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The Senior's LoungeAnyone hooking up?4/20/2020  5  
Dream's Taboo for YouA strange desire to to be strangled by a female I don't know well enough to trust during sex.1/13/2020  1  
Science Fiction & FantasyA new member get to know me here :D12/25/2019  0  
Sailing for AdultsAnyone still here?8/26/2019  0  
AFF Naughty Community.Do women exist who love the taste of cock as much as I love pussy.8/4/2019  9  
Wife watchersthe sound7/16/2019  1  
Big Beautiful Women (BBWS)death of a room7/12/2019  4  
Wyld's Little RoomEdinburgh International Festival: The Prologue7/8/2019  2  
Physically Aggressive BBW'sNo one to join me7/7/2019  1  
Staunch AtheistsGod is false hope for fools6/23/2019  0  
GAME OF THRONES and morefinal episode recap5/20/2019  1  
AFF Naughty Community.Side of the road and behind a car exhibitionist stories...share with me! Summer's here!!5/16/2019  7  
GAME OF THRONES and moreunpredictable, episode 5 recap5/13/2019  2  
GAME OF THRONES and moreepisode 2 recap, the calm before the storm4/22/2019  1  
AFF Naughty Community.EASTER BLING4/2/2019  2  
Bling Enthusiasts GroupEASTER BLING4/2/2019  0  
Active in So MDA new start3/31/2019  0  
bundaberg and wide bay areaJust Visiting for a couple of days ...3/26/2019  1  
Cedar City ConnectionMy God Cedar City is Death3/15/2019  0  
Age you sucked first cockI was 13...3/14/2019  3  
Adult Passion PlaceHappy New Year!!!12/29/2018  0  
m4m hot white bottom 4 BBCIm comfortable in my skin are you? How do you go without the sex you want out of fear?9/26/2018  1  
Gangbanged by the black manGangbangs a end to an era?8/4/2018  0  
The Senior's LoungeToday is your birthday and i so miss you7/19/2018  0  
The Cougar's DenI have some very bad news6/30/2018  2  
sex in cookevilleShe's A Brick....HOUSE~!4/27/2018  0  
AFF Naughty Community.Walnut Street : Caught In The Act!4/24/2018  4  
Little Girls' Erotic IslandFor my dear friend Queen4/18/2018  2  
The Rough Sex RoomFor my dear friend Vampire Queen4/18/2018  2  
The Beach House XXXFor Queen, a dear friend!4/18/2018  0  
The Valley Of RoyalFor Queen4/17/2018  13  
Local Swingers For Local PlayMénage a Trois Anyone? A little long, but worth reading.4/15/2018  0  
Dommes for the men who love usUrine3/23/2018  2  
Dommes for the men who love usChoking3/11/2018  1  
Dommes for the men who love usHumiliation2/23/2018  0  
GAME OF THRONES and moreIt's the Freakiest Show!2/7/2018  0  
Diversi-'T'sTrans life can be dangerous1/11/2018  12  
Edmonton Real PeopleYou will be missed my friend1/2/2018  2  
Adult Passion PlaceYou will be missed my friend1/2/2018  0  
GAME OF THRONES and moreOfficial Last Jedi comment post--spoilers!12/17/2017  2  
Mature Madness & MerrimentDisaster Looms12/7/2017  3  
Women who crave LARGE cocksGROUP11/2/2017  1  
The Dragons' Lair3 months???10/3/2017  3  
GAME OF THRONES and moreWhy didn't Han pay back Jabba?9/4/2017  4  
Dominant/submissive LifestyleSearch for the right Dominant8/23/2017  1  
GAME OF THRONES and morespoiler alert...episode 5 recap8/14/2017  4  
MFM seekersNo MFM ??8/14/2017  0  
