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Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayPainful Nipples1/19/2019  1  
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AFF Naughty Community.He couldn't resist pinching my nipple.11/27/2018  14  
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Girls who want older GentsJILL GOES TO THE SWIMMING POOL PART 211/9/2018  6  
Men that suck other menJoy Of Nipple Play9/7/2018  1  
2 Taboo for Youjust watching pheebee7/30/2018  3  
AFF Naughty Community.Nipple Pinching.7/2/2018  14  
2 Taboo for Youpheebee & a friend5/20/2018  2  
AFF Naughty Community.Why is foreplay so important?4/18/2018  4  
Local Swingers For Local PlayWhy is foreplay so important?4/18/2018  0  
The Valley Of RoyalJILL TAKES THE LIFT3/30/2018  5  
2 Taboo for Youthe very lonely older man next door3/18/2018  35  
2 Taboo for Youpheebees friend kelly2/19/2018  9  
Dommes for the men who love usClamps2/19/2018  0  
Cyber SnobsHim12/1/2017  3  
Naughty Cock TeaseErotic Poem11/1/2017  4  
2 Taboo for YouLove making11/1/2017  13  
Naughty Swingers GroupHaving Nipple Play.8/12/2017  1  
Utah Friends For Fun.Having Nipple Play.8/12/2017  9  
AFF Naughty Community.Here I Am Again8/1/2017  6  
AFF Naughty Community.COWBOY~! (for the ladies out there)7/9/2017  0  
AFF Naughty Community.Memories of the Smokeys5/19/2017  5  
505HotWife Jack Off GroupWatching porn and jerking off11/27/2016  2  
shemales looking for menHad First t gurl experience10/30/2016  1  
Girls making outmean rough female strap on dominants wanted.5/18/2016  2  
Carnal MovementFor my Hot One....Missing You....3/14/2016  3  
Natchez fun groupHad to share12/26/2015  0  
Adult Book Stores of Las VegasJoy of ABS arcades12/23/2015  4  
Masters and SlavesAlways For Him11/14/2015  1  
"Dom /Sub Lifestyle"Always For Him11/14/2015  2  
Bondage FantasiesMy fantasy9/8/2015  0  
ShenanigansCamping- 50 Shades Style8/24/2015  1  
Shenanigans~~ Camping Story ~~ curvelover9 author8/10/2015  3  
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Mature Madness & MerrimentVerdict6/24/2015  10  
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Cloud NineAlways for Him (Part of a story)10/21/2014  3  
Erotic MassagesFemale Fantasy Massage7/9/2014  0  
FUCK MY WIFE and let me watchGot a Subbie Hub?6/16/2014  2  
WreckCircJerkBukkakeDaisychainA day at the beach5/3/2014  1  
The Dublin ClubHot Irish Milf Breeded By Young Indian Boy2/23/2014  1  
dublin swingersHot Irish Milf Breeded By Young Indian Boy2/23/2014  0  
Irish perv'sHot Irish Milf Breeded By Young Indian Boy2/23/2014  0  
NaughtyBermudaGood Night9/2/2013  1  
Ottawa Gangbang ClubDeb's first gang bang7/17/2013  0  
Sensitive Nipplesnipple play on cam?6/13/2013  0  
Nipple Sucking Pleasuresmy sensitive nipples6/11/2013  0  
Columbia,SCErotic Story - The Beach - Tell me what you think5/13/2013  0  
Friends with BenefitsHi - Can I post my personally written erotica here for your viewing pleasure?5/13/2013  0  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayFirst story submission4/21/2013  7  
Kitten's RefugeThe Good Samaritan3/13/2013  2  
The AscotGuide to Eating Pussy Part 72/18/2013  1  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Dirty Daddy's girl in the shower1/18/2013  9  
Fantasy Trip to Denver12/29/2012  3  
Bondage RoleplaySex Slave; Wet and Ready12/17/2012  1  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Short story12/16/2012  0  
The gRAPE VineA night steoll on Campus10/13/2012  2  
