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Interesting Facts About Autumn
Posted:Sep 21, 2018 7:09 pm
Last Updated:Sep 15, 2021 10:39 am
Autumn, also known as Fall is my favourite season. This year, it officially arrives on Saturday, September 22, 2018. In it's honour, here are some fun and interesting facts that you may not know:

> Fall arrives at 9:54 pm tomorrow, and daylight lasts about 8 minutes longer than nighttime. The Fall Equinox occurs when the sun crosses the celestial equator. The word equinox comes from the Latin words "aequus," which means "equal," and "nox," which means night. This has led to the perception that everyone worldwide sees the same amount of daylight and nighttime, but it's just not true.

> No matter where you are in the world, the sun will rise due east and set due west during the Fall Equinox (the same thing happens during the Spring Equinox).

> When days become shorter, animals in high altitudes experience biological changes. One of the weirdest examples is found in the male Siberian hamster, whose testicles swell almost 17 times their normal size, according to Mother Nature Network.

> You may gain weight. When the days shorten and cool, we are not outside as much in the sunshine (the primary source of Vitamin D for most people) and that reduces fat breakdown and triggers fat storage.

> You can stand an egg on one end during the Fall Equinox, but it has nothing to do with the changing of the season. "The Bad Astronomer" Phil Plait compares the egg-standing myth to "an extremely contagious virus." Plait, an American astronomer, skeptic, writer and popular science blogger, says the reason eggs can be balanced on one end most likely has to do with tiny bumps on the end of the shell that "act like little legs holding the egg up."

> Fall babies are better students. Human born in autumn (September through December) are more likely to excel in school than those born at other times of the year, according to a UK Department of Education report.

> Fall babies are more likely to live longer. born between September and November are more likely to live to be 100 than those born at other times of year, according to a University of Chicago study of 1,500 centenarians.

> The gorgeous pigments in Fall foliage are actually there all year, just under the surface. Sunlight helps fuel plant cells containing a chemical called chlorophyll, which gives leaves its vivid green color while working to turn light into energy. When sunlight diminishes in fall, chlorophyll breaks down, letting the plant’s hidden red, yellow, and orange hues shine.

> Monarch butterflies, travel at speeds of between 12 and 25 miles per hour. They are the only insect that migrates up to 2,500 miles for nicer weather.

> No film with “Autumn” in its title has ever won an Oscar. The Virgin Spring (1960), Summer of ’42 (1971), and The Lion in Winter (196 provide the other seasons one statue apiece.

> Testosterone levels in both men and women spike higher in Autumn. As a result, sex drive increases and men find women even more attractive than during summer months.

> Do humans have a “mating season” like other animals? One thing is for sure: September is the most popular birth month of the year.
Here's What's Cool
Posted:Sep 19, 2018 10:01 pm
Last Updated:Mar 20, 2022 5:25 pm
* Saying 'Thank You'

* Apologizing when you know you are wrong

* Showing up on time

* Being nice to strangers

* Letting the person who seems rushed, cut in front of you

* Listening without interrupting

* Learning and using people's names

* Treating everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you — not
because they are nice, but because you are

* Tipping generously

* Knowing your limit and staying within it

* Giving freely – Go through your things and give freely to those in need

* Being empathetic – Really try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes

* Paying someone a compliment

* Being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness

* Holding Doors Open

* Smiling for no apparent reason

* Sharing your knowledge / expertise

* Avoiding gossip – No need to spread any negativity

* Reaching out to a person who has made a difference in your life

* Being open to other people's points of view

* Being kind to yourself – Make peace with your past mistakes

* Being a mentor

* Volunteering

* Following your dreams and encouraging others to follow theirs
Morning Surprise
Posted:Sep 19, 2018 1:46 am
Last Updated:Oct 6, 2018 6:57 am
My partner had left earlier. Since he was going to be gone for a few hours, I decided to take a long, relaxing, hot shower.

I was surprised to hear a knock on the door and although my wet hair was wrapped in a towel and I only had on my short, red, bathrobe, I decided to check out who was there.