GAME OF THRONES and morespoiler alert....episode 4 recap8/7/2017  0  
GAME OF THRONES and moreDo the :bad guys" win all season?8/4/2017  3  
GAME OF THRONES and moreepisode 3 recap.......spoiler alert7/31/2017  2  
GAME OF THRONES and moreEpisode 2 recap (spoiler alert)7/24/2017  3  
Cock and Wine TastingState Fair7/24/2017  1  
GAME OF THRONES and moreepisode 1 recap (spoiler alert)7/17/2017  2  
GAME OF THRONES and moreGOT what happens next?6/22/2017  1  
GAME OF THRONES and moreBest dads? Worst dads?6/18/2017  2  
GAME OF THRONES and moreHELLO GOT FANS!5/28/2017  3  
black women and white men.Maybe we are just boring...5/25/2017  7  
Mad CityBuild The Wall President Trump?5/22/2017  1  
Mad CityBuild The Wall President Trump?5/22/2017  0  
DOLL'S roomDelighted Flash has been scrapped5/2/2017  1  
Abstain Groupfuck sex fuck sex to death!!!!!4/27/2017  0  
Diversi-'T' 2Happy Easter4/16/2017  0  
Land of UnicornsThe Magic Post3/8/2017  4  
THE POSSE CATSOther words for Vagina1/21/2017  19  
Diversi-'T'sTDoR11/20/2016  8  
People Like UsThis place is Dead..11/17/2016  0  
Classy BBW & FriendsMark Your Day9/19/2016  3  
Northeast San Antonio Funthis room has been declared dead9/7/2016  0  
Corpus Christi AFFStupid Pelican9/4/2016  0  
Alamo City PlayersStupid Pelican9/4/2016  4  
Mature Madness & MerrimentStupid Pelican9/4/2016  3  
French Toast Aficionadoskzoopair's fame has led to him8/13/2016  9  
Alamo City PlayersMrs Vixiins accounts.7/13/2016  2  
Colo Spgs Social 2Time of Death?7/13/2016  1  
Classy BBW & FriendsCelebrity Deaths6/8/2016  9  
Living The Dream !!!!Awkward moments at work?5/18/2016  5  
fisting and fistingloversRight/Wrong way to fist a women?5/6/2016  1  
Edmonton SwingersBe careful!2/25/2016  1  
4-play groupBe careful!2/25/2016  3  
GAng BangsBe careful!2/25/2016  7  
Edmonton Real PeopleBe careful!2/25/2016  16  
Corpus Christi AFFBewildering Woman Interaction1/16/2016  0  
Mature Madness & MerrimentBewildering Woman Interaction1/16/2016  2  
Erotic Short StoriesAlmost 50 Something Pussy1/14/2016  0  
Idaho Swingers R Us.“One hundred years ago In 1915. ”12/7/2015  3  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Part 2 of 2. Actual Court Room Q&A Funnies.11/10/2015  2  
FWB BJ Clubgivin and gettin10/9/2015  0  
Diversi-'T'sIs it any wonder?9/25/2015  8  
Bi Group SexIt appears that this group is . . . . . .9/4/2015  0  
interracial sexA Black Man in Oregon City8/26/2015  0  
interracial sex groupA Black Man in Oregon City8/26/2015  0  
2 Taboo for Youdressing8/3/2015  3  
Milfs and their under 40 CubsWhere was your hottest encounter with a Cougar or Cub?7/27/2015  3  
Corpus Christi AFFEl Chapo makes El Escapo7/13/2015  0  
Mature Madness & MerrimentEl Chapo makes El Escapo7/13/2015  0  
Mature Madness & MerrimentEl Chapo makes El Escapo7/13/2015  0  
Classy BBW & FriendsLife and Death and the Whole Damn Enchilada6/22/2015  8  
Triple SDeath Of The American Dream6/13/2015  4  
Mad CityI am still here6/7/2015  4  
Corpus Christi AFFMajor Accident on Crosstown because of kitten5/16/2015  3  
Edmonton Real PeopleProstate Auction at 4-Play June 06 20155/9/2015  8  
Mature Madness & MerrimentMulti-billionaire Confesses3/17/2015  6  
