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10/4/2012 9:09 am

In 1987 the film, Personal Services, was released. It is a film based on Cynthia Payne (played by Julie Walters).

Cynthia Payne was imprisoned in 1980 for running a brothel at 32 Ambleside Avenue, Streatham in London. Below is Cynthia Payne with one of her :

In 1978, the police raided her house while a sex party was in progress. Elderly men, including many establishment figures, were caught dressed in lingerie being spanked by younger women. The men paid Cynthia Payne, the party hostess, in luncheon vouchers.

Her home, in 1986, was raided again by the police while a party celebrating the film was in progress. She was acquitted on this occasion.

Cynthia Payne also unsuccessfully stood for election in the Kensington by-election in 1988 and in the 1992 general election. She was a candidate for the Payne and Pleasure Party.

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10/5/2012 8:51 am

    Quoting  :

It is a good film. Do you also like Boogie Nights film (starring Burt Reynolds)?

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