Keeping the deadbolt secured, I cracked open the door and was delighted to see you and your friend Ben standing on the front step.

‘Charles! This is certainly a nice surprise! Come on in and let me get you both a drink,’ I exclaimed.

It was obvious you had been out for a morning jog as you both were wearing t-shirts and shorts. While sitting on the sofa between you, I couldn’t help but notice the large bulge forming in Ben’s shorts.

Leaning forward to reach for my drink, the top of my bathrobe fell open, revealing my full, soft breasts. My nipples were already hardening and pressing against the fabric. The loosely tied belt, had started to undo, revealing the tops of my creamy, inner thighs.

I turn towards you and whisper in your ear, that I am feeling really aroused and naughty and how hot it would be to have you both take me.

You whisper back to me that you know Ben would love the idea of both of you giving me what I want. However, you are going to have to spank me for such naughty thoughts.

I blush from head to toe, but my excitement is evident as I start to squirm on the sofa.

When you tell me to kiss Ben. I don’t hesitate. You watch as my soft lips brush against his and you can see my tongue thrusting into his mouth. My bathrobe falls further open, fully exposing my ample breasts.

I let Ben guide my hand to the bulge in his silken shorts. I cannot resist rubbing my fingers slowly over the girth and length of his growing erection. Deftly, I slide my hand inside and curl my fingers around his big, hard, throbbing manhood. I stop kissing him long enough to steal a look at how thick, long and wet with pre-cum it is. I know I want to feel it inside me.

Not wanting to leave you out, my other hand reaches inside your shorts and starts to stroke you. My eyes are closed, focusing on how arousing it feels to be holding and jerking both of you together.

Ben turns me around so that I am on all fours on the sofa facing him. He kneels in front of me, lowering his shorts and holding his big erection in his hand in front of me, sliding it up and down and all over my face.

I desperately want to taste him so I slide my fingers down the length and slowly guide it into my mouth. I lick up and down the entire shaft while fondling his smooth balls. Tasting him drives me crazy and I want him even more.

With my butt up in the air, I feel you move behind me, pulling my bathrobe up, exposing my apple-shaped butt and swollen pussy.

You slap my butt hard, telling me how naughty I am and that I am a greedy . I can feel my cheeks burning and turning red, with each swat that you administer.

Then your fingers gently run over the length of each cheek, searching for my swollen pussy lips. You pull them apart and flick your tongue against my clit before inserting 2 fingers deep inside me. While licking, sucking and plunging your tongue up inside my dripping wet pussy, you hear me greedily sucking Ben.

My legs are quivering and I shudder while my orgasm races through my body. It doesn’t take long before I explode for the first time while I continue to greedily lick and suck Ben’s massive erection.

You both know I want Ben thrusting up inside me, so you swap places.

I gasp loudly as Ben’s cock-head stretches me open. Each thrust goes deeper, totally filling me. He is thrusting harder and harder until I think I cannot take anymore. I can feel his balls slapping against my butt as he fills me.

My mouth is wide open as you press the back of my head towards you. I am gasping and jerking you while Ben continues to fuck me hard from behind.

I can feel Ben’s body tighten and know he is going to cum.

Suddenly, I feel streams of hot cum spurting up inside me. While exploding at the same time, I desperately jerk your erection, willing you to cum too. Your hot sticky cum splashes all over my face as Ben continues to fill me from behind.

The air reeks of sex as we all collapse onto the sofa.

‘Guess it’s time for another shower,’ I murmur. ‘Would you guys like to join me? '
You and Ben look at each other, shrug your shoulders and decide you should head to the gym to clean up.

I walk you to the door, kiss you both on the cheek. ‘Wow! That was fun! Thanks for starting my day off with a bang!’ I say as I slowly close the door before heading back up to the shower.
Anticipating Our First Meeting
Posted:Aug 31, 2018 1:50 pm
Last Updated:Aug 27, 2021 1:00 pm
We had been flirting and chatting for months. The distance however, made it difficult, if not unlikely, that we would ever have the chance to actually meet face-to-face.