LaCrosse Love For AllNot feeling it2/24/2015  1  
LaCrosse Love For AllLove Songs You Love To Love2/10/2015  4  
Mature Madness & MerrimentLiar or Forgetter???2/8/2015  6  
Mature Madness & MerrimentJordanian Pilot burned to death...not easy to watch2/3/2015  7  
Riverside Ranch Nudist Resortno recent posts1/14/2015  0  
PrettyKittyHClubThe Truth about HSV-1 and HSV-21/1/2015  0  
LaCrosse Love For AllHappy New Year1/1/2015  8  
Daddies and LittlesI'm a SAP.... this brought tears to my eyes. ..11/20/2014  5  
Diversi-Ts ModsFake profile10/8/2014  3  
BBWs & the People that love emWhere have all the beautiful women gone?9/27/2014  0  
South Beach CrewIn A Sunburnt Country9/26/2014  9  
South Beach CrewA story about devotion and determination ; Sadie the hero !8/31/2014  14  
Idaho Swingers R Us.FFDP, Volbeat Concert in Salt Lake City on 9/168/30/2014  0  
Eastern Idaho AFFersFFDP, Volbeat Concert in Salt Lake City on 9/168/30/2014  0  
Idaho Falls GroupFFDP, VOLBEAT CONCERT IN SALT LAKE CITY ON 9/168/29/2014  0  
BBW of East Idaho & FriendsFFDP, Volbeat Concert in Salt Lake City on 9/168/29/2014  0  
East Idaho GroupFFDP, Volbeat Concert in Salt Lake City on 9/168/29/2014  0  
South Denver SocialDiscussion topics listed above.7/28/2014  3  
Cnd Beaver Appreciation Group20 Sex, Penis And Vagina Facts That Will Blow You Away ;-07/24/2014  0  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Breast Milk Any Women Have it- I Need It!!!7/14/2014  5  
Alamo City PlayersShots7/10/2014  11  
BBW's For Pleasure and Fun!Rescheduling of Campout for June 28th weekend .......6/15/2014  3  
East Idaho GroupRescheduling of Campout for June 28th weekend .......6/15/2014  8  
Eastern Idaho AFFersRescheduling of Campout for June 28th weekend .......6/15/2014  14  
Classy BBW & FriendsTrue friends never leave you hanging.....6/10/2014  6  
Mon Chalet FriendsMemorial Day...Major General Smedley Darlington Butler style.5/26/2014  0  
Triple Snew to here5/15/2014  21  
Transgendered DommesSunshine, rainbows and tweeting little birds5/11/2014  2  
MASS Group of Adult Gatheringswould you get nude on camera for fun or profit?????5/4/2014  0  
TS/CD/TV COCKSUCKING SLUTSMy first cock sucking or how I became a slut.5/2/2014  4  
The CSASTD's5/1/2014  0  
Transgendered DommesMy first cock sucking or how I became a slut.4/30/2014  1  
The Sheep Appreciation SocietyHi Fi4/24/2014  5  
Mon Chalet FriendsEaster...Bill Hicks style :)4/20/2014  1  
Nanaimo-ConnexxionsBoard to Death.4/18/2014  0  
Classy BBW & FriendsWhat DOES a girl have to do???4/10/2014  4  
Classy BBW & FriendsWhat DOES a girl have to do???4/10/2014  11  
Alamo City PlayersDeath Becomes..4/8/2014  10  
OKC and surrounding areasNewbie Introduction4/6/2014  0  
Midwest BBWs & AdmirersHmm Seems there just isn't thing here anymore :(3/26/2014  3  
BC Bikers with BenefitsWhen will the sweepers get out???3/21/2014  2  
The CabinWhat Does Age Really Mean?3/9/2014  0  
The CabinWhat Does Age Really Mean?3/9/2014  0  
MEN SLUTS and subby boysWhat's a guy gotta do to get bent over and fucked by a woman?2/12/2014  0  
