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Tried the new toys
Posted:Apr 3, 2020 11:12 pm
Last Updated:Apr 3, 2020 11:13 pm
Mmmmm! I tried the new toys. The dildo was very filling and nice feeling inside. And, the vibrator was excellent, too. I'm looking forward to playing on video and sharing with friends.

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Shopping time!
Posted:Mar 29, 2020 9:24 am
Last Updated:Mar 29, 2020 9:26 am
I know it is a pandemic and we shouldn't be doing frivolous shopping but I couldn't resist some late night online shopping. I love the toys that I have but I wanted some new things to keep me amused during this time of 'sheltering in place.' Here's what I got ...

I am so looking forward to using both of them at the same time. The dildo should fill me nicely, if not as deeply as I would like, and the other is like the ones I see used in BDSM porn videos and pictures. I love that it has 20 settings and covers a wider area. My little pepper should be so very happy! I've never tried the suction cup on any of my dildos.

Now that I have so much time at home, I might give it a try and see if I can get my ass filled while I use another toy in my pussy to really fill me up. I love being so full. It really is too bad that I don't like sharing as having all my holes filled at the same time is a major fantasy -- all four holes (if you count the one that is created when I press my man boobs together).

I do love that all the toys are rechargeable and I can stop supporting the battery manufacturers. There have been times when I've recommended that people buy stock in certain battery companies because of how many of them I've used. They last longer now than the used to but in a good week, I can tear through them like there's no tomorrow.

I've been saving some story starter pictures from another site, I'll have to start working on some of them so I can share them with you. I miss turning you all on. Hell, I miss turning me on with them! Though just thinking about those pictures is causing some moisture to form in the bonus hole. Mmm! I may have to get off before I get too involved in today's work!
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Dealing with a cheating
Posted:Mar 18, 2020 2:50 pm
Last Updated:Mar 18, 2020 9:00 pm

“What are you doing?” Meg demanded as Jack entered her dressing room. He closed the door behind him and locked the door. She moved behind the makeup chair, providing a barrier between them, and gripped the back of the chair as she watched him warily.

He crossed the room and stood in front of her. Wordlessly he picked up the chair, yanking it out of Meg’s hands then moving it to the side. Jack reached out and pulled Meg to him, then turned her around to face away from him.

Her heart was racing in anticipation of his next action. “Please Jack, please don’t,” she begged.

“You’re a fucking ,” he whispered into her ear. His hands rested on her waist then forced the skirt and underwear she was wearing over her hips. Jack let them fall to the floor and pool around her feet which were still encased in the high heels she’d worn on stage.

“I … I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Meg’s face turned bright red as she thought about how she’d fucked her co-star several times. He was so hot and well endowed. How could she say no when he asked her to bend over the couch in his dressing room?

“Tony told me all about it. He told me all about how you just spread your legs for him and let him fill you after ever performance since the dress rehearsal,” Jack replied angrily. His breath was hot on Meg’s neck and she was worried about what he was going to do.

“It didn’t mean anything,” she replied and tried to turn around to face him. He gripped her arms and held her in place as he rubbed his groin against her bare ass. “Please, Jack. You have to believe me.”

“Oh, I believe you. You’re a worthless ,” he replied. “And, I’m going to use you just like Tony did.”

Meg struggled to pull away, but he was too strong for her. “I’m sorry, I swear it didn’t mean anything. Please, let me explain!”

Jack forced her to kneel on the floor then moved to stand in front of her. He wrapped her hair around his hand and held her in place while he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Jack slapped her face several times then pressed it against her mouth. “Show me how a cock sucking like you takes care of a cock.”

His cock pressed against her lips and into her mouth. He pulled back until the tip rested on her lips then slammed the hard thick cock into her mouth and down her throat. Jack was not interested in being gentle with her.

She pushed against his legs and tried to pull away but his hand in her hair held her head still. “Show me how you sucked his cock,” he spat at her and fucked her mouth. He forced the tip deep into the back of her mouth and down the throat, forcing her to hold it in place until she gagged.

Jack pulled out and stared down at her. The makeup she’d been wearing on stage was smudged and she looked like a who was accustomed to being used like a . “Suck my cock, slut,” he ordered as he forced the tip back into her mouth.

Meg’s eyes watered each time he made her gag and the eye makeup she was wearing started to run, leaving black streaks on her face. She’d never seen him like this before, he had never gotten angry like this with her.

