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Posted:Jan 24, 2022 7:20 am
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2022 11:21 am


I now better understand what digital art is all about. Like many things, art is going digital; even David Hockney now paints using a computer and not a paintbrush. But I never fully understood what non-fungible tokens were until now.

Non-fungible tokens are unique files belonging to a blockchain. A blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions; it is a virtual database securely storing information. Blockchains are used in the trading of cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoins, but they are now being used in the art world. A non-fungible token is little more than a digital certificate of ownership.

Someone can buy a piece of art as a non-fungible token; the ownership of such art can be verified but the art can be accessed by anyone. The owner only buys the right to re-sell the piece of art; the owner cannot stop other people viewing and downloading it.

Crypto-art has become big business. Above are two pieces of very expensive digital art; the Beeple artwork recently sold for $69.3 million and the Pak artwork sold for $91.8 million. Paris Hilton is a big collector of crypto-art.

Anything can be turned into a non-fungible token. Last year, the street artist Banksy sold a piece of crypto-art for $380,000. The non-fungible token involved a clip of an auctioneer burning a framed picture bearing the words: I cannot believe you morons actually buy this shit.

It looks like easy money for little effort to me. I have made an image of my cock and I am selling this piece of art as a non-fungible token. My cock will go to the highest bidder!

What is your bid for my cock?
Are you into digital art or crypto-art?

Because I am quite attached to my cock, I am going to open with a $1,000 bid; I will accept bids in euros, sterling and yen but not in Bitcoin!

The singer Grimes sold a piece of her-crypto art for $5.8 million. Jack Dorsey, the chief executive of Twitter, sold an image of the first ever tweet for $2.9 million. Kate Moss sold a GIF of herself for over $17,000. A Brooklyn film director sold an audio file of his own farts for $85. An increasing number of porn stars, such as Allie Eve Knox, are now selling images as non-fungible tokens.

Below are four other pieces of crypto-art.


Caroline Dy


Gracia Epifania
Posted:Jan 21, 2022 10:19 am
Last Updated:Feb 22, 2022 12:53 pm

Today is International Fetish Day.

A fetish is a sexual desire linked to an inanimate object or a part of the body not normally associated with sex. With this definition, sex with a vibrator is a fetish because a vibrator is an object. Spanking is often regarded as a fetish yet, if done by hand, involves no object. It seems that what is regarded as a fetish is largely determined by the norms of society.

I have just come across an unusual fetish. It is called melissophilia, a sexual attraction to bees. Some people, mainly men, get off by getting bees to sting their genitalia; some men stick their cocks in a shook-up jar of angry bees. The bee stings lead to the swelling of the genitalia, the increasing of their sensitivity, and the prolonging and intensifying of orgasm. That is the upside; the downside is that the bees die!

But is melissophilia a fetish? No object is involved and no parts of the body not normally associated with sex are involved?

How do you define a fetish?
Do you have any fetishes? If so, what are your fetishes?

I have a few fetishes. I love wearing mesh underwear - I prefer to say mesh rather than fishnet; I love having my balls licked and sucked with an ice cube; I love bondage, especially with Japanese bondage rope; I love ball weights being used on me; and I love spanking, both giving and receiving.

Posted:Jan 19, 2022 7:13 am
Last Updated:Jan 22, 2022 2:06 pm

I often eat baked beans on toast; it is always Heinz baked beans as the other brands and supermarket own brands do not taste as good. I think Heinz baked beans have a higher sugar content.

Baked beans originated in native American cuisine; adopted by the English colonists in New England, baked beans soon became a popular dish in North America and Britain. In 1886, the H J Heinz Company began canning baked beans, arguably one of the first convenience foods in the world. The company was the first company to export baked beans outside the United States. Initially, Heinz sold its baked beans exclusively to Fortnum & Mason, an upmarket department store in London with close links to the Royal Family.

In Britain, baked beans were initially seen as a luxury; but as baked beans became mass produced and sold widely across the country, baked beans soon became part of the British staple diet. British people generally eat baked beans as part of a fried breakfast or, more simply, served on toast. I am not a big fan of having baked beans with my breakfast; the sauce gets everywhere on the plate and takes over the dish. I like to eat bacon and egg with un-soggy toast!