I couldn’t help but think about what would happen if we did meet. Where would it be? How would we both react? No doubt, we would start off in a public place to make sure that we both were who we say we are and that the connection we had established online existed outside in the ‘real world’.

So I closed my eyes and let my imagination wander…….

We agree to meet in the lobby bar of the hotel where you are staying. No expectations or promises were declared but I did bring an overnight bag ‘just in case.’

Our eyes tentatively search for one another and when they lock in, the attraction is unmistakable. A silly, almost giddy grin crosses each of our faces. “Wow! This is almost too good to be true!” I muse as we both start making our way towards one another.

A warm embrace followed by 3 quick pecks on the cheek (as is the European tradition) breaks the ice. Your cologne is as intoxicating as you assured me it would be.

“Let’s sit over here.” we exclaim simultaneously. We had noticed the quiet corner with seats positioned beside one another rather than the standard booth.

Polite conversation transpired. “‘How was your flight?” “Had you been waiting long?

Both of us are tingling with excitement. The naughty twinkle in our eyes in the subdued lighting is the telltale sign that we both are hopeful about what is going to happen next.

Thoughts of “Is he ever going to ask me to come up to this room for a drink?” “Was it too obvious that I brought along an overnight bag?” are racing through my mind.

With an impish grin, you lean closer to me and whisper, “Shall we go upstairs and get more comfortable?”

I can barely contain my excitement and almost stutter quietly, “I thought you would never ask.”

Trying not to be obvious to the other patrons, you grab my overnight bag and we casually stroll over to the elevators. My heart is pounding but I dare not look anywhere else but straight ahead.

In the elevator, thankfully we are alone. Trying not to stare, I couldn’t help but notice the growing bulge in your designer jeans. Our hands casually brush against each other and it’s as if an electric current has shot through my body, igniting the arousal in my now damp panties.

Glancing around, I noticed your room is at the far end of the hall. “Oh God. I hope later this doesn’t become the “walk of shame,” I chastise myself.

You quickly key the entry and as the door slams shut and before any lights can be turned on, you push me up against the wall. My overnight bag is tossed aside with a thud.

Your hungry mouth searches for mine, as you silently grasp the sides of my face.

Your body is pressed up against mine, your erection pushing against my thigh.

In response, I thrust my hips towards yours, as arousal and anticipation dictate my movements.

My fingers slide inside your jeans, brushing against your boxer-briefs in search of your cock. As they curl around your engorged erection, they release it from the confines of your briefs. My thumb slides across the swollen head, now leaking pre-cum.

Your lips do not leave mine as you gently pull my silken, black panties to one side, sliding your fingers along the lips of my soft, warm, pussy. An audible gasp escapes my mouth as you feel how wet and hot I am. Your fingers frantically search for my swelling clit as I greedily stroke your cock.

Still kissing me, you push me harder against the wall. I fling my arms around your neck as you lift me off the floor. Your jeans have fallen down over your hips and your rock hard cock searches for my soaking wet pussy.

You raise me up even higher, until my legs instinctively wrap around your waist. You roughly push me downwards, lowering me onto your anxious cock. My wetness makes it easy for you to slide deep inside me.

Banging against the wall, you plunge your cock up inside me, harder and faster. We are both groaning and thrashing around, your cock pounding in and out of me like an out of control piston.

You continue to kiss me ravenously. I am panting, gasping almost uncontrollably and yell, “Oh my God Charles, I am going to cum!”

You shout encouragement, “Yes, baby, cum, cum all over my cock!”

My entire body shudders as my orgasm explodes, soaking your cock. I can feel your body react, spurting streams of your hot cum up inside me.

We lean against the door, temporarily spent, your cock still inside me, as our combined juices slowly dribble out of my pussy and trickles down my creamy, white thighs. Amazingly, both of us are still fully clothed.

As you withdraw your cock from my swollen pussy, the scent of hot sex permeates the air. As you lower my feet to the floor, my legs are trembling as I look into your baby blue eyes and ask, “Charles, can I suck your cock, and lick it clean?”