He suddenly pulled out and released her hair. “Bend over and put your ass in the air,” Jack demanded as he pulled his pants down and took them off. She followed his order, not wanting to piss him off any more than he already was.

Jack knelt behind her and rubbed his hands all over her ass. He slapped the cheeks with his cock as his hand reached between her legs. She was soaking wet. “I can see you like being called a ,” he said then slammed his cock into her pussy.

“Oh fuck!” she cried out. He roughly fucked her as he used one hand on her shoulder to allow stability for his ruthless fucking and the other in her hair to hold her in place. Jack threw his head back as he slammed in and out of her.

He suddenly stopped with his cock buried balls deep into her pussy, then ripped the back of her shirt up the middle to get better access to her breasts. Jack went back to fucking her, his hands back on her shoulder and in her hair.

“Please Jack,” she begged.

“Please what?”

“Please stop … you’re hurting me!”

“Good!” he replied then pulled her up so her back was pressed against his body. He pulled the shirt up out of the way with one hand and held it out of the way as he pressed his forearm against her throat. With his other hand he grabbed her breast and squeezed it hard, digging his fingers into the soft flesh.

“Oh god,” Meg cried out.

Jack pulled his hand back and slapped her breast, his fingertips landing on the nipple. Meg cried out again and tears trailed down the streaks on her face and dripped onto her breasts. He rubbed the tears into the skin then slapped the other breast without easing the pace of his fucking.

“Stupid, cheating, fucking ,” he said as he slapped her breasts several more times, making sure to hit the nipples to make her cry out even louder.

After several minutes, Jack let her fall away from him and she was back on her hands and knees. He pulled out of her pussy and lined his cock up with her ass. “No! Jack! Don’t fuck my ass!”

“Does your ass belong to Tony?” he demanded. Meg sobbed as she lowered her head to the floor. “I should have known.”

Jack was shaking as he pushed his cock covered in her juices into her tight ass that was tensed to try to keep me out. He forced his cock into her ass and held it there as he wiped the sweat from his brow and took several deep breaths.

He slowly fucked her ass, enjoying the tightness. As the hole loosened, he fucked her faster, gripping onto her hips to stabilize himself. “Fuck your ass is so good!” Jack cried out. “I’m going to fill your ass with my come.”

Suddenly Meg’s body started to shake, and she cried out as she started to come. “That’s right bitch, come on my cock,” Jack said as he slammed his cock deep into her ass, balls deep again, and exploded inside her.

“Oh fuck, yes!” he moaned. He expected to soften but his cock was still rock hard. He continued to fuck her ass, slower as he enjoyed her muscles clenching around his cock after her orgasm. “Your ass is so fucking tight.”

Meg reached between her legs and began rubbing her clit. Jack smiled, “That’s it, , rub your clit and make it all nice and hard.”

He fucked her harder as he got close to coming again. Her fingers moved faster over her clit and she brought herself to another stronger orgasm. Jack couldn’t control his cock with her ass tightening around the shaft. He roared as his body shook from the intensity of the orgasm.

When he finished coming, he pulled out and watched his come spill out of her ass and onto the floor between her legs. “So much come filling your tight ass,” he commented and smirked. “Just how a should look after being properly used.”

Meg slumped against the floor. She was sore and exhausted from the fucking. Jack stood up and pulled his pants back on. He watched her breathing heavily, and almost felt some sympathy for her but it was fleeting.

“Sit up bitch,” he demanded. She slowly sat up with her head bowed.

“You have a choice to make—give up Tony or never see me again.”

She looked up and turned her head to face him. “Will you fuck me like that again?”

“Every fucking time,” he replied. She smiled and rested her hand on his cock. It twitched under her touch.

“I choose you.”

He smiled broadly as helped her to stand. “Clean up and get dressed. I want to take you home and remind you that your body belongs to me and only me.”

“Yes Sir!” she said with a huge smile. “I can’t wait.”
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webcam fun
Posted:Mar 16, 2020 10:12 pm
Last Updated:Mar 16, 2020 10:18 pm
Today, while I was working from home, I was sat at my desk, naked from the waist up and playing with my breasts while on webcam. I would pause to play with my breasts as I attempted to get work done. It is such a turn on to be on the phone for a work thing and playing with my nipples. I spend a fair amount of time slapping my breasts around. It was very nice.

