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First time!
This is my first blog. Just trying to remember what it is like to have some female companionship!
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First "couple" meet
Posted:Feb 21, 2022 5:41 am
Last Updated:Feb 27, 2022 4:35 am

i thought i had posted this, but i guess not.
i have been chatting, many times on cam, with the male part of a couple for a while, then then he asked if i wanted to meet. i said yes, but he then said i had to bring a long a pair of panties, i thought ok. He told me to drive to a parking lot close to his home to meet and chat. We met and chatted and then he said to follow him to his home. As he walked in, he turned around and told me to take all of my clothes off, i was a little startled, but i did as he requested. As he was still clothed, he gave my little clit a couple of tugs, told me to put on the panties i had brought along, and to follow him upstairs. Its somewhat embarrassing to be naked in front of a clothed man and be told to put on a pair of panties! We walked into the bedroom, he told me where to place my clothes, and as i looked up, there was a computer on the desk and a chair. As he removed his clothes, he sat down in front of the computer and told me that he was on cam and I was to start sucking on his cock. At first i did not want to face the cam, but once i started on his cock, i did not mind.
It took him a little while to get hard, but he tasted good, and my little clit was achingly hard pressing against my panties, and soon his precum was filling my mouth then he shot his load down my throat. His first words were that he did not think i was able to make him cum, which must have made him very happy because he called his wife into the bedroom. Now, i thought we were alone in the house, so i was a little taken back when he had his wife lay on the bed and as a reward for making him cum, he let me eat out his wife! She was freshly shaved a few days ago and her hairs had just begun to grow back.
After a little while, he said they had to get going so i got dressed and left. i had hoped there would be more meetings, but they moved away shortly after that.
Wearing adult toys to Thanksgiving Day dinner
Posted:Nov 26, 2021 3:57 am
Last Updated:Feb 13, 2022 4:21 am

Did anyone else wear an adult toy(s) to their traditional Thanksgiving Day dinner?
i wore my cock and ball rings. i like to wear them to at work, to meetings or even just around the house.
A couple of weeks ago i was edging with my two cock rings and a prostate massager, and my wife who was not feeling well, asked me to take her to Urgent Care. i did not have time to remove them - that was enjoyable sitting in the waiting room.
i would luv to hear about the different ways pervs wear their toys in vanilla settings.
(Panties would count if you're male)
cock/ball rings
nipple rings
prostate massager
ben wa balls
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Humiliated at the ABS
Posted:Sep 22, 2019 4:06 am
Last Updated:Feb 28, 2021 3:55 am

It was a productive day at the local Adult Book Store - I pleasured several men. I got up from my booth and walked around a little just to see was there and then sat in a different booth. Just as I sat down, a burly guy - kind of clean cut but big - came into my booth. I touched his cock through his jeans. He motioned to me to show him my cock. I lowered my jeans and underwear exposing my little clit - all shaved and smooth. it was soft, flaccid and small.

He just looked at it for a few seconds, then he tugged on it a couple of times. His hand dwarfed my little clit. Then he just turned around and left.

I guess my little clit was not big enough to suck on his cock
Daves Group
Posted:Sep 9, 2018 10:44 am
Last Updated:Aug 14, 2021 3:48 am

i was home alone this past Friday, so i decided to take a vacation day and planned to spend a few hours at Dave's Group. i gave my myself a number of enemas till i was very clean, made sure my legs, chest and belly and little boy parts were completely shaved smooth. Slipped into a very feminine yellow thong, got dressed and headed up to Dave's. Dave's Group is a building where like minded men go to be with other men - nude. There is a couch in one room and a bed in the other.
i was still a little wary about wearing only a thong among a group of naked men, but i decided to do it! i walked into Dave's, placed my clothes into the bag that they supply. i took a second quick shower, pulled up my thong, took a deep breath and walked into the room.
Not knowing what to expect, i was pleasantly surprised when i was happily greeted. i sat down on the couch where some guys were involved in different acts and some guys were simply touching themselves watching gay movies. A couple of guys gravitated towards me, one started to play with my tits; sucking, biting, playing with my nipples and the other guy began teasing my cock through my thong. It didn't take long till i was rock hard with the head of my cock popping out through the top of my thong. Not want to cum yet, i motioned them stop.
i got up and started to walk around the room for a little bit; such a wonderful feeling! It almost felt impowering to stand up, wearing only a yellow thong, with a room full of naked men. A few of us traded BJs for a while. i was on my knees sucking on cocks, with my ass in the air with only a thin yellow strip of fabric covered my ass, hoping for someone to take me, but no offers.
Taking a break, i sat down on the couch. One guy came over, got down on his knees, pulled my thong down exposing my sissy cock and started sucking. He was good. He knew when to speed up, when to slow down. i couldn't take it anymore and exploded my cum into his mouth. i was out-bottomed!
i got dressed, thanked all the guys for a wonderful afternoon and headed home.
Posted:Jun 16, 2018 3:52 am
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2022 3:48 am

i went to a local Adult Bookstore this morning hoping to please a couple of gentlemen. my visit started out as usual; purchase some tokens, find an empty booth, have a seat and place a token into machine. The first two guys were typical as well; unzipped their fly, pulled out their package and they left with a smile.
But the third guy was very different - very aggressive, very dominant. He pushed me towards the back of the booth and physically turning me around constantly grabbing my ass, rubbing my hair, grabbing my crotch. He pushed me down, opened His fly and stuck His cock in my mouth. i gaged as He face fucked me. He then forced me up and made me drop my pants. As soon as He saw that i was wearing panties, He turned me around again and pulled my panties up my ass - hard! Turning around again, He forced me down, slapped my face and face fucked me till He came. He got dressed, slapped my face again and left.
i liked it!
So hot!
Posted:Jul 22, 2011 1:59 am
Last Updated:Aug 22, 2021 12:32 pm

It's sooo hot!
how hot is it?
It's so hot, my company brought in an ice cream truck and treated everyone to soft serve ice cream!
If you'd like to chat about the weather ...
First time!
Posted:Jul 17, 2011 7:26 am
Last Updated:Jul 18, 2011 2:01 am

This is my first blog. Just trying to remember what it is like to have some female companionship!

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