Before I can drop to my knees, the shrill ring of my alarm clock jolts me awake. ‘Damn, why does that always happen?’ I mutter and wonder how I am going to face the rest of my day.

Have you fantasized about meeting someone for the first time?
A Checklist for Healthy Living
Posted:Aug 28, 2018 10:10 pm
Last Updated:Aug 29, 2021 11:43 am

- Wake up and smile. It will help put you in a good mood for the rest of the day.

- Meditate / Pray. A clear mind is a open to learning.

- Drink more water.

- Eat one green food per day.

- Cook Your Own Meals. You can control what you are eating and save $$.

- Read and write more. Exercising your brain is as important as physical activity.

- Remove clutter (less is more).

- Do some sort of stretching every day. Your body will thank you later.

- Learn to love sleep.

- Do something you love every single day.

- Forgive first. You will feel better and so will the other person.

- Bring Energy Into a Room Instead of Taking it Away.

- Don't waste your energy responding to nonsense.

- Spend quality time with family. You can never get back the time you have lost.

- Show gratitude.

Do you have a written or unwritten checklist that you follow?

Loose Jeans
Posted:Aug 28, 2018 8:36 pm
Last Updated:Feb 18, 2019 12:28 pm
According to Dr. Steven Gullo, who wrote "The Thin Commandments", when you are trying to lose weight, do not live and die by what the scale says. Instead, trust what your jeans are telling you!

Small fluctuations on the scale are most likely due to water weight which he defines as unstable fluid retention in your body's tissues. For example, if you had something salty, the numbers on the scale will go up. But, if your jeans are getting loose, no matter what the scale says from one day to the next, you're dropping fat,

What do you use to tell if you have lost or gained weight?

Loved At Last
Posted:Aug 23, 2018 1:27 pm
Last Updated:Aug 27, 2021 1:24 pm
She tilted her head up and felt his lips against hers. She felt the salt of her tears and smelled the perspiration clinging to him.

Warmth and comfort invaded her, and despite the pain, or perhaps because of it, she surrendered to the intense, physical yearnings deep within her soul.

Instinctively her arms wound around his neck and her lips willingly parted when his tongue pressed against them.

Confused thoughts fluttered through her mind. Was she making love to man that was wrong for her? Would giving herself to him be condoning his lies?

She closed her eyes and mind to everything but the feel of his hard muscles pressed against her body. His musky, male smell tickled her nostrils.

He lifted her from her feet, carried her to his bedroom, where he placed her gently on his bed.

Still kissing her, he lay beside her, his calloused, large fingers struggling to undo her buttons.

Spreading her blouse open, he softly kissed the centre of her chest. She could feel his lips and tongue, leaving a trail of wet and hot kisses.

She could barely breathe, and when she heard the soft hiss of her zipper being lowered, she began to surrender herself to him.

It had been so long since anyone touched her this way. She had been waiting for him and only him to have her.

Her hands wandered everywhere, feeling his long lean body towering over her.

He unlatched her bra and nuzzled between her breasts. His breath hot against her flesh, his tongue flicking and arousing one nipple and then the other, arousing each while his lips gently suckled them.

“I’ve never told you how beautiful you are.” he muttered against her skin.

He kissed her again while his hands cupped her bare, round, bottom, and his fingers grazed her inner thighs.

Shivering in anticipation, she wiggled beneath him, felt him spread her legs with his knees, vaguely aware that he had also shifted his weight.

“Do you really want me?” he asked.

She barely could utter, “Yes.”

“For how long?” he implored.

“Forever and ever.” she whispered the words she had been longing to say.

A shadow passed over his eyes as she stared up at him.

“If only……” he hesitated. Clamping his jaw shut, he moved suddenly, entering her fiercely, hungrily, as if in doing so, he could thrust away the past, the pain and the lies. It was like he was branding her from inside and out, making his mark and making her his own.