Cloud NineLadies cover me with your juices Part 110/12/2012  4  
T lovers and friends.Corset Wearing and Bra Styles10/11/2012  6  
Cloud NineThe Cabin with a twist to this story .. my fantasy !9/23/2012  4  
Midwest BBWs & AdmirersNipple play9/23/2012  6  
Kitten's RefugeThe Cabin story with a twist9/22/2012  9  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayThe Good Samaritan9/4/2012  3  
The Valley Of RoyalOffice Tease6/23/2012  4  
blow jobs by men for menThanks to all who "came"5/25/2012  4  
blow jobs by men for menSAT April 14th4/12/2012  0  
Triple SFor the Ladies: The Art of Sex for One4/2/2012  11  
Reluctant and Rough Role PlayThe Jogger's Boss Part 13/14/2012  3  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayWeekend dirty encounter3/8/2012  1  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayLiving a Fantasy3/8/2012  1  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayMy daughter's best friend2/13/2012  8  
Couple in BangladeshSex with Office Colleague and Her Husband2/10/2012  1  
Bangladeshi Fucker's ClubSex with Office Colleague and Her Husband2/10/2012  2  
Bangali hottiesSex with Office Colleague and Her Husband2/10/2012  1  
BOYS & GIRLS OF BANGLADESHSex with Office Colleague and Her Husband2/10/2012  0  
Bangali hottiesSex with Office Colleague and Her Husband2/10/2012  1  
Bangladeshi Fucker's ClubSex with Office Colleague and Her Husband2/10/2012  1  
Couple in BangladeshSex with Office Colleague and Her Husband2/10/2012  1  
BOYS & GIRLS OF BANGLADESHSex with Office Colleague and Her Husband2/10/2012  1  
Central Illinois Adult Funhelp with video?12/15/2011  2  
guys love sex /older womenSex with a cold??9/6/2011  4  
black women and white men.Sex with a cold??9/6/2011  11  
White men Chocolate womenSex with a cold??9/6/2011  2  
Real Cougars on the hunt !Sex with a cold??9/6/2011  0  
Older women, younger menSex with a cold??9/6/2011  3  
Older woman wanting younger meSex with a cold??9/6/2011  4  
Every boys dream......MILFS!Sex with a cold??9/6/2011  5  
EROTIC ECSTACYBe gentle - it's an opening effort....8/7/2011  4  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)From Slut to Goddess: The Transformation of SaucyJill - Chapters 8 and 98/5/2011  0  
The Valley Of RoyalFrom Slut to Goddess: The Transformation of Jill - Chapter 98/5/2011  5  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayFrom Slut to Goddess: The Transformation of Jill - Chapter 47/16/2011  0  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)From Slut to Goddess: The Transformation of Jill - Chapter 47/16/2011  0  
The Valley Of RoyalFrom Slut to Goddess: The Transformation of Jill - Chapter 47/16/2011  1  
The Valley Of RoyalA little MFM story ...7/12/2011  3  
Castle of Seductive TemptationWho's On Top7/9/2011  26  
Bangali hottiesA very HORNY Lady6/16/2011  2  
give and takeA very HORNY Lady6/16/2011  1  
FUCK ME HARDERLadies Cover me in your Juices Part 16/6/2011  1  
Masturbation in Publicsunbathing6/4/2011  1  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)The Little Black Dress5/15/2011  3  
Portland Adult Theater SexA Cumslut's Journal3/9/2011  0  
Nipple Sucking PleasuresRange of nipple pleasure?3/8/2011  24  
ThE ScHooL oV SiNNew girl hoping for a warm, wet welcome.3/4/2011  9  
EROTIC ECSTACYThe Little Honey3/1/2011  3  
fantasies/men & lady'sTurning Peter Stone, How I became... (semi true M/M)2/13/2011  0  
Your Hard Core Fantasy RoomTurning Peter Stone... How I became.. (semi true M/M)2/13/2011  0  