I tried something new. I used a plastic fork on my nipples. It hurt just enough to be noticeable and make me even more turned on. I stabbed the sensitive flesh and scrapped the tips over my nipples. It was very moan worthy. I cannot wait to have a partner do it to me. I'm sure it will be even more amazing feeling to not know when I am going to be touched with it or how hard.

Then, I tied up my breasts and grabbed a vibrator from my room. I sucked on the toy for a bit then slid my pants down enough to allow my vibrator to have easy access to my little pepper. I masturbated while 24 people watched me. It was amazing to know so many were encouraging me with their words (and tips!).

When I finished I really needed to come again so I said goodbye and went to my room. I set up the tablet to record my play then started playing. I sucked on the thick black dildo that I love then put it inside me and lowered my pussy onto the rest of it until the balls at the base were buried inside me. I rode the toy as I watched some videos and rubbed the little pepper with my vibrator again.

Man, did I have a fabulous orgasm. It was so nice! You would have been impressed with the guttural noises I was making. It may not have been the most intense one I've ever had but it was pretty damned impressive.

As soon as I finished, I wanted to go again but I needed to focus and get some work done. I got some screen shots to share. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them possible!

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The frustration cure
Posted:Mar 4, 2020 3:43 pm
Last Updated:Mar 4, 2020 4:44 pm

This week has been decidedly stressful and frustrating. And, all I want right now is to be used sexually. Not in a friendly, loving, gentle way.

I want to be taken to the basement, which is shared with the rest of the people who live in the apartment building, and have my body exposed with my shirt and bra tugged up and out of the way and my pants pulled down to my knees to expose my holes then bent over. I want to have his hard thick cock forced into my mouth and to be face fucked -- deep throating his cock and gagging on it.

Then being spun around so that my ass is facing him then have him shove his cock into my ass without lube, just my spit providing any sort of lubrication. His hands on my hips to hold me in place as he rams his cock in and out of my ass, not caring at all if it hurts or feels good. My tits swaying freely as my ass is wrecked, the ever-present concern of someone coming into the basement and catching us.

He calls me names and verbally humiliates me for allowing him to do this to me -- a desperate naughty bitch boy who needed to have his ass filled with come. "Come bucket ... anal slut ... boy."
Every thrust harder than the last as he pounds my ass, his fingers digging into my hips as his words dig into my brain, turning me on even more.

"Come now," he will order, making my pussy clench in happy response. "If you don't come before me, you won't get to come at all for the rest of the day."

He would reach over my back and grab a handful of hair and pull my head back as he slows his pace and nearly pulls all the way out then slamming it deep into my ass. Over and over, loving the sound of my grunts. He calls me names as his strokes become smooth again.

"Oh fuck yeah," he would utter as he neared the edge of his orgasm, edging himself as he gives me time to reach the pinnacle with him. My bonus hole dripping juices down my thighs as I get closer and closer.

"Oh god," I would cry out as I started to come, my ass muscles milking his cock. A deep guttural cry escaping from me as my orgasm rocks through my body. He wouldn't be able to hold back anymore and would fill my ass with all of his come as he roared in response.

He would pull out and watch his come drip out of my ass and fall on my pants. He would put his cock away, leaving me in the bent over position and would push his hand into my ass, using his come as lube. I would cry out at being stretched so wide then as he started to fist fuck my ass.

"I won't stop until you come," he would say as he reached under me and found my nipples, tugging hard on them and slapping my tits as he fucks my ass with his fist. "You're such an ass slut. Taking all of my fist in your ass. Your ass was created to be fucked, no wonder you're such a slut."

"Oh god," I would cry out as I would start to come again. He would continue fist fucking me as the orgasms would string together, one following another until they're just barely noticeable.

He would clean his hand off with wipes we kept stored in the basement for play like this. "Get dressed," he would order. "Don't clean up when we get upstairs. I want to smell how turned on you were."

Then we would go back to the apartment and continue on with our day.

And, now, it is time to take care of how turned on I am from thinking about this.
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Inside the Club (M/M/F/f)
Posted:Feb 16, 2020 11:50 am
Last Updated:Mar 16, 2020 10:18 pm

As master and I stepped into the club, a few guys at a nearby table cat called and made comments about huge tits. They were with a woman who was currently sucking on the man to the left’s dick.

master brought me over to them. “Be a good slut and share your breasts with the nice men,” he ordered as he gently pushed me towards the threesome.

face turned bright red as I stepped closer to them. They caressed the soft flesh of breasts, sucked and bit nipples, held them up the nipple and slapped them. They smiled big when they made me cry out. I looked at master who was watching from nearby—close enough to step in if needed but far enough away to not be interfering—he smiled approvingly.