Her body responded in kind, wet and hot and matching his desperate movements.
Fingers digging into his shoulders, she clung to him, determined not to let go. Her back arched as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

It was as if time stood still and they were alone in the universe. One man. One woman. One love.

“Oh God, I can’t stop…” he cried as his body became rigid and he yelled out her name.

She convulsed beneath him, the air so hot she could barely breathe.

Gasping, he fell against her and her arms wrapped around his sweaty body, feeling his heart beating against hers.

“I have wanted this for so long” she whispered, tears stinging her eyes.

“If only you knew how much I wanted this too.” He struggled to get the words out as he was still having difficulty breathing.

“Baby, just hold me. Don’t ever let me go.”

“As long as I can, darling.” he whispered into the damp strands of her hair. “As long as I possibly can.”
Will He Ever Love Her?
Posted:Aug 23, 2018 1:38 am
Last Updated:Sep 14, 2021 6:18 pm
She walked into the house. It was quiet except for the sound of running water. She dropped her purse and keys on the kitchen counter and started down the hall.

She didn’t even bother knocking, just turned the doorknob.

The door to the bathroom was slightly ajar and through it she saw steam clinging to the mirror over the sink.

There were noises coming from the shower: the continuous spray of water, the soft thud of a bar of soap being dropped and quiet cursing as he retrieved it each time.

He might be angry when he found her there but she didn’t give a damn. Heart racing, she sat on a corner of the bed. His bed. The one he refused to share with her.

For a second, she considered taking off her clothes and slipping between the sheets, to wait for him, so he could find her lying naked, ready to give herself to him. But she refrained as there was no telling how he’d react.

The water stopped suddenly and she could barely breathe, as she stared at the door. When he flung it open, she instantly regretted being there. With a towel slung around his waist, he stopped in the doorway. His wet jet-black hair was curling over his ears, his skin stretched tight over the smooth, sleek muscles of his hard abdomen.

“What the hell are you doing here?” he demanded, while she stared in amazement at his body.

“What’s it look like?” she fired back at him. “Waiting for you.”

“I thought we had an agreement. This room is off limits”

Her heart was pounding in her chest and she felt she had to take this chance, to fight him, or risk losing him.

She walked towards him, staring confidently at him, “I have never had to pursue you. You were always the persistent one.”

“I don’t want to hear it.” He growled at her.

Angling her head upward, she defied him, her eyes daring him, her body only an arm’s length from his. Boldly she stepped up to him, so close she could smell the soap still clinging to his skin. My God it was so intoxicating!

Closing her eyes, she touched his bare arm and felt encouraged since he didn’t draw away.

“Just hold me,” she whispered, leaning into him feeling his muscles flex as if he was fighting the impulses and urges she desired him to share.

“Oh God.” His arms surrounded her, strong and comforting. “This is so wrong.”

“No.” She softly kissed his neck and he groaned. A tremor passed from his body to hers. He lowered his head with unerring precision, catching her lips with his, kissing her with an intensity that stole her breath.

Her arms wound around his neck and she kissed him with all the pent-up lust that had been gnawing at her for days.

“I don’t think….”

“No, don’t think. Just feel.” She caught his lips with her and her mouth parted in an open invitation. His tongue slipped between her teeth and his hands moved slowly upward, brushing against her ribs through the silkiness of her blouse, the fabric rustling as he cupped her breasts.

Nipples erect, she rubbed against him, moaning as he kissed her eyes, her cheeks, knowing her blouse was being unbuttoned and tossed aside. Her breasts, encased in sheer lace, were suddenly free and he was touching them, tracing the sculpted edge of the lace with his rough fingers. Picking her up and holding her tight, his back braced against the wall as his tongue circled the delicate soft spot at the base of her throat.

“Oh baby…..Baby, this feels so good. Just love me. That’s all I ask.” she pleaded.

With a groan, he tossed her onto his bed. The broodiness flickering in his eyes. “I can’t. Not yet. I don't know if I ever can.”

Disappointment and humiliation burned her to her soul.

“Are we on some kind of timetable that I don’t know about?’ she demanded, her voice shaking. ‘Damnit it! Don’t shut me out….”