Do you regularly eat baked beans?
How do you eat your baked beans?
Have you ever used baked beans for sexual purposes?

Despite, or because of, the consumption of baked beans leading to increased flatulence, almost every British household will have cans of baked beans in their kitchen cupboards. I get the impression that baked beans are more popular here in Britain than in America.

In Port Talbot in Wales, there is a Baked Bean Museum of Excellence. Its housed in the home of Captain Beany, who was once called Barry Kirk but changed his name by deed poll to Captain Beany in honour of baked beans!

I have never used baked beans sexually - far too messy! But I did have a soak in a bath full of baked beans - see the photo below of me impersonating Captain Beany!

Posted:Jan 18, 2022 6:20 am
Last Updated:Jan 22, 2022 3:55 am

Above is a 1798 cartoon, drawn by Richard Newton, showing John Bull farting in the face of King George III. Below are five bits of trivia about farting or, to be more polite, flatulence.

Fart is a long-established word in the English language. Its etymological roots lie in the Middle English words of ferten, feortan and farten, which in turn can be traced back to the Old High German word of ferzan. Germany is the literal home of the fart!

One of the oldest jokes in recorded history is a fart joke. Around 1900 BC, a popular Sumerian proverb was: something which has never occurred since time immemorial; a young woman did not fart in the lap of her husband. The Sumerians were funny people!

Scientists have found that most people fart between 13 and 22 times a day and that the farts of women smell worse than those of men. Scientists who research farts are called flatologists; someone has to do this research!

Farts travel about 10 feet per second, nearly 7 miles per hour. Given that the average walking speed for a human is between 3 and 4 miles per hour, you need to run away fast from the fart to escape the smell. However, given that the average running speed of a man is 8 miles per hour but only 6.5 miles per hour for women, the average woman can never escape the smell of a fart.

Not surprisingly, there is a massive literature on the subject of farting. Two books stand out from the crowd. Jane Bexley penned a book for , Freddie the Farting Snowman; I can see most loving this book. Don Nibbelink wrote a book, Fearsome Folklore of Farting; having read a few extracts, I am putting the book at the top of my list for Christmas presents this year!

Have you experienced any embarrassing farting moments?
Have you blamed the for your fart?

As I do not knowingly fart, I have not had any embarrassing moments nor had the need to blame the dog!

Posted:Jan 16, 2022 5:25 am
Last Updated:Jan 26, 2022 7:44 am

Below are the last words of a selection of famous people.

Go away, I am all right.
(H G Wells, author)

Yes, a bullet-proof vest.
(James W Rodgers, the murderer on being asked if he had a last request before being executed by a firing squad)

I should never have switched from Scotch to Martinis.
(Humphrey Bogart, actor)

I am sorry, boys, I am all wet.
(Gracie Allen, wife and comedy partner of George Burns)

If you do not like it, you can fuck off!
(Keith Moon, The Who drummer after asking his girlfriend to cook breakfast)

I am about - or I am going - to die: either expression is correct.
(Dominique Bouhours, French priest and grammarian)

The car seems okay.
(Ayrton Senna, racing car driver)

That was a great game of golf, fellers.
(Bing Crosby, singer)

I have had eighteen straight whiskies, I think that is the record.
(Dylan Thomas, poet)

I am losing.
(Frank Sinatra, singer)

Fuck you!
(Tupac, the rapper on seeing a policeman trying to resuscitate him after getting shot)

Go on, get out. Last words are for fools who have not said enough.
(Karl Marx, co-author of The Communist Manifesto)

Hey fellas! How about this for tomorrows headline? French fries!
(James French, the murderer before being executed by electric chair)

I should have drunk more Champagne.
(John Maynard Keynes, economist)

Leave me alone, I am fine.
(Barry White, singer-songwriter)

Why should I talk to you? I have just been talking with your boss.
(Wilson Mizner, the playwright talking to a priest)

Get my swan costume ready.
(Anna Pavlova, ballerina)

I would rather be skiing than doing what I am doing.
(Stan Laurel, comedy partner of Oliver Hardy)

One last drink, please.
(Jack Daniel, whisky distiller)

Okay, I will not.
(Elvis Presley, the singer replying to his fiancee on being asked not to fall asleep in the bathroom)

I am bored with it all.
(Winston Churchill, politician)

Either this wallpaper goes, or I do!
(Oscar Wilde, poet and playwright)

I have never felt better.
(Douglas Fairbanks Senior, actor)

Die, my dear doctor, that is the last thing I shall do!
(Henry John Temple, Third Viscount Palmerston)

Have you heard of any other memorable last words?
Have you thought about your last words?