“Sandy, get down between her legs,” the one on the left ordered. “Lick her until she comes on your face.”

“Sure thing, Boss,” the red head who had been sucking on his cock said from beneath the table. She crawled out and I could now see that she was short, like me, and slim but was stacked with a nice set of breasts that were on the larger side but not overly big her body. Sandy, who was probably 10 years older than me, was wearing a ton of what Dolly Parton would call makeup. She wasn’t really type, but I wasn’t going to say no to her eating me out either. It had been ages since the last time master had allowed me to do that.

Sandy moved so she was kneeling in front of me and spread legs then used her long fingernails to part lower lips to expose clit. I gasped when the tip of her tongue touched the swollen nub and grew weak in the knee as she licked all around it and suck on it.

I knew I wasn’t going to last long with her doing that while master watched and the men played with breasts.

“I gotta fuck those tits,” one of them said. The other got behind me, digging his hard cock against back, and reached around me to hold tits together to make a hole his friend. He sat on the edge of the table and slipped his hard cock between breasts. He pumped his cock up and down between them as he played with the nipples.

The guy behind me rubbed his cock against back. “Sandy, can I fill her?”
“Go on,” the woman answered. I was instantly curious about their relationship but now was not the time to ask.

He dropped breasts and guided his cock into pussy. He wasn’t very well endowed, and his cock slid right into sopping wet pussy. I barely noticed though as I was too wrapped up in what Sandy was doing between legs. The guy who had been breasts was now playing with breasts with one hand as he jerked off with the other.

She was licking clit like it was a melting ice cream cone and it was driving me wild. Along with the guys and master rubbing his cock through his pants, it was too much me. body started to quiver and came so hard. I let out a loud guttural sound that reverberated through the club. I was grateful the guy standing behind me and holding me up because I would have collapsed on the floor.

“Oh fuck. I’m going to come,” he announced. His cock twitched as he dumped his hot sticky come on chest and neck. “That was hot. Sandy … get up here and lick the come off her.”

Sandy’s face was covered with juices. The guy behind me was still pussy as she licked up the come. I gasped loudly when the woman kissed me. She shoved her tongue into mouth then spit the come in mouth. I gagged but swallowed so as not to embarrass master. That was another first me.

That was all the man who was me needed to see and he filled pussy with come. Sandy winked at me then dropped to her knees again and put her mouth against pussy. The guy pulled out and his come mixed with juices fell into her mouth.

When she stood up again, she kissed me again and spit the fluids in mouth then forced me to close mouth. I gagged but had no choice but to swallow. She smiled and whispered, “Good girl. Welcome to the club. I’m here alone on Fridays, leave the guy at home so we can really play.”

I blushed at her words and nodded head with a tentative smile. I didn’t have words; head was a fog from all of the sexual chemicals floating around. master came over and put his arm around waist to provide support.

“Thank you honoring slut with your attention,” he said.

“It was amazing,” the guy who had come on me said. “I hope you become regulars. I love the feel of those breasts. spectacular.”

master squeezed hip and nudge shoulder with his. “Thank you allowing me to serve you.”

“Any time,” the other guy said. “It was a great finish the night.”

master smiled down at me then led me further into the club. The room reeked with the smell of come and sweat. We walked around a few minutes, checking out some of the other attendees and watching the action. Eventually he found us a place to sit.
On the Drive to the Club (M/f)
Posted:Feb 15, 2020 2:07 pm
Last Updated:Feb 15, 2020 9:51 pm

When we got in the car, he instructed me to unbutton the coat but leave it closed. I blushed a deep red as I followed his instructions. The coat splayed open over legs and just barely covered pussy. He looked at me and smiled. “You’re doing great, pet,” he said then squeezed hand.

He didn't have much to say on the drive to the club and we just listened to the radio. Surprisingly he put it on a station he knew I preferred. It was a reward agreeing to go to the club. I hummed along with the music between swigs of the water.

At red lights, if there was a driver in the car next to us, he would reach over and open the coat to expose body then play with breasts. It was quite embarrassing me to have the men, some quite seedy looking, leering at me but at least they couldn’t touch me and didn’t know where we were going.