But he had already turned away from her, ramming his arms through the sleeves of his shirt. The towel dropped. As she got a momentary glance of his bare butt, he stepped quickly into a pair of boxer-briefs and yanked on his jeans.

“I told you this was wrong,” he yelled back at her as he stormed out of the room.

“Why can't you change ?” she whimpered. With tears flowing , she reached for his towel and held it to her heart, uncertain what to do next.
Hot August Night
Posted:Aug 14, 2018 8:42 pm
Last Updated:Sep 15, 2021 10:39 am
"He's dangerous" she thought. But he was so close, she could barely breathe. Her heartbeat thundered in her ears.

Tilting up her chin with one long finger, he kissed her and in the that second's time, she seemed to melt inside.

His tongue invaded her mouth, and she willingly opened to him, like a flower in the sun. HIs arms surrounded her and her knees buckled; her bones turned to liquid. His mouth was hard and hungry and eager.

She was hot, so hot and his hands fueled the fire that burned beneath her skin. "Love me" she silently cried, "Please love me".

She pressed hard against him, wanting more. knowing that only his touch would salve the desire that brought sweat to every inch of her body.

Anxiously he peeled away her shirt and she fumbled with the buttons of his. The tops of her breasts bulged over her bra. to rub against the coarse hairs on his chest.

He whispered her name, his voice strangled, as if he wanted to stop but couldn't find the strength. He undid her bra and her breasts spilled into his waiting callused hands. "Oh my, you are so sweet and soft".

His thumbs caressed her nipples, and they swelled for him, puckering as liquid heat raced through her body.

Lowering himself to his knees, he pressed wet kisses against her skin and buried his face between her breasts, pushing the supple skin against his cheeks.

Deep inside, she began to ache.

His breath fanned her nipple before he took it into his mouth and her legs turned to jello. He kissed her, touched her and his fingers cupped her round butt.

The ache that throbbed between her legs was almost unbearable. And yet she wanted more.

"I want you" she moaned.

"No!" he rasped. "You don't even know what you want".

"Just love me" she implored.

"I....I...can't'. He dropped his hands and threw back his head, squeezing his eyes shut. Shuddering, he took deep gulps of air, as if in so doing, he could forget the desire that was racing through him.

With tears in his eyes, he whispered, "I am not the man you need and want" and turned and walked away, never daring to look back at her.
10 Things You Should Never Say To A Canadian
Posted:Jun 28, 2018 11:07 am
Last Updated:Sep 15, 2021 10:38 am

I cannot take credit for this list but can certainly identify with the items listed. No doubt my fellow Canucks will too.

1. Anything in a fake Canadian accent
Want to insult a Canadian? Just put on a fake Canadian accent. Although the origins of this exaggerated accent are obscure, it must have been invented shortly after the country’s inception in 1867—because it’s really starting to show its rust. As cute and quaint as it might sound, the “Canadian accent” sounds nothing at all like how actual Canadians speak. That’s not to say we don’t have our own unique way of speaking (stand up, Newfoundland), it’s just that we’re a lot more Wayne Gretzky than Doug Mackenzie.

2. Disparaging comments about hockey
You might think P.K. Subban is a showboat or that the Ottawa Senators will never win a Stanley Cup, and you might be right, but be careful before you utter a disparaging remark about a hockey player or team in Canada. As a general rule, Toronto Maple Leafs insults can fly pretty much anywhere across the country, even in Toronto where fans mostly have a sense of humour. (Just one of 50 reasons to fall in love with Toronto.) Montreal Canadiens insults, on the other hand, can get you in trouble whether you’re in Beaver Creek, Yukon, or Blackhead, Newfoundland. Habs fans are everywhere and there’s nothing funny about the most storied team in NHL history. So when it comes to insulting the sport of hockey, just don’t do it, unless you really want to see the gloves come off.