I have given some thought to my last words. I hope I would say something memorably witty but, no doubt when the time comes, I will probably just utter some demented gibberish with no one around to witness my passing!
Posted:Jan 12, 2022 9:55 am
Last Updated:Feb 4, 2022 3:33 am

I am so cold. My apartment has very high ceilings - it is part of a converted lace factory building; it is difficult and expensive to heat up. It is one of the reasons why I am moving to a bungalow on the edge of the city.

To keep the cold at bay, I am wearing three tops and two pairs of socks and I remain clothed when I go to bed. I need a big, woolly willy warmer; if only I knew someone who is a good knitter!

Have you ever been given a willy warmer by someone. or have you given a willy warmer to someone?
Do you have any advice on how I can keep my willy warm?

A willy warmer, sometimes known as a cocksock, has a long history. It is claimed that Croatian men living in the mountains traditionally wore willy warmers to prevent their willies getting frostbite. In cold Norway, men wore willy warmers made from the fur of a squirrel.

In the Faroe Islands, a Danish archipelago in the freezing waters of the North Atlantic, men often wore two mittens; one mitten, a kallvottur, on their willy and another mitten, a purrivottur, over their balls. Also, there was a Faroese tradition where a woman would give a willy warmer, called a forhyse, to a man she was interested in; if the man was interested in her, he would keep the gift and, if not interested, he would return the gift.

Below is me half-naked wearing a kallvottur; I cannot wear a purrivottur because my balls have gone into hiding as it is far too cold!

Posted:Jan 10, 2022 5:43 am
Last Updated:Feb 20, 2022 7:06 am

By popular demand, it is my pleasure to have recently interviewed smartasswoman, a long standing and much admired member of blogland. Below are her answers to the twenty questions I asked.

An obvious question first. Are you a smart ass?
Yes, I would say that I am, although maybe not as much as when I first adopted the username in 2005. I have tried to work on being more of a kind person, and that sometimes interferes with making a sarcastic comeback.

What three words would you use and what three words would your close friends use to describe your personality?
I would say I am introverted, smart, and hedonistic (in that I like my pleasures such as good food and massage - it does not apply so much in the sex realm any more).
I asked a couple of my friends. One replied: generous, warm-hearted, and this is hard to limit to just three words, because I want to say wildly adventurous homebody. You are very difficult to sum up. The other said: creative, kind, data driven, smart!

From your blog, it is clear you are a voracious reader of books. What book is your favourite book, and why?
I am a big Jane Austen fan, and my favorite book of hers is Pride and Prejudice. I even had a P&P themed profile for a short while, By Popular Demand, MissJaneAusten, and was contacted by a Mr Darcy in England.

Also from your blog, it is evident that you are an accomplished knitter. Have you ever knitted or been asked to knit a willy warmer?
It has been suggested to me a few times, but I have not had a model to fit-test one on. At some point I might make an attempt at knitting a bralette and boxer briefs for myself.

What types of music do you like? Do you have a favourite song?
My tastes are pretty eclectic, but if you were to look at my music collection, the largest section would be alternative rock. Favorite song would depend on my mood. When I am feeling a little down it would be Cure for Pain by Morphine. When I just want to blast my ears out with a loud rock song, Another Girl, Another Planet by The Only Ones.

What type of movies do you like? Do you have a favourite movie?
Once again, eclectic but I do tend to gravitate toward lighter fare. I would guess the movie that I have watched the most number of times would be Groundhog Day. It is funny and deep at the same time, and I love Bill Murray.

If you had to live your life in another time and place, when and where would you be?
I am actually pretty fond of modern conveniences, so I do not romanticize the past. I do not know, maybe Paris in the 1920s, because there were so many interesting artists and writers? Out of curiosity I looked on the Quora web site and virtually everyone answered that NOW is the best time to be living. Maybe qualify that a bit and make it 2015 before Covid and the Orange One.

