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The Valley Of RoyalJILL meets her new neighbour3/13/2012  7  
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Atlanta Pussy EatersBig clit or Tight slit2/23/2012  3  
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South Jersey Adult StoresJust had an awesome time at the local XXX movie lounge!8/24/2011  2  
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Cougar's DenStill Looking. . . . .7/26/2011  0  
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XMemo6/11/2011  3  
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FUCK ME HARDERLadies Cover me in your juices Part II6/6/2011  4  
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~Embraced~Demonic Lust - Lilith5/4/2011  1  
The Valley Of Royalthought I might share one of my meetings5/2/2011  0  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Are You Normal4/19/2011  2  
FUCK ME HARDERShe wanted to be an actresses.. I introduced her to people..3/17/2011  0  
Dandridge/Morristown areaFun Sexy Couple Wanting to Share a Sensual Bi Lady3/3/2011  2  
Knoxville Bi GirlsFun Sexy Couple Wanting to Share a Sensual Bi Lady3/2/2011  3  
EROTIC ECSTACYMorning fun with you3/2/2011  3  
EROTIC ECSTACYThe Little Honey3/1/2011  3  
ThE ScHooL oV SiNOne of my fantasies was a pregnant girl.. It happened2/24/2011  3  
married and looking for sexShe was 7 months pregnant but drove 200 miles to see me2/23/2011  0  
married and looking for sexHow about helping a girl with her career while she takes care of my needs2/21/2011  0  
Nasty talkLeaving Starbucks2/4/2011  1  
Mormons Needing MoreDesk Ornament...erotic fantasy1/24/2011  5  
Brisbane & Gold Coast hook upsRetired guy looking for weekday female playmates on the Gold Coast1/18/2011  0  
North Idaho Bi or GayI should get drunk more often!1/9/2011  1  
3somes,4somes, & moresomesSlit To Lick1/5/2011  0  
Married and free to fuck in MDAny ladies want to make this happen11/12/2010  0  
EROTIC ECSTACYYour Hired11/10/2010  6  
Western, NYname that pussy10/18/2010  15  
SoCalCircus Swinger PartiesConfessions by Father Woody... Part III10/14/2010  0  
black women and white men.SOME CALL IT HONEY10/13/2010  8  
EROTIC ECSTACYThe Darkside of Moonshine - Erotic Challenge #89/22/2010  6  
FUCK ME HARDERLadies Cover me in your juices!!! Part II9/8/2010  6  
SexpediaOur Body9/2/2010  0  
California CunnilingusApplying for any openings in the San diego area8/25/2010  0  
EROTIC ECSTACYSwamp Dreaming Excerpt - the final orgasm8/20/2010  5  
EROTIC ECSTACYSwamp Dreaming Excerpt 2 - the story continues8/17/2010  3  
QLD BBW HQBlack Friday8/12/2010  4  
FurReal Kitties and MoreHi All! New bush in the group8/10/2010  13  
EROTIC ECSTACYOn the Beach - (Challenge #6) - (story)8/6/2010  5  
Samantha's pantiesMy "ultimate" day ..5/13/2010  9  
OCEAN'S TEASE & CUM FUCK ROOMOur First Real time together.. <35/4/2010  4  
EROTIC ECSTACYLily's Vacation ( story )5/4/2010  8  
"Beyond Caligula"Palace Heated Surrender4/28/2010  9  
Women Who Like Older MenShow her that experience makes you better4/7/2010  1  
erotic storylandVery kinky day at the Fair3/29/2010  0  
Watching your wife clubMe and a friend's wife3/25/2010  0  
EROTIC ECSTACYWatching The Neighbours(STORY)3/23/2010  2  
CUCKOLD WOMEN & THEIR LOVERS..Fucked a new wife last night3/23/2010  4  
ORIGINAL FUCK ME NOWLadies Cover me in your juices Part II3/17/2010  4  
Creative MindsPaying The Fine - Story by Nick Tenebris2/28/2010  0  
erotic storylandPaying The Fine - Story by Nick Tenebris2/28/2010  0  
LET'S MEET 4 REALlqqking 2 lick2/28/2010  0  
CUMBRIA GIRLSPaying The Fine2/25/2010  0  
Carlisle ContactsPaying The Fine2/25/2010  0  
cumbria open group..all ages.Paying The Fine2/25/2010  0  