 Turning Peter Stone -Semi true story (M/M)2/13/2011  0  
The ClubSexaholics Anonymous - Confessions of a Sex Addict ( from my blog )2/2/2011  0  
Ottawa - Capital SexSexaholics Anonymous - Confessions of an addict ( from my blog )!2/1/2011  6  
The Cancer ClubPain Management1/28/2011  1  
Reluctant and Rough Role PlayThe Woods Story1/21/2011  14  
North Idaho Bi or GayI should get drunk more often!1/9/2011  1  
SECRET SEX IN SUFFOLKWakey, Wakey, Rise and Shine12/28/2010  12  
Women and couples 4 bi singlesThe Ultimate Gift (Fantasy) Part 212/26/2010  1  
Pandora's BoxMods - help11/30/2010  5  
Nipple Sucking PleasuresLooking for delicious nipples10/4/2010  6  
Nipple Sucking PleasuresLooking for delicious nipples10/4/2010  2  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty Playcan i post this here?9/26/2010  5  
Talk dirty to mea read for the ladies...or anyone really.9/24/2010  7  
QLD BBW HQMy Porn Watching Pig Boyfriend9/11/2010  6  
FUCK ME HARDERLadies Cover me in your juices!!! Part 19/8/2010  2  
OCEAN'S TEASE & CUM FUCK ROOMUs ........9/8/2010  7  
Sex in the Champagne Room"You're Late"9/7/2010  6  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Eating IN (sequel to Eating Out story)8/29/2010  1  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)The Storm...a story8/21/2010  4  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayNew to the group, and a hot story8/21/2010  5  
Island FWBSo, it's been a month8/16/2010  2  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Pillow Fight!8/5/2010  4  
EROTIC ECSTACY(Erotica Challenge4#) FREDA7/11/2010  8  
The Sheep Appreciation SocietyWeekly Quiz - Number 37/10/2010  2  
Old Rock My Fucking WorldHistory Lesson!7/2/2010  3  
EROTIC ECSTACYCunning linguist6/21/2010  6  
OCEAN'S TEASE & CUM FUCK ROOMGONE FOR 10 DAYS ..NY here i come5/8/2010  6  
Flame's Friends of BDSMNipple Clamps.....decisions, decisions, decisions!5/7/2010  4  
NORCAL Bi Hook-upsrandom encounter4/30/2010  6  
Lets have fun in Montreal !!!What I want to do to you (ladies)4/28/2010  1  
RENCONTRES DISCRETESLet me show you what I can do (ladies)4/28/2010  0  
Older Women 4 Younger MenWhat I want to do to you (M looking for W)4/28/2010  0  
Flame's Friends of BDSMNegotiation Form ..............(Informative as well)4/19/2010  5  
Flame's Friends of BDSMBondage Tips......4/19/2010  2  
Paternal Guys & their femalesPicnic with Daughter4/15/2010  2  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Picnic with Daughter4/15/2010  6  
Tampa Area Sex AssocFantasies that Tanked....4/15/2010  1  
Phat Kitty RanchAs promised,,,,3/27/2010  8  
good friends for hot cam funLadies Cover me in your Juices Part 13/22/2010  6  
Idaho Falls GroupWhy do we pinch people who are not wearing green on St. Patricks Day?3/17/2010  1  
Idaho Sex ClubWhy do we pinch people who are not wearing green on St. Patricks Day?3/17/2010  0  
East Idaho GroupWhy do we pinch people who are not wearing green on St. Patricks Day?3/17/2010  3  
erotic storylandThe Affair Begins2/10/2010  0  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayWant it hard and fast.....2/7/2010  10  
Tri State Ladies ONLYWhat Turns You Hot ..?1/11/2010  4  
erotic storylandMy fantasy story12/13/2009  0  
CUM TALK DIRTY TO MEUnforgettable Experiences12/2/2009  1  
big busted beautiesFemale who loves big boobs!11/22/2009  12  
EROTIC ECSTACYThe Servant pt 5: ~Sapphic Lust pt 211/21/2009  7  
Memphis MILFEarly Morning fun for you ladies....10/14/2009  0  