You are from Saint Paul in Minnesota where much of the Fargo movie was filmed. Is Minnesota really like how it is portrayed in the movie?
I would say it is pretty accurate to rural Minnesota. Those of us who live in Minneapolis-St. Paul would like to think we are much more sophisticated than that, haha. But when meeting people in other places, I have had them comment on my Minnesota accent.

When a , what did you want to be when you grew up?
You know, I do not really remember. I do remember my dad speculating that I would become a librarian, because I read so much.

When was the happiest time of your life, and why?
Tough question. I have fond memories of the ten years or so after college, when I was going out to see music every weekend and sometimes during the week too! I do not know that I was always happy during those days, though; there was drama with boyfriends and roommates and so forth.

How many times so far have you fallen in love?
I have been smitten with a few different men, and in only one of those cases was it returned enough to turn into a long term relationship.

Why did you join this site? And in particular why did you decide to blog?
I was newly single after a 14-year relationship, not having any luck at all on traditional dating sites, and the ratios on this site seemed like they would be in my favor. I actually started blogging on MySpace (remember Myspace?) writing about some of my more peculiar adventures here. I wish I had kept a copy of those posts. Sometime in 2006 I noticed that this site had a blog section. For a while I posted in both places, then after MySpace died out it was only here.

The opening words on your profile are, and I quote, Fat old lady with a waning libido . I cannot comment on your libido but you are certainly not fat. Why do you open with these words?
I gave up on meeting anyone from the site years ago. It occurred to me that when people mouse over a user they just see the first few words of the profile so I thought I would make the opening as discouraging as possible. It is also honest - I might not be morbidly obese, but my doctor would agree that I am obese. I am pretty good at taking flattering pictures so a lot of people have commented that they do not believe it.

You write about kink meets in a few of your blog posts. What do these meets entail?
The group that I spend the most time with has a munch once a month. A munch is a low-key get together in a vanilla setting for people to get to know each other. We have a discussion topic at every munch. Then, we try to have a party every third month (obviously this has changed during the past couple years). Parties are in a private home that has a dungeon with things like spanking benches and massage tables. People bring their own equipment such as crops and floggers. We do an icebreaker game that involves doing one minute scenes with people, and then for the rest of the party people do their thing as space and equipment allows. I would say most people have talked before the party to pre-arrange playing with each other.

Are you dominant or submissive, or do you switch? Or have I missed the point?
I consider myself a switch. Probably leaning more toward the side of topping. I am happy to give a spanking or flogging to almost anyone, but pretty selective about letting anyone else top me. With the right person it can be fun and awful and intense at the same time, and I like the buzzy endorphin feeling afterward.

How did you get into this world of kink?
I had an encounter with a man where he held my hands down while we were having sex, and found that pretty exciting. It turned out he was kinky and we later had a true kink scene. I did not like everything about it, but was intrigued and started checking out Alt and later Fetlife.

Are there any sexual acts that you have not done that you would like to do?
I have had fantasies about being with two men, but as I have said a number of times, I have a big problem finding even one man who I would like to have sex with; two seems impossible at this point.

If you could invite three people, dead or alive, to join you at a dinner party, who would you invite?
Dorothy Parker, David Sedaris, and Trevor Noah - it would be a laff riot.

What traits most turn you on and off people?
Turn ons: intelligence, sense of humor, not taking oneself too seriously, good communication skills (can keep a balance between talking and listening). And it is hypocritical since I am not fit, but a fit body and athleticism are a turn-on for me.
Turn offs: bragging, rightwing politics, making a lifestyle out of having a motorcycle.

If you had one wish, what would it be?
That the world would get serious about trying to stop global warming. I worry for my nieces and nephews and their .

Do you have any questions for smartasswoman?
If you would like to read more interviews of bloggers, who should I interview next?

smartasswoman is happy to stay behind and answer any questions you may have for her. So please post your questions as a comment within.

This is the third interview with a blogger I have done. The first interview, a while back, was with kinkyfem73 - see PIMPING KINKY; and the second interview, more recently, was with staci_19702 - see [post 4431766].

