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MasturbateWere You Watching Me?12/29/2018  0  
MasturbateWere You Watching Me?12/29/2018  2  
Men Stroking on Cam 4 WomenWere You Watching Me?12/29/2018  1  
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CNY Cuckold and Slut wivesA long rant not about sex11/17/2018  4  
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Taboo FamilyI want my cousin Trudy11/7/2018  4  
Open Family FantasiesHot for cousin Trudy11/1/2018  1  
Dream's Taboo for YouHot for cousin Trudy11/1/2018  9  
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KnK to play~~~ * Surrender … hear My voice * ~~~9/25/2018  2  
Milwaukee GroupNew to the site! Hello all!9/18/2018  0  
Bisexuals Playgroundweek later7/13/2018  5  
Bisexuals Playgroundweek later7/13/2018  0  
2 Taboo for YouFor the Men-- Experienced a Strap-on by a Gal?5/10/2018  15  
The Valley Of RoyalJILL TAKES THE LIFT3/30/2018  5  
Dommes for the men who love usFlogging2/19/2018  2  
Dommes for the men who love usNettling2/18/2018  0  
Adult Video Stores?Circle Jerk1/29/2018  10  
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Idaho Swingers R Us.Advantages of a home party VS a large group Party?2/1/2016  9  
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Cunnilingus LoversPerforming Cunnilingus2/2/2015  1  
Men Stroking on Cam 4 WomenWere You Watching Me?1/18/2015  0  
WATCH OR SHOW AND CUM:)Were You Watching Me?1/18/2015  2  
cuckold your husbandIn the mood for.....1/13/2015  1  
Explore your fantasiesShopping fantasy12/24/2014  2  
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women just want to be fuckedAlways for Him (Part 4)11/5/2014  1  
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Mckinney/Frisco/Plano GroupAm I the only one?7/16/2014  0  
Women and couples 4 bi singlesMy Fantasy - A Bi Couple6/6/2014  9  
BLACK MEN AND ALL WOMENAre you about that Life? *must read4/20/2014  0  
All Kinds Of SexAre you about that Life? *must read4/20/2014  0  
Greensburg friends3 Somes?4/1/2014  7  
Pittsburgh Area (Butler/NAlny)3 SOMES?4/1/2014  16  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Sex facts you may not know about...2/21/2014  6  
2 Taboo for YouSunday morning, fantasy2/15/2014  3  
JuicyWhitePussy4BBCMy first BBC2/11/2014  2  
OKC and surrounding areasThis is funny and oh so wrong................1/28/2014  10  
Sexy Alaska SwingersHow to behave at a meet and greet1/22/2014  6  
EXPRESSION UNLIMITEDThinking about fucking my Mom (actually step-mom) What do you think?12/15/2013  1  
EROTIC ECSTACYBus stop Beauty11/14/2013  0  
Girls who want older Gentsseeking lolita type and a mommy9/8/2013  0  
Trini SexUrolagnia9/3/2013  4  
Bukkake/Gangbang ColumbusSuch a turn on!8/25/2013  9  
Triple SKissing ??7/17/2013  13  
Flame's Friends of BDSMHow to bring variety in spankings...7/15/2013  3  
the babysitterTeddy Cam6/8/2013  4  
Triple SM.I.A5/31/2013  22  
Swinging GolfersLet's play around of Golf and then play around!!5/21/2013  0  
Girls who Love anal Sexanal lube!5/10/2013  1  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)For Daddy's Girl ... part 34/24/2013  1  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)A story for Daddy's Girl ... part 24/20/2013  2  