2 Taboo for YouWhat is TABOO ?2/8/2014  11  
The Sheep Appreciation SocietyHappy Birthday Serenity1/25/2014  10  
Idaho Swingers R Us.10 reasons why sex is good for you1/19/2014  7  
Women and couples 4 bi singlesstr8 guys who are actually curious1/10/2014  13  
Triple S17 things you may not know about penises1/9/2014  6  
gang bangers of NJGroup dying?1/8/2014  0  
Idaho Swingers R Us.17 facts you did not know about Penises..1/6/2014  6  
Nonsuch Schoolsomeone needs to call an BBWMatchMate doctor or a coroner to administer CPR or pronounce this group dead12/2/2013  0  
COUPLES UKpenis names12/2/2013  4  
Prince Albert Friends For Funlooking to hang out11/23/2013  0  
EXPRESSION UNLIMITEDMonogamy Is An Absolute Bar to World Peace11/19/2013  2  
Something on the SideMonogamy Is An Absolute Bar to World Peace11/19/2013  0  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayTo Mystic's attacker (s)11/8/2013  7  
HPV 2 in South CentralHPV 210/21/2013  0  
Diversi-'T'sSpirt Day10/11/2013  8  
45 and Older BunchColorado recall......YES !!!!9/11/2013  12  
Foreigners in TaipeiFreshman here~9/10/2013  1  
45 and Older BunchFort Hood Shooter gets death8/30/2013  8  
45 and Older BunchWell what would you do?8/29/2013  15  
Corpus Christi AFFMy good deed---saving a turtle from drowning8/25/2013  4  
45 and Older BunchSaved a Turtle from drowning8/25/2013  12  
Cloud NineHow do you deal with loss or change?8/17/2013  10  
Corpus Christi AFFWeekend Off !8/17/2013  0  
QLD BBW HQMy Disappearing Past8/13/2013  3  
Cloud NineI AM:8/11/2013  6  
Cloud NineMyth and Legends7/31/2013  4  
Orlando BBW admirers and BBWany sub bbw needing to be used properly7/3/2013  3  
sex in sussexHas anyone had ANY success with meeting off this site ??7/2/2013  1  
Classy BBW looking for HUGE coBBW6/11/2013  0  
Triple SDeath By Stiletto6/10/2013  13  
Fort Leonard Wood/Rolla arealets just fuck6/10/2013  0  
45 and Older BunchStiletto Death6/10/2013  7  
Herpes Valley GroupNew Group For HSV2 Friends6/6/2013  0  
Cloud NineA Solace Change6/5/2013  6  
Sophisticated SeductionOnce I was Loved5/4/2013  8  
45 and Older BunchI don't even know where to begin......4/21/2013  9  
COUPLES UKDing Dong!4/12/2013  2  
South Beach CrewI'll miss you BP3/6/2013  17  
45 and Older BunchAustin Police will kill you at home3/4/2013  8  
Naughty List Of Middle TNInsane Asylum Of Hysteria and Corruptor's Calendar Of Swinger Parties Feb 242/24/2013  0  
Naughty List Of Middle TNInsane Asylum Of Hysteria and Corruptor's Calendar Of Swinger Parties Feb 242/24/2013  0  
45 and Older BunchHackers2/19/2013  5  
BreVard BeachSideSO WHAT CAN WE DO ...2/8/2013  1  
45 and Older Bunchdeath in the family1/31/2013  15  
Triple SSex in History1/28/2013  11  
Grande Prairie FUNEdmonton's 4-PLAY Valentine's Weekend " All are Welcome"1/15/2013  0  
4-play groupValentine's Weekend @ 4-PLAY.. " All are Welcome "1/15/2013  1  
SWAP -SWinging Alberta Parents4- PLAY Valentine Weekend " All are Welcome"1/15/2013  2  
Calgary SwingersEdmonton's 4-PLAY Valentine Weekend " Everyone Welcome"1/15/2013  0  
Edmonton Orgy ClubValentine's Weekend @ 4-PLAY " Everyone Welcome"1/15/2013  0  
