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Enjoying being a TV
Posted:Apr 9, 2022 8:44 am
Last Updated:May 2, 2022 1:59 am
Well I'm still here guys, leggy and booby as ever, ready to turn you on, and when I do, I am willing to take the consequences. I am no longer a virgin, haven't been for some time. I have satisfied many men's desires and taken everything they wanted to give me. I feel very comfortable with that and look forward to the next time I am unzipping a fly to expose a big cock, with lovely balls bursting to impregnate me with their seed. It feels very enjoyable to have the pulse of spunk being injected into me, either from behind or into my willing mouth. When He has finished on me and withdraws his long and dripping cock, I pull up my panties and pull down my mini-skirt. I then have a little snog with my randy lover, feeling my panties gradually getting wetter and wetter as the spunk that did not make it into me, dribbles back down. If he has impregnated me well, it sometimes overflows my panties and trickles down the inside top of my legs, as I am kissing him, I feel very owned, with a warm glow of being fucked and fertilised. Willing to let him have me again when he is ready. M xxx
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Destiny (Part three)
Posted:Feb 8, 2017 4:36 am
Last Updated:Feb 11, 2017 4:09 am
CONTINUED (read parts 1 and 2 below first).

This is my destiny, not the busy street I had to walk back through to get home, that was filled with men on their way home from work. They looked me up and down and I could see on their faces "I would" or " She's just had a good-time", but I was proud and defiant, I pushed my breasts forward to give them a good eyeful and felt the dampness in my panties from excess spunk dripping out of me. My mouth and throat tasted of male cock and spunk, I was elated, my future mapped out, I could be a wife, mother, mistress, slut, slapper or but one thing is certain, I am now a real woman , well and truly fucked both ends and enjoying it.

Perhaps I should look for a "live in" lover who could give me spunk every morning and night, laying on my back in the bed, legs apart, or doggy style across the kitchen worktop, being thrust by a huge cock from behind. I would walk around the house in see through blouses, micro skirts, legs up to my c**t and have a big cock whenever I fancied it, maybe let him make me pregnant so I could tease him with my huge bouncy lactating tits and when my babe came he could start on me all over again. (Great fun, pity its all a fantasy)
Taking the Bait (Part One)
Posted:Feb 6, 2017 4:57 am
Last Updated:Feb 7, 2017 12:55 am
It was a nice sunny day again so I decided to go for a walk along the river bank, dressed in my pink frilly gear with a very short and tight mini-skirt. I hadn't walked far and was feeling rather frisky when I saw two men fishing on the bank-side. I could see they were interested in me as I approached them and felt my nipples swelling with excitement and anticipation.

As I became near enough for conversation the closest fisherman said good morning, to which I politely replied. I was standing right behind them by now and asked if they had caught anything or were just drowning worms. They realised I was a bit cheeky and took more interest in me. I could feel their eyes scanning my body from top to bottom and my legs were only inches away from their faces.

They invited me to sit with them which I accepted, they stood and we exchanged greetings by a peck on the cheek which involved them having a quick grope of me (nice). I sat between them with my legs stretched out in front and it was not long before accidental touches of my knee became more deliberate strokes. When I didn't object the hands went up my skirt and around m y ample breasts. one fisherman was more forward than the other and it was not long before his hand was in my bra.

I reciprocated by stroking his groin and I could feel a large bump inside his trousers. It wasn't long before that bump was exposed as a nice cock to suck, to which I obliged willingly. The shy man was having a grope of my tits from behind when I received a mouthful of spunk. Leaving the first fisherman to recover, I turned to the other one and saw to my surprise he was playing with his cock, an 11 inch monster, which he beckoned me onto. I could get only the end in my mouth and still could put both my hands around the rest of this huge stalk, one above the other.

My mouth was fully stretched and I was gently wanking him with both my hands while he had his hands up my skirt and in my blouse. Then it was like a bull cumming all over me. There was not much spare room in my mouth and the volume of spunk was great, it went down my throat and spurted out of my mouth around the edges of his enormous cock. I thought for a minute I was drowning in spunk.

After this they were both satisfied and returned to their fishing while I re-adjusted my clothing, we joked about me being well and truly filled up and how much we had all enjoyed it. As the morning was getting on I bade them farewell and said I was going home for lunch. In reality I was completely full up with their seed and needed no lunch but had to go home to clean up and recover. After an hour or so at home I realised how much I had enjoyed it and wanted more so I decided to go back in the afternoon.

Close Encounter
Posted:Dec 17, 2016 8:58 pm
Last Updated:Mar 3, 2018 4:15 am
It was a mild sunny December day when I decided to go for a long country walk, dressed in a mini skirt and my green silky top. I had been stood up on a meet so I was feeling a bit sorry for myself. I put on a light coat because in December you cannot be sure of the weather for long. I was walking along the footpath and the sun was quite warm so I took off my coat to feel the winter warmth and exhibit my ample bust in the thin green blouse.

I was just rounding a bend when I saw a male walker approaching in the other direction. My first instinct was to cover up again but then I felt bold and decided to pass him displaying my complete femme persona. As we drew close he called his to heel and stood aside to be gentlemanly. I had to walk right up to him because the path was narrow and I could feel my breasts swelling as I approached him, the silky top with strapless bra beneath was bouncing gently at every step, giving my admirer an animated turn on. I could feel his eyes on my chest as I drew close and I was really enjoying the attention.

We exchanged pleasentaries as I passed by and he never took his eyes off me for a second. It seemed to me that I was wearing a sign saying "I need shagging" because that was what I was feeling. Any way the moment was over very quickly , because I am quite shy and did not stop to chat, I kicked myself later for not stopping for a moment to talk and maybe get an offer of a Christmas present. Anyway I have resolved to take more long walks and be a bit more engaging next time, maybe have a nice blow job behind a bush.{=}\8b
Show boating
Posted:Nov 27, 2016 3:52 am
Last Updated:Apr 7, 2017 7:48 am
I decided to get away for a few days to give my femme side a chance to blossom and spent the time on a canal boat. I took a few walks on the towpath, provocatively dressed in the hope of being chatted up by some gorgeous hunk. Unfortunately in the modern sueing society men do not even give you a sidewards glance without written permission.

Anyway I was between jaunts, back inside the boat when I heard the throb of heavy machinery and sure enough around the bend was coming a huge dredger pushed by a small tug. Instead of hiding in the depths of the boat as it passed close by I decided to innocently do the washing up in front of the kitchen window. I was dressed in my tight cross over, low cut beige dress with stockings and high heels. The barge passed within inches of my window followed by the tug with a single boatman driving it. I casually waved to him as is customary on canals and he waved back. At the same moment he waved, his attention was diverted from driving to the view from his side window and it was like I was affixed by a laser gun sight.

His eyes were locked onto my breasts surveying every inch of them, no doubt inspecting my nipples which were cheekily pushing through the thin material of the dress I was wearing. As the barge and tug proceeded his head swivelled more and more to maintain my tits in his vision. In a few seconds but what seemed a long time his boat had moved forward so he could no longer see. I stepped back so he and the tug were visilble through the lounge window. His head was completely turned in reverse to his direction of travel. He then realised I was looking back at him and glanced away in case he had offended me. Little did he realise I had enjoyed every second, it was like being fixed in a tractor beam and I loved being a sex object for a few seconds. If humans had achieved telepathic inpregnation I would surely have been pregnant.

I tingled all over whist caught in his gaze and now understand the meaning of the Star Wars line 'Feel the force' and why women in the street are so good at quickly covering their scantily clad bust with a coat or a cardigan at the slyest glance from a man.

Vive la difference! Happy days!

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