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Ladies into cuckhold play  

mojam22 49M/40F  
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11/16/2021 2:27 pm
Ladies into cuckhold play

I'd really like know how many ladies are into, or curious about the idea of cuckhold .

Don't worry, I'll write some<b> erotica </font></b>about it, based on some very exciting adventures, but I want explain first, for the curious.

you're a Hotwife, or a hot wife, or girlfriend, that wants be a Hotwife. Or you a hubby or boyfriend that wants be a cuckhold. I guess anyone is into watching their partner with another, is technically a cuck. But some people might be hung up on the term, as it's sometimes used in a derogatory way, for the wrong, non sexual reasons.

The main point of this blog, is to hear from people that are into it, or interested in it. I'm hoping to start a discussion about how like minded participants find each other in the real world. I know my own experiences, and I guess from people we've met that are into . we can help facilitate some fantasy explorations.

It's not always an easy thing learn about people, for obvious reasons. 's not like you can meet someone and just start asking them if they're into such things. Even if they might be, requires considerable tact. But I'm pretty sure 's a rather potent fantasy for many more, that might not be comfortable enough discuss yet. I a suspicion are many more than we might realize.

Probably a lot of people that think about , but don't much idea how go about , or chance explore first hand. But if given the ideal opportunity, I wonder how many would be into it. I also wonder how many people are afraid to ask their partner, for fear of the potential reaction.

Admittedly, all participants need to be comfortable with both the idea, and it's realities. Obviously jealousies need to be checked at the door, or harnessed into a turn on. I think that's the essence of it all. The idea that one should be jealous, or that sharing is so far out of the norm, that it becomes wildly exciting. That's the whole idea with the lifestyle we're all here for, in one form or another.

Really, any threesome with a couple, is pretty much a cuckhold situation, if not actually called that. Of course are many different degrees of cuckhold , as well. Some people are into the humiliation thing, which others find silly. I'm definitely the latter, although some playful humiliation is fun, if done in a respectful situation, as a roleplay.

Some are into the cuckhold chastity thing, which is a bit extreme. Though again, if playful and fun, it could like handcuffs, or blindfolds, both of which can be fun in a cuckhold situation. The blindfold is especially useful in surprise situations. Of course, that type of stuff needs to be discussed and agreed upon, well before doing it.

Much like the jealousy issue, or being naked, close to someone of the . Those things need be thought about and discussed beforehand, too. As for jealousy, no one wants to be in the throes of pleasure and over see their partner not enjoying , or genuinely freaking out. No room at all for those issues.

The idea of being naked with others, seems obvious, but until you do it, you probably don't really know how you'll react. Women don't seem as many hangups about being naked with someone of the , as men do. Most guys seen and been close plenty of naked dudes in locker rooms. But when 's a hard on involved, things get a bit more intense. Usually most guys know hard cocks, other than their own, from porn. I think the best way think of , is as live porn. Interactive live porn, talk about virtual realty, this considerably better.

Women can be turned on and not really too many noticeable changes. But guys just aren't naturally around other guys with boners, That can be a huge thing, uh yeah, huge. In fact, aside from the very idea, 's also the size thing. If you invite a stud bull for some extra meat in that sandwich, you should be comfortable with the idea of being outclassed in the equipment department. But that can also be a very potent turn on, for everyone.

The thing with a threesome, is the close proximity. Now some guys might be into knocking hard cocks with another dude, while others just endure it for the team, or they're generally indifferent to it, as their focus is the female. Like a DP, or a DVP, 's no room, literally, for any uncomfortable issues with nut sacks touching, or even some stray fluids.

Of course if 's genuine bi interest, not everyone is always on the page. Some endure for the team, and others readily indulge. 's best find out what partners are into, before indulging in anything.

Now I've been the one one sharing his wife for a few years - or I was before we split after 14 years. But my first time, was with another couple, so I know both roles. Perhaps explaining that first time might help others to cum out and , or at least discuss the idea.

I was literally picked up by a couple. They bought me dinner and drinks, then they took me home. It was my first exposure to cuckhold . But I was hooked for life, in either role, it's ridiculously exciting.

So when we got back their place, we were making talk and I remember wondering what happens next. Suddenly he said, "Well, get naked woman, let's do this". Then he suggested she help me get more comfortable, which was a very good idea, as I was like a deer in the headlights by that point.

At first I thought he wasn't really paying much attention, but I realized he started setting up lights and a video camera, which caught me by surprise, but I was already kind of just rolling with it, however it went. I had no idea what was going happen. Well, I had an idea, but that was about all.

