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Hands Free Orgasm  

mrparker22 35M
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2/17/2022 3:06 pm
Hands Free Orgasm

I've heard rumors of such a thing, but had never experienced until a few days ago. Bored and by myself, I started doing some research. I found some videos of a woman with a very soothing voice claiming to be able to talk me through it. So, with an open mind, I started listening.

She started by telling me to relax and take big deep breaths. Once I was completely relaxed, she started talking dirty . . . telling me to imagine her giving me a blow job. She was extremely descriptive, going into detail about what she was doing to my cock. As I lay there breathing as instructed, she kept talking me through this blow job, telling me how close I was getting to cumming on her face. And, to my surprise, I was so worked up, when she said "now cum for me . . . all over my face", I had an amazing orgasm. I never once<b> touched </font></b>my cock during this process. It was very surreal. After doing this a few times, I've now gotten to where I can take myself to that deep relaxation and make myself cum without the aid of any audio excitement. It's not better than a real blow job, but it's a different type of orgasm than just jerking off when you're by yourself. If I've got about 20 minutes to devote to getting off by myself, this is now my go to. Of course, when I'm pressed for time, a good old fashioned self inflicted hand job still get's the job done.

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