Black women and Asian menNY/NJ Korean Male 5 '10" 165 lbs Blck Hair Brn Eyes 6" Length 5.75" Girth Seeks ONE Black Playmate4/19/2013  1  
Kitten's RefugeThe Perfect Day3/14/2013  3  
A Daddies and Good Girls ForumI Was Intrigued2/27/2013  4  
The AscotGuide to Eating Pussy Part 32/18/2013  1  
Brooklyn BBWbig dick latin looking for a sexy bbw for some fun tonight2/4/2013  0  
100% Pure Titty suckerLove my cock stroked as I suckle you12/29/2012  2  
“The BDSM & Kink Club”A Game We Played12/1/2012  5  
young women/older menolder men with your younger wife ?11/17/2012  0  
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Corpus Christi AFFDifferent Strokes for Different Folks!10/13/2012  5  
Midwest BBWs & AdmirersWinter Sex (Tips to get her naked)10/9/2012  3  
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Cloud NineThe Cabin with a twist to this story .. my fantasy !9/23/2012  4  
Kitten's RefugeThe Cabin story with a twist9/22/2012  9  
Cloud NineFirst Impressions ...part 29/20/2012  1  
Southeast Alaskan ConnectionBack in Ketchikan!9/19/2012  2  
Kitten's RefugeStory:I posted in another group.Thought hotbob may like......9/15/2012  3  
Midwest BBWs & AdmirersFive Health Benefits of Masterbation9/7/2012  4  
EROTIC ECSTACYEcstasy, Agony and Exhaustion (Part 2)8/21/2012  3  
FUCK ME HARDERA Story I Wrote: First Face to Face Encounter8/19/2012  5  
Cloud NineA long time coming but a night to remember8/17/2012  3  
EROTIC ECSTACYSomething snappy8/16/2012  3  
FUCK ME HARDERmy latest dream...8/12/2012  4  
EROTIC ECSTACYA "gentleman's" treat8/3/2012  2  
women that want bareback sex*****Bareback anyone??7/29/2012  32  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)*****Bareback anyone??7/29/2012  65  
WATCH OR SHOW AND CUM:)*****Bareback anyone??7/29/2012  36  
Long-Distance Sugar Daddies*****Bareback anyone??7/29/2012  0  
Long-Distance Sugar Daddies*****Bareback anyone??7/29/2012  0  
Long-Distance Sugar Daddies*****Bareback anyone??7/29/2012  0  
Let's Make a Baby*****Bareback anyone??7/29/2012  11  
Istanbul Lovers*****Bareback anyone??7/29/2012  3  
women that want bareback sexthe risk is such a turn on7/29/2012  10  
HyderabadSexSex Stories7/29/2012  0  
Unsatisfied ladies of HYDFucking Friends Girlfriend Story7/14/2012  0  
45 and Older Bunchaffection7/8/2012  16  
The Valley Of Royal - BasementA story6/21/2012  2  
Women and couples 4 bi singlesInitiation with a S&M couple6/16/2012  2  
The Valley Of Royal - BasementJill visits the prison5/11/2012  3  
BBW'S & Friends in SW (UK)my sexapades5/8/2012  0  
Transgendered DommesHow-to Build BDSM Equipment: The Day Bed4/30/2012  0  
Triple SFor the Ladies: The Art of Sex for One4/2/2012  11  
Men Stroking on Cam 4 Womenfast or slow3/29/2012  0  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayAm i ready to submit?3/17/2012  0  
The Valley Of RoyalRoom Service3/13/2012  6  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)My princess blowjob2/26/2012  4  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayMy princess blowjob2/23/2012  3  
Couple in BangladeshSex with Office Colleague and Her Husband2/10/2012  1  
Bangladeshi Fucker's ClubSex with Office Colleague and Her Husband2/10/2012  2  