Posted:Jan 8, 2022 8:38 am
Last Updated:Jan 11, 2022 5:26 am

The hallucinogenic effects of psilocybin mushrooms, commonly known as magic mushrooms or shrooms for short, have been long known. It is claimed that such mushrooms were depicted in Stone Age rock art in parts of Africa and Europe and in Pre-Columbian art in the Americas. Nearly half of the species of psilocybin mushrooms can be found in Mexico.

I love mushrooms, especially on a pizza, but I have never tried magic mushrooms, but I would try them if I was around someone who knew all about such mushrooms.

Have you tried magic mushrooms? If so, what were they like?
If not, would you like to try magic mushrooms?

On holiday last year, I tried to pack some magic mushrooms but there was not mushroom in my suitcase! Instead I ate the magic mushrooms while I drove to the airport; it was one long road trip! While driving, I tried to strike up a conversation with the mushrooms, but they could not tell me anything as they are always kept in the dark!

Last night, I attended a fancy dress party and ended up talking to a man dressed as a mushroom. He was a fun guy! At the party we downed some beers, ripped a bong and munched some magic mushrooms. But we drew a line at cocaine!

Posted:Jan 5, 2022 11:09 am
Last Updated:Feb 20, 2022 7:07 am

Everyone wanted a good feel of my bauble on the Christmas tree!

Last week I blogged about nine things about myself; one of the things were my long weekend getaways to the Ess and Emm cottage in Warwickshire. The cottage was run by Madam Katya who always greeted us but left me and my girlfriend to our own kinky devices.

There were many attractions in the cottage; there was a very well-equipped dungeon, a playroom full of electrical equipment, a wet room, an en suite bedroom and a kitchen stocked with food, chocolates and wine, plus a secluded garden.

My favourite room was the dungeon and my favourite equipment were the baubles The baubles were not for a Christmas tree; they were ball-weights for the testicles!

My most intense sexual pleasure was when my then girlfriend used ball-weights on me. Naked, I was strapped to a St Andrews cross. After some teasing, she attached a cock-and-balls harness to me. The harness was a studded collar around a cock.

More teasing followed. I was very hard. She then attached one small ball weight to the collar. The pleasure intensified. I was getting even harder. She then attached a second weight to the harness. I was in heaven. A third weight was attached. Screaming, I was ready to cum. She attached a fourth and then a fifth weight. Cruelly she left the room for a while, leaving me in an extremely ecstatic but frustrated way! She always returned to check up on me.

Have you tried ball-weights? If so, what was it like?
If not, would you like to try ball-weights?

With ball-weights, the difference between pain and pleasure is very fine. One moment, it is total pleasure and, then, in another moment, the pleasure wanes as the weight causes pain. That is the time to remove the ball-weights.

Below is a photo of half my naked body showing off my baubles!

Posted:Jan 2, 2022 7:09 am
Last Updated:Feb 20, 2022 7:07 am

Many times, over the last few weeks, I entered the dark side, aka the new community format. But I still cannot make sense of things. I know I am no IT-whizz but I can do the basics. And I am happy positively embrace change if it leads better things, which is why I kept entering the dark side. Each time I thought I would become more familiar with the format. But each time I left just as confused as I entered.

But the overall experience is like going down rabbit holes. I click on one icon, then another and another, and, before I know it. I am lost and come out and start again.

On entering the dark side, I am confronted with a list of new posts, something that does not interest me too much. I miss the menu page of blogland; it gives me some bearings where I want to go.

In blogland, I submit a blog post a few times a week, I reply to all comments on my blog posts, I read and comment on posts submitted by bloggers I follow, and I read the replies to my comments on other blogs. These are my blogging basics.

With the new format, I think I will be able to submit a blog post. I think I will be able to read comments on my blog post. But my replies to each comment are not linked to that comment. is no dialogue; each blog post is a list of comments. Also I cannot find new comments any of my blog posts without scrolling through all of my posts. Under the existing format, the blog posts with new comments are highlighted. Not anymore!

I do not think I will be able easily follow blogs. With the existing format, all new unread posts of followed bloggers are highlighted in yellow making it very easy know where I should go. are no highlights in the dark side. I do not think I the time regularly go through all the bloggers I follow see if they posted something new. And finally, I cannot find replies my comments on other blogs.