Central Mississippi Sex OnlyThink about this ladies10/14/2009  0  
Monroe La. Discrete FunThink about this ladies....10/14/2009  0  
[x] Sex in the Peel Region [x]Erotic Stories (Come Add your own)9/14/2009  2  
fun in the fallsAny Takers???9/12/2009  0  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayFun in Montana9/12/2009  1  
Sharing a father and sonFantasy: Grandfather, Father, Grandson9/11/2009  6  
EROTIC ECSTACYThe Servant pt 4:Fundament (STORY)8/30/2009  9  
Women Seeking LTR with SHEMALEStories & Fantasies Revealed8/24/2009  0  
EROTIC ECSTACYThe Magic Glade ~ Ch.1 Angela8/23/2009  4  
Flame's Friends of BDSMHAIR AND SCALP TUGGING8/14/2009  4  
Couples looking for Bi-GuysFlagstaff Man Seeks Bi Couples8/3/2009  0  
Daytime encountersSJ gay guy looking for friends with benefits7/30/2009  3  
erotic storylandHer First Time7/25/2009  3  
ORIGINAL FUCK ME NOWLadies cover me in your juices!!! Part 17/22/2009  19  
Cyber SnobsWhere to go from here?7/5/2009  3  
Gem City Swinging & SocialG-SPOT: the legend, a fantasy, or the ultimate O?6/28/2009  0  
Women who luv's to suck pussySome of the best pussy ever6/23/2009  2  
Flame's Friends of BDSMA YOUNG GIRLS ADVENTURE IN THE HEY6/21/2009  5  
The Pleasure PalaceA YOUNG GIRLS ADVENTURE IN THE HEY6/21/2009  5  
sucking on ebony nipplesnew to the group...but oh so eager6/18/2009  0  
Flame's Friends of BDSMGenital Massage6/16/2009  3  
SSBBW AustraliaDown By The River6/9/2009  8  
Flame's Friends of BDSM› Nipple Torture with Clamps6/9/2009  3  
Lafayette A. F. F. GroupHow to measure6/1/2009  5  
Inner Loop Erotica...A Midnight Ride5/27/2009  2  
CumPartyWithUs"Choices, choices, choices"............lol5/27/2009  4  
CumPartyWithUsThe Room5/27/2009  5  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayInsatiable5/26/2009  1  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayPennance5/21/2009  1  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayStranded - My ultimate fantasy5/21/2009  15  
FurReal Kitties and MoreOCEANS ADVENTURES IN THE HEY5/20/2009  4  
Between the SheetsA YOUNG GIRLS adventure in the hey5/20/2009  5  
advice line friendsThe scent of a woman5/10/2009  4  
Sleep fondlingwith a little help from a friend5/9/2009  3  
Fuck Me NowTaking Dictation (Story)5/7/2009  8  
Sanctuary***Pick Your Favourite***5/4/2009  16  
Black n Busty bi/lesbian womanReady to suck the big guns G-cup or Bigger!5/3/2009  10  
Cyber SnobsThe Girl Upstairs (Story)5/2/2009  3  
Candi Timethe surprise4/27/2009  5  
Lakewood bi-urgeimprovise4/27/2009  0  
Flan and the FCBB'sTHERE CAN BE ONLY ONE...Highlander...4/24/2009  9  
Tough Love, FantasyYou hurry home4/24/2009  3  
lookin4discretehotsexSame old shit....4/23/2009  0  
Breastplay & Suckling FetishNipple "glory holes"...4/18/2009  4  
LYNN"S LAIRBDSM Fantasy4/16/2009  0  
Bunny GroupWhat do you think during sex?4/12/2009  7  
Tough Love, FantasyPlay I had the other day4/6/2009  4  
San Joaquin County FunDo you think during sex?4/5/2009  4  
Sleep fondlingbrother's toy3/29/2009  3  
Lesbian FantasyBusiness trip3/26/2009  0  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayA Jog in the woods!3/26/2009  4  
Sleep fondlingdrunken M.I.L.F. (fondling my aunt)3/23/2009  7  
Candi TimeHim3/19/2009  6  
Forced Fuck Fantasy Kidnap ~PCancun vacation3/17/2009  3  
Females that Strapon!!!Lovie and Me3/15/2009  0  
Breastplay & Suckling FetishIntroduction3/6/2009  0  
Your FANTASY Love ShackHis Arrival - Part 33/2/2009  3  