Bangali hottiesSex with Office Colleague and Her Husband2/10/2012  1  
BOYS & GIRLS OF BANGLADESHSex with Office Colleague and Her Husband2/10/2012  0  
Bangali hottiesSex with Office Colleague and Her Husband2/10/2012  1  
Bangladeshi Fucker's ClubSex with Office Colleague and Her Husband2/10/2012  1  
Couple in BangladeshSex with Office Colleague and Her Husband2/10/2012  1  
BOYS & GIRLS OF BANGLADESHSex with Office Colleague and Her Husband2/10/2012  1  
FUCK MY WIFE and let me watchA few drinks & some hot sex.1/15/2012  6  
No Plucked Chickens !!!For the ladies, sorry it's a bit long1/7/2012  3  
QLD BBW HQFor the ladies, sorry it's so long1/7/2012  3  
Metro Detroit Meet & GreetsHotHornyHung at Greektown Hotel for Auto Show Jan. 8-19.1/3/2012  0  
FUCK MY WIFE and let me watchPound your wife/gf in New York City12/18/2011  2  
Chicks lookin 4 fat dicks, lolBig Thick Cock for horny slut12/18/2011  2  
FUCK MY WIFE and let me watchPensacola FL, Looking for guys to share the wife with. Saturdaynights12/17/2011  2  
black chicks & white guysMeeting for coffee........12/11/2011  12  
Mature women being eaten &....Metro New Orleans - discretion assured11/23/2011  0  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Story time ... on the beach11/22/2011  4  
Talk dirty to meStories ...11/22/2011  2  
Want my ass gang bangedI want some guys to cum in my mouth again!11/20/2011  9  
Prowler's NWIowa groupupdate for those who know me11/17/2011  2  
Women and couples 4 bi singlesFirst Bi Experience11/5/2011  10  
women just want to be fuckedAlphabet soup messages-YAY or NAY?10/22/2011  2  
cuckold your husbandAlphabet soup messages-YAY or NAY?10/22/2011  0  
YOUNGER MEN FOR OLDER WOMENAlphabet soup messages-YAY or NAY?10/22/2011  0  
Women who crave LARGE cocksAlphabet soup messages-YAY or NAY?10/22/2011  5  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayAlphabet soup messages-YAY or NAY?10/22/2011  1  
JuicyWhitePussy4BBCAlphabet soup messages-YAY or NAY?10/22/2011  1  
Gangbang GirlsAlphabet soup messages-YAY or NAY?10/22/2011  0  
Cum Sluts & Their FantasiesAlphabet soup messages-YAY or NAY?10/22/2011  0  
CREAMPIE eatingAlphabet soup messages-YAY or NAY?10/22/2011  4  
CNY Cuckold and Slut wivesAlphabet soup messages-YAY or NAY?10/22/2011  3  
Black men 4 white women/coupleAlphabet soup messages-YAY or NAY?10/22/2011  0  
Big Dick Lovers AnonymousAlphabet soup messages-YAY or NAY?10/22/2011  6  
Big Black Dicks 4 Sexy BBWSAlphabet soup messages-YAY or NAY?10/22/2011  0  
BLACK MEN NAUGHTY WHITE WOMANAlphabet soup messages-YAY or NAY?10/22/2011  1  
Amst/Gville/JTown roomAlphabet soup messages-YAY or NAY?10/22/2011  0  
Albany BBW'sAlphabet soup messages-YAY or NAY?10/22/2011  0  
Masturbation TorontoSome fun for the ladies...10/19/2011  0  
Fuck Me NowJust let your Orgasms out onto me10/19/2011  0  
Women who love being eaten1Looking for a puusy to lick on the side10/12/2011  0  
East Idaho GroupBedroom Golf10/11/2011  6  
real old men for young womanthin, pale, black haired women with small tits and big bushes.10/5/2011  0  
Sex for the Marriedin town Nov 1st through 5th10/5/2011  1  
REAL LAS VEGAS ENCOUNTERSNov 1st through 5th10/5/2011  1  
white cpl 4 black malespopsicle10/4/2011  0  