3. “Cheese and gravy? Ew.”
No one can deny the magical relationship between french fries and ketchup. However, if you’re ordering fries and you’re asked if you’d like poutine instead, your answer should always be yes. For the uninitiated, poutine is a common Canadian dish that consists of french fries topped with squeaky cheese curds and gravy. If you’re concerned about that expanding gut of yours, many restaurants offer a healthier, vegetarian gravy substitute. Some diehard poutine fans might call mushroom or vegetable gravy sacrilege, but the only real crime is opting for boring old french fries when you can indulge in a Canadian delicacy.

4. “Hey! I’m walking here!”
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where do you think you are, New York City? Unless you’re actually trying to insult a Canadian, there’s only one thing you say when someone bumps into you: “Sorry.” The classic apology can mean anything from sincere acknowledgement of a mistake to passive aggressive annoyance. Just be sure you don’t put any stink on the word; as annoyed as you might be, it’s important to say sorry without sounding like you’re trying to start something.

5. The F-word (in Quebec)
The next time you stub your toe in Quebec, you might also want to bite your tongue. It’s not that Quebecers are prudes or dislike foul language, per se, it’s just that they happen to have their own heavenly style of swearing, which involves cursing the sacred items of the Catholic Church. It might seem a bit weird until you let an angry tah-bar-nac (the box where the Eucharist is kept) roll off your tongue. It has to be one of the most satisfying words to utter in a fit of agitation. Other popular swear words include os-tee (the communion wafer) and ka-lees (the cup from which you drink the holy wine). For extra punch, try combining the words into super swears: os-ti tah-bar-nac or ka-lees tah-bar-nac.

6. “Canada is the 51st U.S. state.”
Canada is not the same country as the United States. Everyone in Canada knows this, which is why it’s so frustrating when people around the world don’t seem to realize that our home and native land isn’t simply the 51st state of the U.S. Their confusion is somewhat understandable: Canada and the U.S. are such strong allies and many Canadian celebrities hop the border to find success in Hollywood. But if you ever want to insult a Canadian, ask them if they voted for Trump or Clinton, or why we drink milk out of bags. You’re bound to get some major eye rolls.

7. “Canadian beer sucks.”
It’s not that we can’t take the criticism or that our taste buds are numbed by years of drinking “moose urine,” as the Americans like to call it, it’s simply that we don’t understand why a nation of light beer guzzlers think they have the right to insult Canadian beer (or German, Polish, English or Japanese beer, for that matter). It’s a bit like someone who grew up on cheese-in-a-can screwing up their nose at free-range, organic chèvre. If you don’t know how beer is supposed to taste, please keep your comments to yourself. Raise a toast to Canadian beer (or a Caesar, if you prefer) at one of Canada’s best brunch spots.

8. “A-boot.”
Let’s face it: a-boot jokes have always insulted Canadians. It’s true what they say about accents: everyone has one and you can’t always hear your own, but this whole business about Canadians saying a-boot instead of about is just confusing. If anything, we say a-boat or, more accurately, a-beh-out. So, don’t say a-boot unless you want to get kicked by one.

9. “I disagree with your religious beliefs.”
Argue over politics, expound your views the most underrated province, even publicly take a stance on Bieber, but never talk about religion. Unless, of course, you’re saying something to the effect of, “I support your right to believe what you believe.” Though the country is more than two-thirds Christian, religion remains an issue Canadians prefer to keep within the walls of their private homes and holy places. A lot of the world’s conflicts are rooted in religion and Canadians are a peace-loving people. It all comes down to the fact that we want to like each other. Maybe the best way to do that is to ignore each other’s differences.

10. “Quebec should separate from Canada.”
The issue of Quebec sovereignty has been a controversial topic in Canada for the last 50 years or so. To put it simply, a portion of the Quebec population wants the province to separate from Canada, 49.2 per cent voted in favour of separation in a 1995 referendum. As for the rest of the country? Well, they see this as a bit of a snub. Quebec sovereignty deals with a lot of touchy topics from cultural genocide to violent revolution. If you want to give the pot a good ol’ stir and insult a whack of Canadians, talk about why you think the province should become its own independent nation.