Have you entered the dark side?
If so, have you experienced any of the issues I have come across?
What are your feelings towards the new community format?

Since I last posted a few weeks ago on this subject, THE NEW COMMUNITY FORMAT BETA IS NOT BETTER, several bloggers have reported that the new format has got better and that Andrew is very receptive to constructive feedback, which was all good to hear. So I was really hopeful today that my journey into the dark side would be much better than it was a few weeks ago. But I am still very disappointed with the new format because the issues I reported a few weeks ago are pretty well the issues I am reporting now.

As things stand, I do not think I can function on the dark side. I cannot see any significant benefits, other than words not being stolen and apostrophes appearing. Given that moving to the dark side is now imminent, I cannot see how the issues troubling me can be fixed before its rollout. I know it is not all about me, but I enjoy the light side and cannot see that I will enjoy the dark side. And I can definitely confirm that is no coffee in the dark side!

Posted:Dec 31, 2021 5:50 am
Last Updated:Jan 6, 2022 3:39 am

I do not normally make resolutions for the New Year; they have always ended in failure! I should resolve give smoking, but I have given giving ! I should resolve do more exercise but that takes effort! I should resolve reduce my intake of coffee, but I would not be able start the day so brightly without coffee!

This coming year, hopefully next month, will be all about moving into and refurbishing a new house on the edge of the city. This move has proven to be the most stressful move I have ever experienced. My solicitor seems intent on keeping in the dark about progress selling my apartment and buying the house. The weeks just before Christmas I tried phone the solicitor almost every day without getting to speak to her.

Do you have a resolution for the New Year?
What do you most wish for this coming year?

Though I do not make resolutions for the New Year, I do have wishes for the coming year. Most of all, I wish governments worldwide will get to grips with covid. Covid, a bit like influenza, looks as if it is going to be here for a long time. The only choice is that we must learn to live with it hopefully without resorting to social distancing, travel restrictions and lockdowns.

Though no scientist, there seems only two ways that covid will be tamed. The first way involves the virus itself and how it mutates into new variants. Hopefully, the virus will mutate into a relatively harmless virus but there is no certainty that this will happen. The Omicron variant seems less potent in terms of symptoms, hospital admissions and deaths than previous variants but it is far more transmissible.

The second way to control covid is through vaccinations, plus other medicines. Given that immunity of the human body after getting covid appears to be limited, it looks as if regular vaccinations, like annual flu jabs for older people, are going to be the answer.

But the problem is that only the rich countries are getting most of its people vaccinated regularly. Poor countries are struggling to get and administer the vaccines, which means that covid and its endless variants will flourish in these countries and spread to richer countries with the risk that one covid variant, resistant to vaccination, will run riot across the world.

For this reason alone, we will only be safe from covid if everyone in the world is vaccinated. The United Nations has launched a COVAX scheme to get vaccines to poorer countries. But rich countries need to do far more in giving stockpiled vaccines to this scheme. And pharmaceutical companies, which have made massive profits from covid, need to relax their patents to allow poorer countries to manufacture vaccines or at least charge poorer countries only a cost price for vaccines. Unfortunately, I do not hold out much hope that all this will happen.

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Posted:Dec 29, 2021 9:32 am
Last Updated:Jan 1, 2022 7:46 am

The theme of Half Nekkid Wednesday this week is [group_post 38485]. Sometimes when faced with so much choice, I cannot decide what I to do. It is a bit like walking into Starbucks and asking for a coffee; the staff give me too much choice and they even my first name to write down on the takeaway cup! But after some thinking, I decided to do my own nine things. Below are nine things which you may or may not know about me.

I have a supernumerary nipple, yes I have a third nipple. A lot of people have an extra nipple; for example, Harry Styles, Lily Allen and Zac Efron keep me company. Above is a half-naked photo of me with my supernumerary nipple if I to look like Harry Styles!

I love Indian food, the hotter and spicier the better. My favourite dish is Prawn Ceylon served with boiled rice. It has to be plain boiled rice; pilau rice just does not work with me, the smell and taste of saffron takes over the dish. For several years when I lived in London, I an active member of The Curry Club.