REAL WHITE LADIES 4 BBCpopsicle10/4/2011  0  
JuicyWhitePussy4BBCpopsicle10/4/2011  0  
Bareback 4 Blackpopsicle10/4/2011  0  
LET ME SUCK YOUR FUCKED PUSSY?Back Again9/26/2011  0  
Fuck my Hubby and let me watchMMF in NF or NL9/25/2011  0  
Women who love being eaten1anonymous cunnilingus with no reciprocation9/23/2011  9  
Mature women being eaten &....Teasing, touching, and then ...9/22/2011  0  
Alturas areaFond memories9/21/2011  0  
WATCH OR SHOW AND CUM:)watch and cum...8/18/2011  0  
The Valley Of RoyalSAUCY JILL's INBOX....the airport lounge8/14/2011  5  
EROTIC ECSTACYBe gentle - it's an opening effort....8/7/2011  4  
looking0336Intro - Welcum Me :-)7/21/2011  0  
Johnstowns playmatesanyone for golf looking for a partner7/19/2011  2  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)From Slut to Goddess: The Transformation of Jill - Chapters 5 and 67/18/2011  1  
The Valley Of RoyalFrom Slut to Goddess: The Transformation of Jil - Chapters 5 and 67/18/2011  2  
Rough Sex Group and Nasty PlayFrom Slut to Goddess: The Transformation of Jill - Chapter 47/16/2011  0  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)From Slut to Goddess: The Transformation of Jill - Chapter 47/16/2011  0  
The Valley Of RoyalFrom Slut to Goddess: The Transformation of Jill - Chapter 47/16/2011  1  
Scots CornerBLOWJOBS7/15/2011  19  
The Valley Of RoyalA little MFM story ...7/12/2011  3  
Scots CornerWeird Arousal7/3/2011  11  
Theater SexSwing at last6/24/2011  4  
Juneau-Adams County ConnectionUseless Facts???6/21/2011  2  
Bangali hottiesA very HORNY Lady6/16/2011  2  
give and takeA very HORNY Lady6/16/2011  1  
Tyler Area Friends & PlaymatesStupid thoughts of the day6/3/2011  4  
Cum inside my pussyI love to fill pussys with my cum!5/29/2011  0  
Bi- curious guysNew to the site4/28/2011  2  
havre chatter and get together~Cock Me~4/15/2011  0  
fun in the falls~Cock Me~4/15/2011  4  
Montana Hi-Line~Cock Me~4/15/2011  0  
bored in missoula~Cock Me~4/15/2011  0  
Baton Rouge Circle JerkMy fantasy4/2/2011  3  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Snowfall: An Erotic Story4/1/2011  7  
Morgantown AreaFucked upstairs at lazy lizard!3/31/2011  10  
Hot WifeLooking for a hot wives in Myrtle Beach3/30/2011  1  
PLYMOUTH GROUP SEXMy Fantasy3/15/2011  0  
Women and couples 4 bi singlesMy Fantasy3/15/2011  5  
Bi-sexual experiencesValentine's Day Encounter3/8/2011  0  
staunton funshow me2/25/2011  1  
Adult Friends of Long IslandGolf Anyone?2/7/2011  6  
BBW of Central IllinoisDifferent Strokes1/21/2011  4  
Children of Sapphosome sapphic prose to say hello's ...1/11/2011  1  
PRESTON LANCS MMF BI 3SOMESNew to the group - Introduction1/11/2011  0  
Women and couples 4 bi singlesPlease post your desires.1/11/2011  24  
CYBER DELIGHTsappho prose ..1/10/2011  3  
Women and couples 4 bi singlesWhat I miss most...1/8/2011  1  
RGV Friends With Benefits7 Reasons to Have Sex Tonight CNN1/7/2011  0  
FUCK ME HARDERdoggymania12 thats not acceptable1/5/2011  3  
COCKSUCKERS AVAILABLE FOR MENsearching for someone who shoots huge loads1/3/2011  1  
FUCK MY WIFE and let me watchso what is the room really for?12/31/2010  6  
OCEAN'S TEASE & CUM FUCK ROOMBlindfold12/31/2010  3  