4-Play Lifestyle Weekends4-PLAY Valentine's Weekend 4-Lovers, 4-Players " Everyone Welcome"1/15/2013  0  
Edmonton Real People4-PLAY'S Valentine's Weekend . 4 Lovers, 4 Players " All Welcome"1/15/2013  2  
Adult Passion PlaceA short history of Valentine's Day...1/7/2013  1  
white women/BBC in chicagoHey Ladies1/5/2013  0  
South Burbs FunHey Ladies1/5/2013  0  
married and looking for sexApparently, this group died. Last one out, turn out the lights and lock up.12/23/2012  1  
No Plucked Chickens !!!The Royal hoax12/15/2012  8  
BBW in the NorthWest!Is it just me???12/4/2012  8  
La Vida LocaNo presents this year.11/30/2012  3  
QLD BBW HQThe Warning Signs of Insanity...11/20/2012  4  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayCircus is in town11/14/2012  0  
Pandora's BoxEye for an eye11/9/2012  3  
Triple SIs Spaceship Earth the New Death Star ?11/3/2012  9  
Diversi-'T'sRebirth10/24/2012  7  
FrenzVast age differences10/22/2012  15  
AURORA SOCIAL GROUPComing back as?10/20/2012  2  
Heartbeat of Panama Citylast weekend10/15/2012  5  
Corpus Christi AFFSelena Quintanilla10/14/2012  2  
Fort McMurray Group FunThis is supposed to be a group fun group right? Here's the plan10/14/2012  5  
T lovers and friends.A Legman Helltacular9/29/2012  1  
swinger partyLooking for a hot lady to introduce us.9/26/2012  0  
OKC and surrounding areasweirdest places9/14/2012  25  
OKC and surrounding areasweirdest places9/14/2012  7  
Dnvr/chynne/NebraskaPanhandlePlease feel free to party.9/4/2012  0  
No Plucked Chickens !!!Happy Labor/Labour Day!9/1/2012  7  
Cloud NineWalker of the Night8/26/2012  3  
Cloud NineThe Blue Eyed Mand Fantasy8/26/2012  2  
45 and Older BunchSorry guys, but it's time to ban coffee cups.8/22/2012  12  
EROTIC ECSTACYEcstasy, Agony and Exhaustion (Part 2)8/21/2012  3  
Alamo City PlayersDo I dare...8/14/2012  12  
Franklin/Greenwood areaI am new here!!8/6/2012  1  
happyMy Worst Sex8/4/2012  7  
bi males lookingNorth Phoenix, PV Mall area...8/1/2012  0  
bi males lookingNorth Phoenix, PV Mall area...8/1/2012  0  
SanctuaryLucky escape...8/1/2012  6  
Interracial Sex S-E OntarioEtiquette for the single man7/30/2012  0  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)commando or covered7/27/2012  27  
QLD BBW HQ10 years ago7/27/2012  2  
Naughty NerdsOK, it was inevitable-Aurora, Colorado shooter.7/27/2012  1  
Hot wives Greater Toronto AreaEtiquette for the singleman7/23/2012  7  
Oakville/Mississauga ThreesomeEtiquette for the single man.7/23/2012  0  
COUPLES UKyour last wish?7/21/2012  1  
~THE CAMPFIRE~...And then the trouble started.7/16/2012  6  
The Korean Group...whats new everyone??7/4/2012  0  
Central Oregon Group PlayWhatcha want from this group7/3/2012  16  
All for fun Calgaryhaha jokes for a boring thursday6/21/2012  0  
EROTIC ECSTACYA male's guide to not being an absolute failure with women (Story) (comedy)6/21/2012  2  
Church of the Positive SignReligion6/20/2012  0  
Married & Looking For More SexIn town Wednesday and Thursday night6/18/2012  0  
Merrillville & SurroundingWhy are younger males attracted to older females?6/13/2012  9  