“He’ll be going home and spilling some seed,” he said then laughed. “I hope his wife isn’t going to mind that we put him in the mood.”

I smiled, glad that he was enjoying himself. “You’re an enabler.”

He smirked in response. “Everyone should enjoy sex and getting off so I’m happy to facilitate that others.”

It seemed like we were in the car forever. Traffic wasn’t heavy and it only took about 20 minutes to get into the section of the city where the club was located.

I groaned and nearly died when we pulled up next to a bus of college football players who were on the way home from a game. “They’re looking glum. I bet they lost the game. Open your coat and play with yourself and cheer them up,” he ordered.

I didn’t argue as I spread the coat to expose body then closed eyes. I could feel a dozen or more pairs of eyes watching me. I spread legs wide and started to rub clit.

I slipped fingers into wet pussy and coated them with juices before returning to very erect clit. I rubbed it hard and fast as other hand played with breasts, rubbing all over them and tugging on the nipple.

I could hear master breathing harder as he watched not only me but also the looks on the young men’s faces. “That’s it, pet. They’re unable to take their eyes off you,” he said. “I bet they’re rubbing their cocks through their uniforms. And, when they get back to the school, they’re all going to be wanking off in the shower.”

face turned a bright red and I wondered how long the light was going to be red or if they’d all stopped watching the light as they were watching me. No one was honking their horn to tell us to get a move on.

I began humping the air as I got closer to orgasm. master reached out and pulled on left nipple, tugging hard on it to make me arch back and cry out. I glanced up at the players on the bus and their stunned but appreciative looks were all I needed to get off. I cried out as orgasm hit me and body shook.

The light turned green and the bus pulled away. “Very nicely done slut. I’m sure every one of them is going to come hard thinking about what you did. You can cover up now. The club is just a few blocks away.”

“Thank you,” I replied. I was glad he was pleased but also relieved that we were nearly there. Hopefully there would be no more red lights or buses full of people to perform for.

When we pulled into the parking lot, lover spoke briefly with the attendant and we were allowed into the private parking lot. He got out of the car then walked around to side and opened the door. I stepped out of the car, holding the coat closed with hands.

He wrapped his arms around me, forcing me against his body, and I could feel how hard he was. “I can’t go in there like this,” he said as he turned me around and pressed me against the hood of our car.

He forced me to bend over then I heard him unzip his pants then a sharp breeze when he yanked the coat up to expose ass. He kicked feet apart and quickly guided his hard cock into sopping wet pussy.

“Oh god, you’re so wet. I can still feel your pussy clenching from your orgasm,” he whispered as he leaned over me. “It was so hot to see you perform for those players. I wanted to plow into you right then and show them how a man fucks a cumslut like you.”

He fucked me hard and fast, pinning me tightly against the car. He held on to hips and he drove into me over and over again, bottoming out with each thrust of his thick eight-inch cock.

“Did you like knowing all those boys were getting hard as they watched you?” he asked as he slowed to keep himself from coming. “I was imagining all of them using your ass and pussy, one after another, as you were tied in place over the bench in the locker room. Would you like that?”

“Oh god,” I whimpered.

“And, they’re young and horny so I bet a lot of them would be able to get hard again quickly. Especially if they used your mouth while they waited their turn to fuck you again,” he continued as he pulled out then slammed his cock into me hard. “All their come dripping out of your and onto the floor. I bet a fair of them would be popping their cherry with you.”

“Oh … please … oh god.” I could picture the of them in a circle around me, pumping their hands up and down their young hard cocks as they waited their turn. The awkward attempts to enter holes and fuck me, having them finish after just a few minutes because it was their first time and all their come spilling out of me onto the locker room floor. body started to shake.

“That’s it, cumslut,” he said as started to fuck me faster, his breathing becoming ragged. “I’m going to come and fill your pussy with so much come. You can come again if you’re able to.

He pulled hips back away from the car and fucked me harder and deeper. He grunted loudly as he dumped a load of hot deep inside pussy. I pictured the football team standing around the car, watching body be used, and I started to come.

“Oh fuck! Yes!” I cried out. “Don’t stop … please … oh god.”

He fucked pussy as hard as he could, reaching around hips with one hand to rub clit then under body to find a nipple to squeeze and torment it. “Come me slut. I want to feel your muscles choking cock with how hard you’re coming.”