So cut the action. I was fucking her from behind, on the living room floor, with him sitting naked, with a very hard cock, about 3 feet away, getting it all on video. It was a trip, say the least. I playfully smacked her butt cheeks and that really set her off. I rather large hands, and he zoomed in get my hand on her butt cheek, and then he marveled at the handprints I left, when she wanted a more firmly smacked.

was a great fun. Then she got serious. She told me to grab her hips and slam deep into her. I certainly wasn't going to disappoint her. She said she'd never been fucked like this before. When I looked at him for his reaction to that, I noticed he looked mesmerized and totally into . I pulled out and slapped my hard cock on her butt cheeks and looked at him grinning from ear ear. He was an enthusiastic cuck hubby for sure.

What happened next was straight out of penthouse letters. She told me to sink my cock all the way in, as far as I could, and leave , so she could feel . When I did just that, she let out of moan I'll never forget. I could feel her contracting as she came all over my cock.

Then she looked over at him and told him I was touching her where he would never be able to. He groaned so loud, I looked over, just in time to see him explode his load all over, without even touching himself. He was trying so hard to hold the camera still, with both hands, he was blowing his load just from watching, and her reaction. I pulled out and dropped a considerable load on her butt cheeks and back, much to everyone's appreciation.

Well I figured that was it. Then they asked me if I wanted to head to the bedroom, for round two. Of course I accepted.

As I lay back on the bed, he asked me if they could both go down on me. Now this is exactly what I mean about being comfortable, or at least willing to go with the flow. This guy had bought me dinner, let me his wife, just invited me her again, and now he was asking if I minded if he and his wife both went down on me. What was I going say, no?

As they both were thoroughly enjoying sharing my rapidly recovering cock, he was saying things like, "He's getting hard for you, my love", and she would say stuff like, "Yeah, get him good and hard for me, , get him ready". They were kissing with my cock between their
mouths, honestly I had no real concept of was , and was doing what. was two mouths and tongues, could've been two women, mattered not at that point.

At some point, they agreed I was ready. So I took this time. I told him to lie back on the bed, with his head near the edge. Then I had her get on her hands and knees, in kind of a 69, with her facing away from me. I proceeded to her from behind, directly over his face. He started licking her pussy as I plunged in and out, he would lick us both, lick my nuts, he was totally into .

At first, I didn't want go too far, as if that was even possible, so I tried not to get too low, where my nuts would touch him, but he raised his head up to lick and gently suck them, so I knew was all good. When she bucked her hips in orgasm, I slipped out, and my hard, slimy cock, flopped down and him right on the lips.

He grabbed me and licked my cock, as he he rubbed all over her dripping pussy lips. Then he put me back in her and told me to her good. As I did just that, he reached up, grabbed my hips and started slamming me into her. I didn't last much longer with that. He must've seen my nuts getting ready to explode, because he seemed to know I was about to come.

I tried to pull out, thinking I'd come on her butt cheeks again, and try not to get it in his face. He had other ideas. As I slid almost all the way out, thinking I was going to pull out for the grand finale, he grabbed both my butt cheeks, slammed me all the way into her and he held me . I couldn't move, as I pumped her full. I felt his tongue on my the underside of my cock, as I pulsed deep into his wife. She came again, as I filled her, by now I recognized her orgasmic contractions around my cock.

was at this point that I heard him groan loudly and over her shoulders, I saw his cum spurt up about 3 feet in the air, in front of her face. Yeah, he was definitely enjoying at much as her, and me. When he finally let go, and I was able pull out. As I slid out, my load gushed out with me, and fell on right his face like a cum waterfall. I heard him slurping and swallowing so much I thought he might drown in my cum.

Well that's just as writing about it all these years later, as it was at the time. Well not quite that , but I still remember all, like happened yesterday.

I hope you enjoyed the story. Perhaps some will find enlightening. I other adventures I could tell about. But in most of the other cuckhold stories, I'm the cuck hubby. As i said, both roles are great fun. Of course now I'm a free agent stud bull again, at least until I find a new adventure partner.

would be cool if was an easy way find ladies either looking for a cuckhold, or ladies already in a couple situation and looking for a stud bull. Of course I would love be that bull anytime. But I'd really like a FWB, or more someday, that wants be a Hotwife, or girlfriend.

I'm trying figure out how approach the idea with potential partners, without being too much of an awkward situation. I really loved my wife, and she me, but I really loved sharing her too. Our adventures led to endless exciting times, and we were actually closer from the lifestyle explorations. For the record, us splitting up, had nothing to do with the lifestyle. She fell in love with a coworker, was not involved with our lifestyle at all.

So now I'm on the quest for a mutually beneficial relationship, with a like minded FWB. But I would love someday be in the right relationship for more than merely a FWB. But one step at a time. First I want meet someone compatible, 's into the lifestyle.

So, any thoughts from the ladies, on this topic. I'd be happy to answer any questions, if I can. I'd also be happy to share some more adventures, if anyone is interested.


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