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A Sweet Memory  

silverforgold 66M
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1/14/2022 11:15 am

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1/21/2022 5:56 am

A Sweet Memory

I have had a few memorable encounters which were not anticipated.
It seems it can be the case that sometimes when you are not looking for something, that is when it shows up.
I remember an experience when I was doing some work for a woman and I had the opportunity to make a connection which in hindsight I should have pursued.
When we first met, I sensed something between us. There was a sensual connection.
My body felt it and my mind acknowledged it.
A door was opened to a part of myself I had not felt for quite a while and once it was it felt completely natural.
My flirtatious nature comes with a sense of humor automatically,
Our intellects were immediately compatible. She was very classy in every way and a CEO of a well known business locally.
There was an ease in our communication and so she was easy to be with as a result.
This is the kind of scenario that is my kind of fantasy and it was happening in reality.
Through the course of our business relationship we had to meet at my location several times and each time my level of anticipation was heightened just thinking about her.
She dressed very stylishly as a result of her position and her taste was a reflection of her inner character as well. How she saw herself and felt as an extension of her appearance.
I sensed she saw something in me as well. I just wasn't sure if I was reading my feelings correctly.
There came a time for me to come to her home to bring a conclusion to our business together.
Her home was also a reflection of her spirit and style as it can be for us all.
She brought me over to the subject of the work I did and expressed her pleasure with it. She handed me a check in payment and said now that we have that out of our way, would you like a glass of wine?
I said thank you that would be very nice.
She already had everything ready and simply poured it into the waiting glass.
We stood there and just looked into each others eyes in silence.
Not the uncomfortable silence that comes with not knowing what to say, but a silence from a sense of searching , exploring and removing the clothing of any pretense.
We both smiled and took a sip from our glasses.
I set mine down on the counter.
She said lets go into the other room and relax, and led me to her living room,
Everything about her environment was gentle, relaxed and confident. I held my glass and walked over to a photograph of her standing next to a she was stroking its head. She looked like someone from a glamor magazine posing for a product of some kind.
I turned to her and not indicating exactly what I was referring to I looked into her eyes for a moment and said, very beautiful and I am sure she knew exactly what I meant.
She smiled and coyly peered above the rim of her glass and said yes he is a real stud.
I held back my reaction and turned as if to examine the photo again and then turned back to her and said He is pretty large do you have any trouble climbing on top?
She couldn't help it and laughed out loud, but not in a boisterous way.
She said would you mind if I change out of my work clothes?
I said of course not. Please make yourself comfortable.
She walked over to her stereo and began to play some soft music which just happened to be some of my favorite forms of Jazz from the late 1950's early 1960's era.
She said please help yourself to some more wine and I 'll have some as well.
She left the room and I was already thinking about what may happen next.
I was just truly enjoying being with her without any need to decide what that would or should be.
She returned after a short time.
She had removed her workday business suit which was a blouse jacket and skirt. She had beautiful legs and a skirt suited them well.
Her body was in perfect proportion to her petite frame and height.
She exchanged them for a pair of slacks and a sweater which hung over her shoulder on one side.
Her slacks were rather form fitting and exposed the beauty of her anatomy beneath them.
She aroused me on every level, intellectually , physically and emotionally.
I handed her her glass.
She didn't choose to sit on any furniture but instead sat on her rug and beckoned me to follow, which I did.
We sat there and spoke quietly together about our interests and life, eventually arriving at the subject of our relationships with others.
She was divorced and I was married.
She made it clear she had no judgement about that one way or the other. She seemed to be coming from a point of view I was yet to fully understand.
She asked me if I wanted to smoke some pot.
I told her being with her was stimulation enough and I wouldn't want to spoil that feeling by thinking something else was necessary.
She playfully responded by saying: how sweet are you?
I said well Its a matter of taste.
Which once again made her laugh and her eyes became a little fiery.
Would you like to see the rest of the house?
I said sure.
We stood up and she lead me around but it was clear she was not interested in the tour only the destination.
It ended in her bedroom.
This is it. she said, her back was in front of me as she turned to look at me while speaking.
We looked at each other in that same silence once again.
In her eyes I saw something sweet and gentle, shy and vulnerable, strength and fire and there was experience , longing and pain
I took her in my arms and kissed her deeply.

LadiesR2B1rst 58M  
2402 posts
1/14/2022 12:48 pm

Very well written. There were two things that that piqued my interest. One was she liked horses and the other was the mental picture of her sweater with her shoulder showing. She seems like a very nice lady to know. Have a great day.

silverforgold replies on 1/15/2022 4:20 am:
Thanks for the comment

countryqueen1 72F

1/14/2022 3:18 pm

It seems this was something you didn't pursue, maybe because of your marital status, not sure. Did you break her heart? Or she break yours?

silverforgold replies on 1/15/2022 4:19 am:
You are very perceptive. I leave it all to your imagination. I will say there is more to the story.

BiSussi 61F
1351 posts
1/15/2022 9:50 am

How sweet
Thank you for sharing

Oh yes, when you have found love you don’t go back to SEX. All I can think about isMaking Babies when I am in love How about you?OVER 30 YEARS of making love without condoms and not once ended up with an STD risk management & being selective, believing in LOVE & not F@&# every nice looking and sounding man does pay off

I love pussies and adore nice dicks

silverforgold replies on 1/15/2022 11:09 am:
Thank you Darlin for taking time to comment.

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