“Oh master … oh fuck … I’m … oh god … I’m coming again!” I cried out as body shook beneath him and pussy tightened around his cock, gripping it tightly. He rubbed clit and fucked me until he could feel me come again around his cock.
Wordlessly he pulled out of me and watched his come mixed with copious juices falling onto the ground next to the car. He caressed ass then moved the coat to cover body again then tucked his cock into his pants.

He helped me to stand up, then turned me around and kissed me. “I love you, thank you letting me fill you.”

“ pleasure,” I replied. I could feel his come dripping down inner thighs and I wanted to stop to clean it up but there was no time as he turned and quickly made his way to the entrance of the club with me following close behind.
Working with the trainer
Posted:Feb 14, 2020 6:28 pm
Last Updated:Feb 14, 2020 6:30 pm

In an attempt to lose weight/get healthier/get more fit/have surgery later this year, I've signed up with a gym and a trainer at the gym. I know, not very exciting. I've been going for about two weeks. It has been interesting, mildly painful but I can feel and see a difference already in small ways, like standing up straighter.

Today was an interesting one. The trainer put a rubbery band around my legs, just above the knee. If it had been rope it would be going in a much different direction! As soon as my head went there, so went my ability to concentrate. It was there to work on my legs, especially my thighs, which would make them much stronger to be able to wrap around my partner and hold them in place while they're inside me, preventing them from pulling out until I'm done with them. Then she made me walk in them and do some exercises standing, and I couldn't get my head pulled away from thinking about the idea trying to move with rope tied around my legs. My brain needs to behave, I need to be able to focus on what I'm doing and making sure I'm doing all the right things.

If I'm not more flexible and ready for fucking by the time I'm done with this exercising I've been doing then there's no hope for me. I would love to find someone to test it out and see how I'm coming along with everything. And, sex is a great aerobic exercise to add to all the stretching and body weight/resistance training I'm doing at the gym!
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Giant nipple
Posted:Feb 2, 2020 7:58 pm
Last Updated:Feb 3, 2020 4:53 pm
I used the nipple suckers last night and my goodness! My nipples got HUGE! I made a video of my pulling the rubbery sheaths off, which was not easy as my nipples pretty much filled them completely. This is by far the biggest I've gotten them. They were so sensitive and it was amazing. They're back to normal size now but they're a bit sore, the fabric rubbing over them from my shirt is a nice reminder of what happened last night. Now if only I had a wonderful mistress to torment my nipples and the rest of me. That would be so amazing. If you want to explore what more can be done with my nipples, and the rest of me, just me an Instant .

Under investigation
Posted:Feb 1, 2020 10:56 pm
Last Updated:Feb 2, 2020 7:49 am

I pulled into the park, happy to see there were no other cars in the parking lot. I parked near the pond and waited to see if there were a lot of hikers. When I didn’t see anyone come out of the forest after minutes, I got out of the car, tucking my keys and phone into my pockets, and made my way to the trail that led around the pond.

It was warm for the first day of February, which was perfect for what I was about to do. I made sure I was far enough down from the entrance and not in direct sight of the house on the edge of the forest then pulled my phone out and turned on the camera.
I made sure it was set to selfie and movie modes then pressed the start button.

I slowly unzipped my sweatshirt then parted the fabric to expose my bra. I unzipped it and it fell open. I quickly pulled the fabric away from the soft flesh sacks and fully exposed my breasts. The camera caught each frame as I moved my free hand over my breast, tugging and pulling on the nipple, making sure not to get my full face in the video so I couldn’t be easily identified. After a minute or so I turned off the recording then switched it back to camera and set the timer.

I hit the button on the phone and quickly moved the phone into position. I took pictures that included face for some of my close friends, the rest would have to be happy with my faceless pictures. It was no secret that they were there for my breasts, not my face.

My pussy was so wet. I loved exposing my breasts while in a public place and taking pictures of it. It was such a huge turn on for me and I was going to be masturbating as soon as I got home.

I grabbed a few more pictures then zipped my shirt back up before heading back to my car. I didn’t have to leave for awhile and it was still no one around so I took a lot more pictures and a few videos. I had to end one of the video recordings rather abruptly because someone had pulled into the par Thankfully they didn’t stay long, and I was soon alone again.

I posted a few of the pictures some of the pick-up sites I belonged and shared a few others with a couple of friends that I knew would appreciate the pictures then I headed home so I could masturbate and upload the pictures and movies.