The Nawty But Niche GroupPaying The Fine2/25/2010  5  
erotic storylandThe Affair Begins2/10/2010  0  
Roleplay Anything tabooHot cousins1/2/2010  0  
EROTIC ECSTACYLate Entry12/22/2009  5  
Cowboy's Social ClubA winters evening part 112/1/2009  1  
OCEAN'S TEASE & CUM FUCK ROOMJust a little story for you to enjoy11/26/2009  6  
Flame's Friends of BDSMNight time story11/10/2009  4  
Old Rock My Fucking WorldJust a little erotic story of mine11/4/2009  21  
LIKEMINDED FRIENDS ON LIwhat is sexy?9/24/2009  1  
Oral Sex LoversNew to BBWMatchMate and group9/18/2009  0  
Your FANTASY Love ShackAfternoon Delight9/17/2009  1  
WOMEN WHO CRAVE TASTE OF PUSSYlicking wet pussy and lips is always on my mind9/14/2009  5  
fun in the fallsAny Takers???9/12/2009  0  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayFun in Montana9/12/2009  1  
ORIGINAL FUCK ME NOWLadies cover me in your juices!!! Part II9/11/2009  7  
Scots CornerYOUR NEXT BBWMatchMate NAME8/31/2009  30  
Real Swingers -- ScotlandYOUR NEXT BBWMatchMate NAME8/31/2009  7  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayStrangers8/24/2009  5  
EROTIC ECSTACYThe Magic Glade ~ Ch.1 Angela8/23/2009  4  
Romance Is Sexy, Too!Chocolate Covered Strawberries8/21/2009  2  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)In the Dark8/5/2009  5  
erotic storylandHer First Time7/25/2009  3  
Decatur Adult Theater Hook-UpJust a little imagination....7/18/2009  2  
Anything GoesJust a little imagination....7/16/2009  0  
Wife watchersTo the Husbands & ALL MEN7/14/2009  11  
EROTIC ECSTACYSummer Heat....7/9/2009  4  
LYNN"S LAIRSummer Heat....A Short Story7/8/2009  8  
The Pleasure PalaceGIVING HIM HEAD7/3/2009  3  
FurReal Kitties and MoreGIVING HIM HEAD7/3/2009  3  
EROTIC ECSTACYSizzler Maggie7/1/2009  7  
Flame's Friends of BDSMOn Edge...... (a short story to get the blood flowing...lol)6/28/2009  3  
LYNN"S LAIRA Poem that I had composed as reply to one I read6/25/2009  2  
Looking for Bi Ladiesstrap-ons!! HELP ME pick out the right one6/24/2009  4  
The Pleasure PalaceLADYS ..SLUTS..AND GIRLYS...tell me how do you like your pussy eaten6/21/2009  2  
Cyber SnobsLADYS ..SLUTS..AND GIRLYS...tell me how do you like your pussy eaten6/21/2009  7  
Talk dirty to meI was in the bed and....6/18/2009  2  
Between the SheetsLADYS ..SLUTS..AND GIRLYS...tell me how do you like your pussy eaten6/10/2009  2  
FurReal Kitties and MoreLADYS ..SLUTS..AND GIRLYS...tell me how do you like your pussy eaten6/10/2009  6  
ORIGINAL FUCK ME NOWLADYS ..SLUTS..AND GIRLYS...tell me how do you like your pussy eaten6/10/2009  8  
CumPartyWithUsLADYS ..SLUTS..AND GIRLYS....how do you like your pussy eaten6/10/2009  3  
Candi TimeLADYS ..SLUTS..AND GIRLYS....how do you like your pussy eaten6/10/2009  7  
Tri State Ladies ONLYRants!!!6/9/2009  2  
FurReal Kitties and MoreWaterfalls hike6/5/2009  3  
SSBBW AustraliaSexy As All Hell6/2/2009  12  
CumPartyWithUs"Choices, choices, choices"............lol5/27/2009  4  
CumPartyWithUsThe Room5/27/2009  5  
fantasy to realityStranger sex in Wellington5/21/2009  0  
Romance Is Sexy, Too!A How-to Guide for Eating Pussy (written by a woman)5/18/2009  0  
Romance Is Sexy, Too!How to Eat Pussy Like a Champ (written by a man)5/18/2009  0  
Central Florida SquitersSquirting pussy5/17/2009  0  
Bisexual / Lesbian BBW'sWhat Do You Miss?5/15/2009  3  
Candi Timewill you.....5/12/2009  7  
Fuck Me NowTaking Dictation (Story)5/7/2009  8  
Cyber SnobsThe Girl Upstairs (Story)5/2/2009  3  
Kern County PlayersEveryone liked the definitions so I thought...4/24/2009  7  
The Nawty But Niche Grouppussy creation4/23/2009  1  
Family Fun - no restrictions..family erotica3/16/2009  10  
EROTIC ECSTACYNew to the group... here is one of my stories3/15/2009  9  