Women and couples 4 bi singlesThe Ultimate Gift (Fantasy) Part 212/26/2010  1  
Club I.T. (Intimate Times)Younger looking for mature women12/25/2010  1  
MatureMisconception Perhaps12/18/2010  0  
Scots Corner12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS..UPDATED!12/8/2010  2  
Phat Kitty Ranchstpid compter :(11/29/2010  12  
Men Stroking on Cam 4 Womenany participation?11/26/2010  1  
Married and free to fuck in MDAny ladies want to make this happen11/12/2010  0  
Role Plays --Secretary BossRoleplayL Interviewing For My New Executive Assistant11/2/2010  0  
Booth Babes in Tampa AreaBooth at FL11/1/2010  0  
TheBestOfTheRestA question for women.10/25/2010  1  
Minn-dak_swingersA question for women.10/25/2010  1  
GRAND FORKS NDA question for women.10/25/2010  0  
Dakota Real Swingers NetworkA question for women10/25/2010  2  
Diversi-'T'sDifferent Strokes10/17/2010  5  
Erotic StoriesThe Meeting10/3/2010  0  
Tampa XXX Theatre FansRemembering a Sunday at Thee Love Shack9/29/2010  0  
OCEAN'S TEASE & CUM FUCK ROOMMile High Club9/8/2010  6  
OCEAN'S TEASE & CUM FUCK ROOMOur love affair.. Ocean and Myself :)9/8/2010  7  
BC BudsLong weekend party8/24/2010  0  
OKC and surrounding areasSol Wallerstein played a round of golf....................8/16/2010  5  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Daddy's Pussy8/14/2010  2  
EROTIC ECSTACYFoot Prints In The Sand~*~ (Erotica challenge 6#) ~*~Story~*~8/9/2010  12  
EROTIC ECSTACYOn the Beach - (Challenge #6) - (story)8/6/2010  5  
Pandoras BoxA SHORT STORY PART THREE8/5/2010  0  
BBW in S LAWhats your mileage?8/3/2010  2  
Daddy's Girls! (AGE Friendly)Handjob for Daddy8/1/2010  1  
DIRTY SOUTH PARTY GROUPA Taxing Addicktion7/28/2010  0  
Bi-Sexual Lovers GroupSharing him with his wife7/18/2010  8  
Independenceluv bbws7/12/2010  2  
EROTIC ECSTACY(Erotica Challenge4#) FREDA7/11/2010  8  
Scots CornerProstate7/8/2010  7  
EROTIC ECSTACYErotica Challenge3# ~*~ The Artist~*~7/1/2010  7  
Men Stroking on Cam 4 WomenCum here...6/15/2010  40  
Southern ComfortPriorities5/28/2010  5  
IWPSSThe first time...5/25/2010  5  
Bi Guys In the North BurbsKenosha5/24/2010  6  
DFW SquirtersAbout Female Ejaculation5/23/2010  0  
Lewiston & Clarkston SwingersSQUIRTING5/13/2010  0  
TingTang Walla Walla GangBangSQUIRTING5/13/2010  0  
Spokane Area Meet & GreetSQUIRTING5/13/2010  0  
OKC and surrounding areas2 golfers share a common bond................5/13/2010  6  
Black Ring Social ClubSQUIRTING5/12/2010  4  
East Idaho GroupSQUIRTING5/12/2010  3  
Married & Looking For More SexSQUIRTING5/12/2010  4  
Spokane E Wa Orgies/Group SexSQUIRTING5/12/2010  3  
Post Falls/ CDA casual sexwhat ladys like5/12/2010  2  
Women and couples 4 bi singlesAn adventure I'd like to repeat with folks5/8/2010  2  
EROTIC ECSTACYLily's Vacation ( story )5/4/2010  8  
Idaho Sex ClubBzzzzzzzzz!4/27/2010  4  
Idaho Falls GroupBzzzzzzzzz!4/27/2010  2  
East Idaho GroupBzzzzzzzzz!4/27/2010  5  
Idaho Swingers R Us.Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!4/27/2010  12  
Perverts Paradisea new sex thought4/24/2010  2  
Vizag Speed Dating ClubHow To Eat Pussy… and Have Her Eating Out of the Palm of Your Hand4/24/2010  0  
EROTIC ECSTACYCold Hard Sex .....4/21/2010  4