As soon as I got back home, I uploaded everything the cloud then took my phone into the bedroom to watch porn while I rubbed my clit with my favorite toy. It didn’t take very long get off. While I was recovering from my orgasm there was a knock on the door.

I quickly put on my clothes and answered the door. There was a police officer from the town I’d taken the pictures at.

“Hello. Is this a picture you took?” he asked as he held up his cell phone. It was one of the pictures I’d posted on a pick-up site.

“I … I …”

“You’ll have to come with me,” he said and escorted me to black car in the driveway next to mine. There was no talking as we made the 40 minute drive back to the par I tried think of what I could do get out of this mess and was pretty sure I was fucked but not in the way I would want be.

“I am going need you show where you took the pictures,” the cop said as we pulled into the parking lot. “I will need to verify it by taking more pictures of you doing all the things for evidence.”

“That seems odd to ,” I replied.

“ is the professional here?” he countered.

“It just seems …”

“Just show where you took the pictures then expose your breasts so that I can match up the pictures,” he said, irritated with my questioning.

“Fine, whatever,” I said. I stomped across the parking lot and down the path, stopping where I’d taken the pictures. I pulled my shirt off, I’d not put a bra back on in my rush to get dressed so my breasts were already completely exposed.

“Oh wow,” he said. I watched him pull his phone out and he started taking pictures.
“Do all the things you did in the other pictures and movies. I want to see it all so I can collect the evidence we need.”

I played with my nipples and sucked on them, trying to remember the things I’d done earlier. I doubt he really cared if I did it exactly the way so I improvised and added other things.

As annoyed as I was, I couldn’t help but get turned on knowing that he was taking pictures and videos of me. And, it was kinda nice to not have to be holding the camera too while I was playing with my nipples.

“That’s it, show me what you did,” he encouraged. After another minute or , he stopped. I went to pick up my shirt and he stopped . “I didn’t say you were done.”

“What? I did what you told do!”

“Pull your pants down. We have evidence dating back several that shows you dropping your pants. We need get evidence that it was you did it.”

“Shouldn’t I have a lawyer or something here?”

“I gave you an order,” he replied as he stepped closer . “I can undress you the rest of the way if you’re not going cooperate.”

“I’ll do it, thank you very much,” I snapped back and dropped my pants.

“Oh yes, that’s exactly what I needed see,” he said and started take pictures again. After a few minutes he put the camera in his pocket. “Turn around and face the tree, just like you are.”

I did what I was told, sure he was about to handcuff me while I was completely compromised. I heard a zipper behind me and a bit of fumbling. He kicked feet further apart and I fell towards the tree. I put my hands out to stop my face from hitting the bar

He stepped closer and I could feel him squat slightly then his cock pressed against my pussy.

“What the fuck?!” I cried out. He covered my mouth with one hand as his other wrapped around my stomach, pulling closer him so he could really drive his cock deep inside .

“This is what happens dirty bitch come sluts pose nude in the woods,” he said as he drove his cock deep into me. “You were a very naughty girl, and this is what you deserve.”

He continued to fuck me hard, moving his hand away from my mouth so he could hold my hips in place as pounded me harder.

“Please … oh god … just cuff me and send me to jail.”

“You’d be a sweet treat in jail with those luscious fat tits and your puffy pussy lips,” he replied. “The other girls would love having their way with you. Only they don’t have nice hard cocks like I have. They only have toilet plungers and whatever else they can find.”

“Oh fuck,” I whimpered.

He suddenly stopped and pulled out. I thought I was going to be given a reprieve, but it wasn’t to be. He spun me around and pushed me to my knees. “Show me how good you are at being a slutty cock sucker,” he said then pushed his cock into my mouth.

I tried to pull away, but he held my head in place with both of his hands on my head. He fucked my face hard and made me gag on his coc Tears were running down my face and I tried pull away, but he just tightened his grip on my head.

“Oh yeah, look at your lips spreading wide for my big thick cock,” he said as he stared down at my face, smiling as I gagged again on his coc “So good, your mouth is so tight, and I have really force my cock into it.”

He continued to fuck my mouth a bit longer, forcing take it all down my throat. “I should come down your slutty throat and make you a come swallower, but I’ll be nice you. Stand up and turn around again.”

I struggled and he held stand then spun around, forcing bend at the waist. He rubbed the tip of his cock in my pussy juices, then slid it up and forced the tip into my ass. “Oh fuck!” I cried out. He covered my mouth with his hand again and I was silenced as he forced all of his cock into my ass. He fucked relentlessly, his hips thrusting his cock into as hard and fast as he could.

