yor brainds out doggie style ...now that is warmer outside...... yes you will recieve a big load of hot creamy cum all over your tits and face and...then we will fuck inside yor car qhile I re load my balls with anaother hot load of cum for you.

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