EROTIC ECSTACYTennis anyone? part 13/13/2009  8  
Family Fun - no restrictions..mmm3/8/2009  0  
CenTX SpankathonSpankee Ready and Waiting for your Pleasure3/4/2009  0  
EROTIC ECSTACYTryin Vanilla........3/3/2009  7  
Married/Discreet/Casual SexTime to wake up room! Where the Girls Are2/27/2009  0  
CumPartyWithUsthe special panties2/24/2009  8  
All for fun Calgaryback alley fun2/23/2009  8  
NeoCelticModernGoreanDomsSubssex with a vampire a story of passion2/22/2009  1  
Married/Discreet/Casual SexFor those of you in the group that do not know .....2/20/2009  4  
Men in womens PantiesGot carried away.....ooops!2/20/2009  3  
EROTIC ECSTACYTrain Journey - Next instalment2/19/2009  4  
EROTIC ECSTACYThe Train Journey ... continuing2/18/2009  4  
CumPartyWithUsAfternoon Delight2/17/2009  2  
CumPartyWithUsForced Sex?2/17/2009  5  
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Your Hard Core Fantasy RoomForeign Duty... A Soldier's Story2/11/2009  2  
Erotic StoriesForeign Duty... A soldiers tory2/11/2009  0  
Pittsburgh Area (Butler/NAlny)Anticipation2/11/2009  0  
Fuck Me NowWishing it could happen like this.2/10/2009  3  
Family Fun - no restrictions..step daughter2/9/2009  8  
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Fuck Me NowHotel meeting - Part 32/8/2009  6  
My Corner Lifestylers - GJ, COif you're not into this dont bother..2/7/2009  2  
Ladies Of The World ONLY*** LANA1/14/2009  3  
Lesbian FantasyCould it happen like this ...1/13/2009  21  
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EROTIC ECSTACYSue and tom (part one)12/3/2008  2  
LYNN"S LAIRReversal Of Fortune Pt.6 (Please Enjoy!!!!!)12/2/2008  0  
Your FANTASY Love ShackReversal Of Fortune Pt.6 (Please Enjoy!!!!!)12/1/2008  2  
Pittsburgh Friends and LoversGood News & Bad News11/30/2008  0  
Bunny's DreamBusiness trip11/29/2008  4  
CUM TALK DIRTY TO METhe Stock boy11/17/2008  4  
CUM TALK DIRTY TO METest Drive11/17/2008  4  
Fuck Me NowPart II11/14/2008  5  
NAUGHTY N' WET BBWs GONE WILDPussy11/11/2008  13  
CUM TALK DIRTY TO MEA Night Out11/5/2008  1  
Pittsburgh Friends and LoversTammy & I11/4/2008  2  
Pittsburgh Friends and LoversEx Sex11/2/2008  1  
FUNS OF MY WIFE'S ASSHOLEBetty10/27/2008  0  
Fuck Me NowLadies cover me with your juices Part 210/7/2008  3  
Fuck Me NowErotic Hotel encounter Part 210/5/2008  1  
Nyasa FlirtingpotHelp out!10/4/2008  0  
Talk dirty to meSnatch, cunt,minge,gash,twat,slit,box,fur burger...9/30/2008  22  
Talk dirty to meSucking on a moist hairy cunt...9/20/2008  31  
Eastern Idaho AFFersWriting Fantasies9/20/2008  2  
HazalinaGennieSTORY OF WEARING A SKIRT TO WORK9/20/2008  0  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayDuring the storm part 59/18/2008  1  
LYNN"S LAIRDuring the storm part 59/18/2008  1  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayDuring the storm part 4 (parts 2 and 3 on my blog)9/18/2008  0  
LYNN"S LAIRDuring the storm part 49/18/2008  0  
Central Illinois Bi/LesbianWhere the Girls are..... Erotica for the Girls9/16/2008  0  
CUM TALK DIRTY TO MEPosture of the Gobbling Fishes9/15/2008  0  
LYNN"S LAIRPosture of the Gobbling Fishes9/15/2008  5  
The Pleasure PalacePosture of the Gobbling Fishes9/15/2008  4  
NorthernStatesSwingersGroupA Walk In The Park - Email From A Friend :-)9/12/2008  0  
Forced Fuck Fantasy Kidnap ~Pillinois blk male willing to please9/11/2008  0  
CUM TALK DIRTY TO MEIn Need9/10/2008  3  
Decatur Adult Theater Hook-UpCant wait seduce you slowly sensually9/10/2008  0  
Married but lookingCant wait to seduce you slowly sensually!!9/10/2008  0  
Central Illinois Adult Funcant wait to seduce you slowly sensually!!!!!!!9/10/2008  0  
Northern Lites CouplesIs everyone sure?9/8/2008  2