“Oh yeah slutty bitch,” he said as he slowed and nearly pulled out each time before slamming his cock deep into my ass. “Oh fuck … oh yeah … here … it … comes!” he said and streams of thick hot come filled my ass.

He reached his hand under me and rubbed my clit hard and fast as he continued to fuck my ass through his orgasm. “Come before I’m done,” he warned. “Or I’ll have to take you to the jail like this and I’m not sure you want to have the rest of the cops see you. I don’t think they will be as gentle as I have been.

I whimpered and couldn’t help myself and I started to come. It was incredibly strong, and I nearly passed out as he started to fuck my ass again and rubbed my clit. “Oh god, please … no more …” I begged.

“I’ll stop when I’m ready,” he said as he forced me to come more times with his cock fucking my raw ass and fingers on my clit. I held onto the tree to keep from falling to the ground as he pulled out. “Look at that gap and all my come dripping out of you.”
I heard him reaching for his phone and the familiar clicking sound as he took more pictures then tucked his penis back into his pants. He helped me to stand then pulled me close.

“End scene,” he said.

“Mmm! That was amazing,” I said. “Thank you, we’re going to have to do that again.”

“Oh yeah. It was so hot fucking you in the park,” he replied. “Let’s head home so I can publish these pictures and videos, and I think I’m going to fuck you again.”

“Mmm! I can’t wait!” I pulled my clothes on then we walked back to the car.
Oh! So many pictures!
Posted:Feb 1, 2020 3:44 pm
Last Updated:Feb 1, 2020 4:45 pm
So it cleared and I was able take some pictures and get some videos. I tried upload of the videos but it was a big no-go. It has been like that for for awhile so I'm not sure what the deal is. Anyway, you can enjoy these pictures!

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Nature photography
Posted:Feb 1, 2020 10:54 am
Last Updated:Feb 1, 2020 3:25 pm

I was going of favorite places and thought I'd do some nature photography today so I was reasonably excited about it. When I went to get dressed, I pulled night shirt off and discovered that nipples were rock hard. For someone generally dislikes being naked, I do love showing off breasts. It is so much fun and it turns on. And, I love hearing how much people enjoy the soft sacks of flesh. I put on bra that unzips in the front and just a zip-up sweatshirt on top in anticipation of taking a short walk down the path, unzipping everything and snapping a few pics.

I'm sitting in the parking lot and very bummed as it is super busy at the park with a lot of people walking on the trails. pussy is still drenched and nipples are rock hard, rubbing against the fabric of bra. I'm glad I didn't put the scraps of fabric that seems make nipples double in size just by touching them. I'm not sure what it is about that fabric but I am not complaining by any means. It has the bonus of making them much more sensitive and I am sure I could orgasm by just having nipples played with. I'm pretty close achieving it on own. I know it would be achievable if someone else was doing the playing.

I think if I could be trained come that way, I would be able attend "business" more easily when and about, especially at work. There have been times when I have needed get off but with a toy on clit would take too long and be too noisy. Vibrators are just not quiet enough when the walls are very thin. I'm so turned on just thinking about it. I would like have a method for getting off that I could use anywhere that it was safe. I don't care if people think masturbating shouldn't be done at the office or the library bathroom, as long as no one else knows does it hurt? And, I wouldn't care if a stranger figured it , say if I was at the mall and they saw before and after coming and had a knowing grin on their .

Things are a bit quieter now. Maybe I will take a short walk and get a picture or . Wish luck. I will share them later.
My favorite toy
Posted:Jan 31, 2020 11:32 pm
Last Updated:Mar 16, 2020 10:52 pm

I think I have finally broken my favorite toy. I am so disappointed. I'm not sure if I should get the same one again or try another one. I may go to the sex shop tomorrow and see what they have. Stay tuned!

(I can tell I wrote this at 2:30 a.m. on my phone! LOL! Cleaning up some errors. Smile. )

This morning I realized I have a perfectly good one in my toy box, it just needs to be charged. I may as well move the charger to another outlet. It uses the same base as my cell phone and if I move it, I can keep it stored where I've been storing the other one. I use it so much that it doesn't make sense to put it away.

And, to respond to a comment ... a real cock is nice if that's what you're looking for but I'm not currently looking for a guy. I want to be with a woman.

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