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Looking vs Feeling  

oralb4both 69M  
7 posts
12/31/2021 11:51 pm
Looking vs Feeling

For most of my crossdressing life I have accepted that fact that I can not look fully the way I wish I wanted to loo I enjoy the feelings I get when I crossdress. The last couple of months I have been wearing panties daily and my wife accepts this as she does for most of my desires sexually, she just does not get involved sexually. When I think about fully dressing I do not to fool anybody into thinking I am a woman. I am not passable and if I I would not have the desire to fool others. I am a man that likes to dress as a woman from time to time. It is not a desire of mine to live my life as a woman. There is no desire to become a woman. I also have no desire to attract any men. I do not any emotional relationship with any guy. Friendships are ok and if there is some playing from time to time that would be a plus. My thoughts when I think about dressing focus on the feelings I have about like the woman I would like to appear as, but still being a man dressed as a woman. Women are always and will always be my first desires with or without my crossdressing. For the last several years my thoughts of being with a woman include a guy at the same time. She and I sucking his cock at the same time. There is never a face or a body I see on the guy, just a coc I like those feelings of being slutty for a woman. Maybe in the New Year. Welcome 2022. Best wishes to all for a good year to come.

jenfun69 18F

1/25/2022 6:37 pm

hi sexy how are you doing, I love to be standing there naked with my hands on my head's my legs wide open with my white ass waiting to be punished in front of your friends?

oralb4both 69M  
11 posts
1/26/2022 6:26 am

Bad girls should be punished. After doing so I would have to kiss it and make it feel better.

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