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I’m simple come in find me face down6/5/2022  0  
what a gurl wants5/28/2022  0  
MEN ARE JUST HAPPY PEOPLE!!!5/21/2022  4  
I'm available...please check out my new videos5/21/2022  0  
playfulnesstonewall5/13/2022  0  
Come see me in person3/27/2022  0  
Vegas Day One3/20/2022  0  
Baby Girl Fun... Meet Her Friend... Mistress Ashly3/17/2022  5  
Drive Time Antics2/24/2022  0  
The Scent of Time Chapter 12/24/2022  0  
Cuckholded: A true story of actual events.2/24/2022  0  
Rainy Day Dreams2/23/2022  0  
TASTE ME2/22/2022  6  
Late bloomer.2/22/2022  2  
A Question2/21/2022  5  
Diary of Deeper Thoughts: Bed Wetters Make The Sex Fun!2/21/2022  0  
Cuckold Sissy2/19/2022  0  
First Translesbian Experience2/18/2022  8  
Everything is well in hand2/18/2022  1  
Bedtime Dessert...2/17/2022  2  
Happy Valentine's Day2/14/2022  14  
A Lifestyle that Controls Weight2/12/2022  0  
Letting my Bi Dom run wild2/9/2022  0  
**** Some Goodies For Your Superbowl Game ****2/9/2022  15  
Straight. Bi-curious or bi-ocular.2/8/2022  1  
Steamy sessions....2/6/2022  5  
February Holidays [ more than Valentine Day ]2/1/2022  12  
Pregnancy from Married Group Encounter Ends My Marriage1/26/2022  0  
Pubic Hair as a Fetish1/19/2022  0  
My favorite fantasy1/18/2022  1  
Bubbles, ice cream, and pancakes (posted on the old format)1/15/2022  11  
-(*% All for a Bagel1/15/2022  11  
Lick My Fingers1/15/2022  17  
Taking his breath away - pussying up Jules's facemasks and more...1/14/2022  10  
G, the Red Dress and the red 911 Chapter One1/14/2022  1  
LEARN from this1/13/2022  0  
Lasagna southern style1/11/2022  12  
ODE to the ONE who got away?1/10/2022  8  
The Pineapple Pit Stop1/10/2022  0  
In the Shower1/10/2022  2  
Do Hosting Sugar Daddies and Party cocks1/9/2022  2  
New Years Saga Continued1/8/2022  0  
Food Sexual Pleasure1/7/2022  15  
Foursome Fun Unknowingly Caught On Tape1/7/2022  0  
How To Eat Pussy Like A God: 34 Cunnilingus Tips To Make Her Addicted1/4/2022  0  
Mexican Lasagna1/3/2022  19  
FD Chapter 31/2/2022  1  
Bedroom:1/1/2022  2  
**** Fun Fridays Year Ending Music Trivia ****12/31/2021  15