Married/Discreet/Casual SexTime to wake up room! Where the Girls Are2/27/2009  0  
Fuck Me NowFFM2/24/2009  4  
Fuck Me NowThe Cabin2/24/2009  0  
Flan and the FCBB'sfriday feb 13th2/13/2009  5  
fantasies/men & lady'sForeign Duty... A Soldier's Story2/11/2009  1  
Your Hard Core Fantasy RoomForeign Duty... A Soldier's Story2/11/2009  2  
Erotic StoriesForeign Duty... A soldiers tory2/11/2009  0  
EROTIC ECSTACYPink, Dick, and ......A Fantasy2/11/2009  7  
OKCMeetNGreetsactions2/8/2009  7  
BBW Pussy LickingIts finally happend--I'm turning 401/31/2009  5  
Young Men Licking Older WomenIts finally happened--I'm turning 401/31/2009  4  
WATCH OR SHOW AND CUM:)A fantasy story1/24/2009  0  
SSBBW AustraliaFavorite Food1/23/2009  9  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)resistance play1/20/2009  4  
Your FANTASY Love ShackA Picnic for my baby1/20/2009  5  
Ladies Of The World ONLY*** LANA1/14/2009  3  
Lesbian FantasyCould it happen like this ...1/13/2009  21  
EROTIC ECSTACYWANTING (Story)1/12/2009  7  
Meet ppl. in Roy.Let me taste it1/7/2009  0  
Fuck Me NowPlaying for VM1/4/2009  5  
EROTIC ECSTACYReversal Of Fortune Pt. 212/24/2008  0  
Fuck Me NowHim12/16/2008  9  
LYNN"S LAIRReversal Of Fortune Pt.212/2/2008  0  
Your FANTASY Love ShackReversal Of Fortune Pt.212/1/2008  0  
EROTIC ECSTACYMidnight Water Madness11/28/2008  4  
Smokin_LoungeContest entry -- A playing for Bever11/26/2008  4  
WATCH OR SHOW AND CUM:)Re-Post: Voyeur's Etiquette - Spread the love!11/25/2008  7  
fantasies/men & lady'sParty Girl (Part One)11/23/2008  2  
Corpus Christi AFFWays to let her know11/23/2008  7  
CUM TALK DIRTY TO METhe Perfect Tool for the Job:11/16/2008  8  
Pleasures Of The MindAN EVENING AT HOME (story)11/6/2008  6  
Girls' Fun ClubWank made in heaven11/1/2008  1  
Southern ComfortVOTE!!!!!10/29/2008  6  
KINK TALESFantasy10/27/2008  0  
FUNS OF MY WIFE'S ASSHOLEAfternoon fun10/23/2008  0  
Tri State Ladies ONLYCheers to my Sisters ...10/19/2008  2  
All Kinds Of Sexlooking10/19/2008  0  
LYNN"S LAIRMY REVENGE !!10/11/2008  2  
FTWALTON69another helen back 10-1010/10/2008  6  
LYNN"S LAIRDuring the Storm Part 810/9/2008  1  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayDuring the Storm Part 810/9/2008  0  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayUnfinished Night Fantasy10/9/2008  7  
Pocatello AreaPosting a story here see if anyone wants to let me know what they think.10/9/2008  4  
Tri State Ladies ONLYA Message for ALL Women10/5/2008  6  
Pleasures Of The MindFull Harvest pt 2 (writen by a friend of mine)10/3/2008  1  
Pleasures Of The MindFull Harvest...(story)10/3/2008  0  
TV Party Slutscall me for all parties9/28/2008  0  
LYNN"S LAIRThe adventures of Ho White9/28/2008  5  
Family Fun - no restrictions..Daddy and his poker buddies (a dream)9/27/2008  17  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayDuring the storm part 59/18/2008  1  
LYNN"S LAIRDuring the storm part 59/18/2008  1  
Central Illinois Bi/LesbianWhere the Girls are..... Erotica for the Girls9/16/2008  0  
NorthernStatesSwingersGroupGliding9/14/2008  3  
Fuck Me NowHim9/13/2008  4  
Pleasures Of The MindRED CHERRIES(Story)9/10/2008  5  
CUM TALK DIRTY TO MEFriends (part1)9/8/2008  2  
Fuck Me NowLadies cover me with your juices Part 19/4/2008  35  
fuck pigsColumbia area fuck pig8/28/2008  0  
Chas Area Cum SlutsCum slut in Columbia8/28/2008  3  
WATCH OR SHOW AND CUM:)Any other guys like to picnh their nipples?8/25/2008  5