The husband of the sister-in-law of my brother the only surviving person in the car crash that killed Princess Diana. I in Washington DC at the time and the waitress told me of the news. I did not know that Trevor Rees-Jones was a bodyguard; he kept his work secret. To this day he cannot remember anything about the crash.

In my recent past I regularly, with my then partner, hosted sex parties for couples. They were great fun; they were like normal parties but with sex thrown in.

Do you ever have too much choice?
Do you to reveal something about yourself?

I am a politics junkie. I studied politics as a student for ten years and went on to become a university lecturer in politics for a further thirty years. My specialism public policy, how governments make (or do not make) decisions. I still love talking and arguing about politics. My politics are liberal, left-wing, green.

I born on a farm but farming never appealed to me. My Mum realised I did not to be a farmer so she sent me, at the age of , away to boarding school so I could concentrate on school and not get sucked into the farm. Her strategy worked!

My kinkiest sex always took place at a cottage, called Ess & Emm, in the middle of Warwickshire. My then girlfriend and I would play a game, which we called VKS, short for Very Kinky Sex. Based on hangman, it a winner-take-all game. Being tied to a St Andrews cross having ball weights applied to me the most pleasurable feeling I have ever had.

I used to play the guitar in a band. We were called I ; we once made the alternative charts compiled by the New Musical Express. Our music sub-Joy Division; we specialised in sounding and miserable!

Many years ago I won the award for the best cock in blogland. I had to lobby hard for that honour!

Posted:Dec 27, 2021 9:17 am
Last Updated:Jan 1, 2022 2:50 am

It is my pleasure to have recently interviewed staci_19702. Staci is a relative newcomer to blogland, but his blog, in my humble opinion, is one of the best blogs here; it is highly entertaining both in terms of text and images. Below are the answers to the twenty questions I asked Staci.
What five words would you use to describe your personality?
Fun, open minded (is that 2?), adventurous, outgoing, sincere. Is hard to describe yourself. Am I imagining that I am these things? Maybe, but the party does not start until I get there and I am honest about things.

What things do you like doing in your spare time?
Spare time? What is that? I play guitar, so sitting around strumming is fun. An avid hunter during the season and I enjoy outdoor cooking.

What is your favourite book, song and film, sorry I meant movie?
Book would be Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury. Not sure why, but it is like a go-to book. Oh! Films! Highlander! Yes! It had it all. (I will not admit to wifey that I watch Steel Magnolias any time it is showing). Night Moves or Jack and Diane on songs. When I heard them, it was the right time. I could understand. I could relate. They were written about me.

When a , what did you want to be when you grew up?
A cowboy. I wound up in construction. But I cowboyed on the side. Short time on the amateur rodeo circuit and some ranch work. It just did not pay well.

What is your best place you have visited?
I think Ontario. It was such a nice place. Friendly people. Everybody speaking French made it feel like this was as close to Paris as I would ever get. You felt welcome there.

What country do you most want to visit?
Australia. It still has an adventurous, romantic feel to it. An unknown. Alaska and Australia are on the bucket list trips for wifey and me.

Why did you join this site? And in particular why did you decide to blog?
Joined the site after attending a swingers party. They have their own network, but some were on BBWMatchMate. So it was intended to stay in the loop so to speak. And it was free. Met a few new folks, used to have lunches and happy hours together. There was no looking for a hook up. Then it became just a place to show off. Entertain others and myself? I stopped logging in for a year or so. Nothing was new and exciting, ya know? But I came back and here I am. I started a group and did some random topics. Then I started posting pics. There are tons never put out. So, why take them and not do anything with them. My friends Crazyfairy and shoot_blanks, were supportive in this. So, I thought, well, 2 people have seen it all. Maybe I could get 2 more! So, I started the blog. Started over with pics, but tried to find something to talk about. That is hard. So, I am a ham and I like to talk sometimes.

From the photos of yourself that you post on your blog, you clearly are fit. How do you keep your body in good shape?
Well thanks! Being in my line of work keeps you moving. I am not a person that can sit at a desk. I do not work out. I love beer. Age is catching me. I eat! But everything in moderation, right? And I suck my tummy in when the camera is rolling.

Also from the photos you post, it looks as if you enjoy exhibiting yourself. Would you describe yourself as an exhibitionist?
I am. I really am. Not sure how it started. But I like showing a little skin and maybe someone catches a glimpse and enjoys it. Look at me!! Or do not.