Late One Evening
Posted:Mar 22, 2018 7:17 pm
Last Updated:Apr 18, 2021 7:06 am
Late one evening, I heard a knock on my front door.

It was a stormy, rainy night and I find you drenched on my doorstep. You introduce yourself and ask if you could use my phone as your car had broken down.

Although I was already dressed for bed in my t-shirt and panties, I take pity on you and let you in.

I lead you into the living room and tell you the first thing you need to do is to get out of your soaking wet clothes.

“I will bring you a man’s dressing gown that you can put on while your clothes dry"

I return, hand you the gown and tell you I will be back in a couple of minutes with a nice, hot drink to warm you up.

While I am gone, you take off all your clothes except your boxer-briefs and put on the gown.

When I come back with the hot drink, I couldn’t help noticing you staring at my cleavage.

Your eyes kept looking at my cleavage and I couldn’t help but notice you were starting to get aroused. I also notice you were still shivering from being out in the cold and rain so offer to rub your back to make you feel better.

“Please turn around” I instruct, which you dutifully do.

You feel my hands starting to massage your shoulders through the robe, and as my hands massaged around your neck, you feel my full breasts touching your back.

You can feel my hard nipples grazing against your back and I hear your moan as I glance down at your growing erection.

My hands move over your shoulders and slide inside the robe to touch your chest.

I lean closer and whisper in your ear, “Charles, is this making you feel better?”

You can barely speak, caught up in your arousal.

My tongue flicks along your earlobe as my hand slides down over your stomach.

The robe falls open exposing the bulge in your boxer-briefs.

You slowly turn your face towards me and we can't wait to have our lips touch.

While I kiss you slowly, my hand slides down and inside your boxer-briefs, curling around your enormous erection. My fingers become sticky from the cum that is already oozing.

As my tongue delves deeper into your mouth, my fingers slide up and down the length of your shaft.

As the robe falls off you, passion overwhelms you and dictates your movements.

Your hands are feeling all over me, sliding under my top, feeling my erect nipples growing hotter and harder as you tweak each one between your finger and thumb.

Your hand is snaking it’s way down my body to feel between my legs, touching my inner thighs.

Your fingers slide inside my panties, touching my moistened lips, searching for my engorged clit, rubbing it, then probing deep inside me.

I push you back on the sofa and move my mouth towards your erection.

But you move quickly to pull me around on top of you, putting my knees on either side of your head and my face downward.

I feel you pulling my panties to one side. I moan softly as your tongue starts lapping along the lips of my pussy as I guide the swollen head of your oozing hot cock into my mouth.

Your tongue is furiously licking my pussy, ramming it up inside me, sucking on my hard clit and flicking it with your tongue.

I slam my ass down onto your face, as I greedily swallow your erection down to the base.

Slurping and sucking, groaning with pleasure.

I am so close to cumming as you tongue me harder and deeper.

My legs start to tremble and as I erupt and drench your face with my juices, you explode, spurting strings of thick, creamy cum into my mouth.

I turn around and smile at you, cum dripping off my chin.

We kiss deeply and roll our tongues around inside each other’s mouths.

I pull away and say, “Charles, I think your clothes are dry now”
You Are Not Everyone's Cup of Tea
Posted:Mar 8, 2018 12:48 pm
Last Updated:Mar 4, 2021 11:49 am

I read this today. In light of today being International Women's Day, these words resonated with me and I felt strongly enough to want to post them here.

The world is filled with people who, no matter what you do, no matter what you try, will simply not like you. But the world is also filled with those who will love you fiercely. The s who love you: they are your people.

Don't waste your finite time and heart trying to convince people who aren't your people that you have value. They will miss it completely. They won't buy what you are selling.

Don't try to convince them to walk your path with you because you will only waste your time and your emotional good health.

You are not for them and they are not for you. You are not their cup of tea and they are not yours.

Politely wave them along and you move away as well.

Seek to share your path with those who recognize and appreciate your gifts, who you are.

Be who you are. You are not every's cup of tea and that is OK.

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