No Plucked Chickens !!!Death by wienies!6/13/2012  15  
45 and Older Bunchcrap that bugs the shit out of you6/12/2012  15  
45 and Older BunchI fucking told you so!!!!5/27/2012  17  
Women and couples 4 bi singlesIs it wrong to be demanding?5/18/2012  3  
The Valley Of RoyalBlonde guy joke....5/15/2012  2  
The Valley Of Royal - BasementBlonde guy joke....5/15/2012  4  
Central Oregon Group Play69 Sex Facts: The Interesting, The Odd & The Funny!5/14/2012  0  
Live From AFFGoodbye and Hello5/10/2012  22  
45 and Older BunchWhy's of Men5/8/2012  5  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Funny sex quotes4/30/2012  4  
T lovers and friends.The Quest for Breasts4/28/2012  13  
Live From AFFSlow lingering death?4/27/2012  8  
The Valley Of RoyalWelcome back Death of Desire4/20/2012  9  
Diversi-'T'sRebirth4/18/2012  4  
No Plucked Chickens !!!I have been away4/15/2012  7  
T lovers and friends.Drunk, Alive4/13/2012  3  
T lovers and friends.Transphobia! II: The Revenge4/12/2012  5  
Behind the bike shedBFI top 1004/11/2012  4  
South Denver SocialNOtes from the road...3/31/2012  1  
Lyrics and more...It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)3/23/2012  0  
~THE CAMPFIRE~Conversation in Heaven...3/21/2012  4  
Pandora's BoxDeath and Taxes!!3/19/2012  7  
COUPLES UKmysteries to explain3/12/2012  6  
East Idaho GroupStrange Sex laws around the world3/11/2012  0  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Strange Sex laws around the world3/11/2012  6  
Dragon's TavernWhat Is Kajira..(by a slave)3/6/2012  0  
Dragon's TavernBondsMaid Part 33/6/2012  0  
Women and couples 4 bi singlesTrue Love3/6/2012  5  
asian babes with foreignersAsian Babes with Foreigners3/5/2012  6  
45 and Older Bunchdeath of a loved one3/1/2012  19  
T lovers and friends.My thoughts on hate3/1/2012  11  
Diversi-'T'sBroken heart syndrome2/14/2012  4  
45 and Older BunchCircumsion...a Victorian morals fad2/14/2012  6  
black women and white men.Cruelty of the media and public2/13/2012  6  
Overland ParkWHAT'S SO FUNNY ABOUT...??? A Joke For Today2/7/2012  0  
Scots Cornersubjen3- sad news.2/4/2012  9  
Edmonton SwingersFebruary, 20122/1/2012  3  
FTWALTON69Cold1/29/2012  5  
South Beach CrewUpdate1/28/2012  11  
Alberta Women 4 Well Hung MenBBW needs BBC in edm this wk end Jan 27-291/27/2012  0  
No Plucked Chickens !!!How's this for a email reply1/27/2012  4  
QLD BBW HQhere's a good email reply for you1/27/2012  6  
Tri-CitiesBBW4FunGeez this town sucks lol1/26/2012  1  
Lifestyles of St. LouisAnother One for the Newbies1/23/2012  5  
Castle of Seductive TemptationParty on Saturday, January 28, 2012 6pm EST1/15/2012  10  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Thank You for the Educational E-Mails from 2011 and Happy New Year1/4/2012  12  
QLD BBW HQWhat Would You Do?1/2/2012  10  
Overland ParkIF YOU BUT KNEW1/1/2012  3  
QLD BBW HQastrological condoms12/30/2011  5  
The Girls From GhanaIf you need a laugh just read this profile. What a dumbass!!12/14/2011  4  
K.L chinese sex clubWanna have sex!!!12/13/2011  4  
Central Cali ConnectionsDamn Pigs!!!11/30/2011  4  
FrenzFor my last meal....11/27/2011  8