You mentioned in your blog that you play the guitar. You clearly are a good guitar-player as you performed at a gig recently. How would you describe your guitar-playing? Do you have any musical influences?
Not sure where I rate skill wise. Mediocre? Lots of rhythm and some lead. Was in a little band in the 90s. Gonna be big rock stars. Still waiting. I like songs that tell stories and I cover several of those. So, more red dirt country now than the Stones. Steve Earl and John Cougar Mellencamp. Big influences. I like all kinds of music. But if you need to raise your spirits or take a walk down memory lane or just a little background to keep your rhythm, that is where I go.

You have written about some parties you have hosted. They all sound like fun, wild parties. What was the wildest party you have hosted? And, what happened?
The wildest was when the girls all decided to compare boob sizes. Off came the bras! Now these are not swinger parties. Just the neighborhood friends. But after a long week(s) of work and regular life, we just unwound. So, anyway, that led to skinny dipping. Some hot gals in our hood. Then I spy a couple of girls kissing each other. Sexy. Oh shit that is my wife!! Cool. The guys are more reserved. We just keep the tighty whiteys on and stare at the girls. Now, I do not know what happens when others leave the party, but wifey and I would have some great sex! There are still a few bras hanging from the tiki bar to this day. Bless you Nikki. Your boobs are awesome!

In my blog post about being bicurious, on being asked to describe your sexuality you commented that, and I quote, I am straight (Really??) yes, I am. Could you elaborate on this answer? In particular, it is the Really?? comment that seems worthy of further elaboration.
I am straight. Some assume that because I am a little feminine on the site, that I am gay. Sorry bro. I just like the feel of lace. I will say I am curious as to what another guy feels like or maybe taste? But it is just a curiosity, no intent on action. With all the new pronouns for sexuality, I get confused as to what everybody is. So, I will stay with straight, cross dresser that enjoys the company of my wife.

What is the kinkiest thing you have done?
Well, okay. There have been several firsts, so it is hard to say. We were at a fetish themed swinger party. And it was fun. We found ourselves in a room watching several women take turns pleasuring a woman in a sex swing with strap ons. So, all the sudden my wife just drops to her knees and goes down on me. (This might be an interesting blog story). There were lots of people in the room and suddenly we were center stage. This goes for a while, then she gets up, grabs the straps on the swing, bends over and says do me. So I did!!! When I was about to climax, she turned back around and took me in her mouth. 10 or 12 folks watching. Even the strap on girls were paused to watch. It was exciting. Our first for doing it in front of people and to be in fetish clothes. It was just great!

Are there any sexual acts that you have not done that you would like to do?
Would still like to be full on tied up and dominated by wifey. Call me dirty names and make me like it! I have a hotel picked out. We just need time.

There are occasional glimpses of your wife, usually naked and sometimes sucking you off, on your blog. Does she read your blog? And if so, what does she think of it?
She does not read it. It is not her thing. She likes to participate in the pics and stuff, but when the mood is over, it is just over. So she reviews some of the pics and gives a yea or nay, but that is about it.

I think you mentioned in your blog that you live in Texas. If so, is it true that everything is big in Texas?
Hell yeah. Be loud, Br proud, this is Texas! I am not hung like a by any means, but I have lots of spirit!!

If you could invite three people to join you at a dinner party, who would you invite? They can dead or alive and famous or infamous!
Steve Earl, Jane Russell, Jenny McCarthy.

What traits most turn you off people?
Negativity is a big one. Some people seem to thrive on drama and pointing out others faults. And people who have put themselves into bad situations, but blame it on everyone else. Be accountable folks. Is that too much to ask?

If you had one wish, what would it be?
Wow. In reality, I just wish the best for my as they continue on in their lives. Be better and do better than I did. For fun, let us go the if I had a million dollars. What fun I would have for a few days!!

What do you want for Christmas?
A nice family holiday with everyone safe and happy.

Do you have any questions for Staci?
Would like to read more interviews of bloggers?
If so, who should I interview? Would you like to be interviewed?

Staci is happy to stay behind and answer any questions you may have for him. So please post your questions as a comment within.


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